She sleeps in her car

Wanted to share this short video (3 minutes) of this young girl who went to graduation then home to her car. Her long gown didn’t look the same next day, this the reality for many young people and it’s too sad. “About 50,000 youth in the U.S. sleep on the street for six months or more. But what happens when “on the street” isn’t really “on the street”? You never know what someone else is going through — especially when their struggles don’t look how you imagined they would.”

12 thoughts on “She sleeps in her car

  1. Sad. Even tragic. So may Kaila’s ‘out there.’ And yet I sense that she (and possibly many others) will, as a result of their circumstances and being tested, will rise above it and one day — thrive. This is my wish.


    • My hope too. They will have a resilience many other young ones today won’t, I just feel sorry that life experience like this has to happen. Many years ago my son made a new friend, they had hung out for a few months before we realised his “going home” at teatime was our garage. He was 14 and wasn’t wanted at home by his mother’s new partner, sad but his shame at being found out was just the saddest thing.


  2. A powerful video, Wendy; thanks for sharing. I read in a local paper recently that the homeless here in Edmonton are increasing and the number is divided between the young and the elderly pretty evenly.

    I’ve been technically ‘homeless’ at times over the years, but never thought of myself that way. I was very resourceful in finding places to live and was proud of my skills. After working in a company of social workers here, I came to see myself as others would have seen me and it was hard to know.

    This situation should not exist; still, I can only see this girl as a heroine; resourceful, proud and gaining the skills she will need to transition into an easier life. ~ Linne


    • Hi Linne. I remember as a young teenager being very upset by the homeless in our city, back then it was always old men with alcohol problems, the “whinos”. my parents always told me that was a lifestyle choice and they were right, it does seem to be with some. But kids this young, it’s just a bloody sad thing.

      It’s a shame to read you “came to see how others would’ve seen me and it was hard to know”. 😦

      I expect this girl will do great things. If it was still important for her to graduate no matter what else was happening for her, that shows a proud and determined spirit.

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  3. When determination to succeed has you living like this girl can anything stop her? I don’t think so. We are a product of our own determination in the end and this girl is a prime example that we should never read a book by it’s cover.


  4. You have to give this girl credit she is fighting for what she wants rather than give up and succumb to her situation. I recently read that the new military plane that is being built, yet the military doesn’t want is so expensive that we could either build it or provide every homeless person in the US with a $600,000 home. To think our loyalties lie with giving out government contracts to large corporations rather than taking care of our people just angers me to such an extent there are no words that can show how I feel.


    • That’s disgusting!!!! The priorities of governments everywhere seem to lie with their own power in the world (in whatever area) rather than social policies to keep their own populations healthy, happy and well functioning. It’s not right, I don’t get it. Life is the 50’s was was good, after the war wellbeing and the social structure of society seemed to be all important…scary is where progress has got us.


      • I agree. To see that girl who is struggling to hide her situation from others just to graduate…if nothing else we should be helping those who put that kind of effort in to making themselves better. All this girl needs is a helping hand to get started, say help with getting an apartment and she would do the rest to make her life exactly what she wants it to be.


  5. Good on her fighting to stay in school, to graduate and make something of herself despite having nowhere else to stay but in her car. The sky is the limit for those with determination like this. May she and all the others like her find a safer place to stay that doesn’t cost them a fortune or their dreams.


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