Finally, actions are being taken . . .

Monsanto – too much power, too much greed and way too little concern about our future generations and the planet. I admire anyone who takes a stand against corporations like this Monsanto. I am not a Christian but the words “The meek will inherit the earth” I hope depict a future where the little man wins over social injustice, corporate greed and newly formed food control measures etc.

A Random Harvest

People all over the world are fed up with Monsanto. I’m glad to see some are taking steps to stop this arrogant company that doesn’t care if it destroys us all and the earth along with us.

I’m usually more patient and willing to give others a chance; but not in this case.

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2 thoughts on “Finally, actions are being taken . . .

  1. While working on the gardens this afternoon a conversation sprung up about the farmer who was sued by Monsanto for unknowingly planting GMO crops of soy and saving the seeds. We each save seeds and share them around, we started looking at packets of seeds we had and wondered how GMO seeds are labeled. Here foods grown with them don’t have to be labeled, or I guess I should say are not allowed to be labeled so the seeds probably aren’t either. I am so glad some people are fighting back.


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