The frightening increase of Autism…projections of 1 in 2 children being born with it by year 2025

I read an article a few weeks back and it has just sat in my mind until yesterday when I commented on someone’s blog, it actually scares the hell out of me. This IS REAL and the consequences are mind blowing.

Autism rates have grown hugely over the last 50 years, this chart shows it’s increase since the 70’s, it is now thought to be as common as 1 in 68 children are affected by it.

At the current rate it is projected by researcher Stephanie Seneff half of all American children will be autistic by the year 2025, read here. There is no reason to expect it to be any different in other (particularly) Western countries.

The year 2025 is not some year pulled from a science fiction movie, it is 10 years away. The consequences of this are tragic and it’s happening. These are our next generation of peoples – these are who will care for our elderly, protect our countries, be our next generation of parents IF they become parents, these will be our citizens of the 21st century. I am not being discriminatory here about Autistic children – I met a 13 year old boy a couple of months ago who was extremely intelligent and a very charming boy. The reality for his parents is constant behavioural issues, needing to relocate because they can’t get adequate help for him, he is constantly bullied at school, he has social problems, huge anxiety and obsessions and much as his parents love him dearly and are great parents, they also have 5 other children and it’s a huge stress for them. I work as a mental health support worker and know that the children’s mental health team has grown in size very quickly to cope with the growing numbers of those coming through with Autism and Aspergers – this impacts on lives, a projection of 1 in 2 in ten years time is a huge impact on our society as we have known it.

Much has been said about the vaccination of our children causing the sharp rise in numbers, Seneff discusses the use of glyphosate in our agriculture, even birth control pills are thought to be to blame – there are many views on why but whatever the reason it all comes down to our use of CHEMICALS in many/every area of our lives. I watched a trailer for a movie the other day in which a man stated “of the 30,000 chemicals known to be in use in our world today only 1 % has been tested for safety by independent researchers”. 30,000!!! We make food from chemicals and package it in chemicals – we bathe in chemicals, we feast on them, we inhale them, we smother them on our skin, we are prescribed them when sick, we pollute our natural resources with them, our air is full of them… our lives are being affected in ways we haven’t been willing to acknowledge by our exposure to them, these numbers don’t lie.

And for anyone who trusts that our lifestyle has no bearing on our high and quickly growing incidence of autism there’s this – autism in the Amish is 1 in 10,000,

1 in 2 children is a disturbing reality for me and it needs to be a wake up call for all. These are our children, our grandchildren…this is our projected future of only ten years. We each need to start shopping smart and educating ourselves….we need to push chemicals into extinction by the way we spend, by the choices we make – each of us, all of us. Can you really imagine our world at the end of our own lifetime with increasing statistics like this?

38 thoughts on “The frightening increase of Autism…projections of 1 in 2 children being born with it by year 2025

  1. It’s certainly scary stuff. It is my pet theory that a lot of problems that we experience now with mental health disorders may come from environmental pollution and psychological trauma caused by wars/natural disasters/ nuclear testing/nuclear accidents. I have not seen any studies linking chemical warfare of WW1 to our current state of health, but I don’t see how the troops could have escaped completely untouched by the chemicals of WW1. They surely would have had a long term effect similar to Agent Orange. This autism study from Finland is interesting. It touches on some of my concerns about the impact of more recent wars, and also tries to see if there is a link between Vit D deficiency and autism. Whatever is the underlying cause we need to do our best to eat well, and organically as possible.

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    • That’s something I hadn’t considered Gallivanta and that’s an interesting study. On a personal level for families this is a heartbreaking diagnosis for infants, on the scale we’re talking about here it’s just disastrous…it will be interesting to see how Japan fares then in the next few decades considering the problems they have with their nuclear energy.

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  2. We also stuff most animals with dozens of different sorts of anti-biotics… and apart from our growing intolerance to anti-biotics. one wonders what other side-effects there are from this too…


  3. Wendy, you did a fantastic job putting your thoughts together on this report. I wanted to write something but couldn’t find a way to do so in such a concise manner and hoped someone else would take on the task. I’m glad I waited because you did a lovely job.

    I haven’t talked much about the boys who like to work in my yard, but all three have some problem, the oldest has it the worst. He’s a teenager who professionals say operates at the level of a seven year old. His health issues, violent tendencies cause his family much difficulties. In school he’s bullied, the school refuses to meet his emotional and educational needs and the problems spiral out from there. I don’t feel comfortable sharing more.

    Anyway, when I first started hearing about the increase in autism it was because so many professional athletes had autistic children.While a few could point to the start of the symptoms as coming directly after a vaccination being administered others didn’t. I started wondering if the performance enhancing drugs the fathers were taking could be the cause as the numbers of athlete’s children with autism was higher than the general population and we know that what a man takes into his body does in fact affect his sperm. Today I believe that seeing the rise in autism in athlete’s families was just a sign of what was to come for the rest of us as the toxic nature of children’s lives grew.

    What’s really bugging me is even after this report came out and knowing that the undeveloped countries aren’t seeing the same rise in autism is that no one is doing anything about the conditions that may be causing this. There are no congressional hearings to see if there should be some control of the GMOs in our diet, or eliminating of pesticides, and, well I could go on for quite a while as you probably have thought of all I’ve considered, and maybe more, as a causation of this problem

    Beyond the problems we are facing of diabetes,heart disease etc, it will be the rise of autism that will destroy us if we don’t do something today.

    Sorry for the rant, but I’ve wanted so to talk about this report and bounce my thoughts off of with someone since reading it.

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    • I didn’t know about the increased numbers in children of professional athletes Lois, well there you go…that speaks for itself doesn’t it?! I have also noticed the increase in infertility and have wondered if that came down to second and third generation birth control users. This is a sad fate for us and it’s so disturbing that nothing is being done – yes, you are right in that it will be this that destroys us. What will be the rate in 20, 30 years time? What we have done here is nightmarish and I didn’t realise until I read this just how bad things were….we worry about our effect on the planet, we worry about the increase of unemployment, the numbers in prisons, poverty etc but this information is absolutely the worst for mankind (or at least western man!) than I have ever seen. This is big. It’s funny because I read something about it on Facebook and just thought “Wow, that’s shocking’ but it wasn’t till the next day that the repercussions of those figures hit and like you I just sat on it for a while tossing it around and not knowing where to put it in myself! 1984, where man can no longer think for himself ….here we come.


  4. Amen Sister-Wendy! Great job-Great post!!!! That is me jumping up and down as usual when I am excited about an inspiring blog post:-) I am so tired of our careless attitude about all the chemicals in our life-you are so right-“but whatever the reason it all comes down to our use of CHEMICALS in many/every area of our lives. I watched a trailer for a movie the other day in which a man stated โ€œof the 30,000 chemicals known to be in use in our world today only 1 % has been tested for safety by independent researchersโ€. 30,000!!!” We are so careless and our young people need us to care. You researched your stuff and did an “eye-opener’ to us all that we need to get on the ball and speak up-out-or YELL to others to get the message out-GO Wendy!

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    • Thanks Robbie. You know, one thing occurred to me when I saw that graph, the 70’s here was when we opened supermarkets in our area, we stopped shopping at the local grocer, green grocer and butcher that was in every neighbourhood. We stopped eating the basics and started importing food to fill up those food barns. We have gone through all those decades since and look where it’s got us. We were naive back then but no need for it now – and not saying by any stretch am I a purist in any way but I am learning. yes, our young people need us to care, it our responsibility, no-one else’s.

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  5. Wendy these statistics are far far too high for us not to notice.. And I agree with your thoughts upon all the chemicals, we are in constant assault from hidden ones and the daily ones we apply in the form of sun-screens and shower gels, shampoo’s lotions and Potions ..
    Very scary when you start to think about the future..
    Thank you for this very informative post Wendy..

    Hugs Sue xx


    • Yeah they are too high sue. There is so much doom and gloom around now that you just read things and it just sits where you keep all the other “doom”. It took me a day to process it and register that this is truly shocking but preventable if we don’t just store it but do something about it….like everything else! When do we stop sticking our heads in the sand?! When do we start taking back our controls over OUR futures? Hugs back ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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      • Yes its a difficult one Wendy.. We know so many things are the cause.. Additives, potions, pills, not to mention here over our heads what they are spraying.. never mind what we ingest from all the chemicals now in our soils from pesticides,, which go into the water table.. and then we can add fluoride as another agent.. the list is endless… Not to mention the vaccinations, nasal sprays, asthma sprays… Sign!!.. some times I know you feel like crawling into a hole and not coming out..
        Those who do shout and protest.. do they get things changed.. NO.. because we all know it goes way to high for us up the commercial ladder of Greed in those big pharma corporations..

        So we do what we can do.. We grow our own food.. we try to eat being aware of the additives, we try to cut back on chemicals and live in more natural ways.. And we hope as we keep on sending out the messages.. Others will get the messages.. But while ever we are the consumers.. buying the rubbish being dished out.. we contribute to the problems.. Sigh!!… Its shocking.. really shocking.. I so worry for what future my granddaughter will inherit.. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


      • I worry about my granddaughter’s future too. Protesting and making a noise doesn’t work, asking for and expecting better doesn’t work – taking our futures into our own hands and being proactive is the only thing we can do. All manufacturing is consumer driven and all we can do is say with our spending “We don’t want your crap!” There are too few though that will do this…we need education, health and welfare organisations to inform and that isn’t happening. Self responsibility and that for our own families is all we can do. You know a sad thing, this post is one of the least read I have written – people don’t want to hear another shit message of doom and gloom. I get like that quite a bit, it’s not a judgment, it’s everything is getting too big for people to have to cope with.


  6. The subject of autism as a spectrum, has been a subject of deep concern in my mind for more years than I can count. Temple Grandin brought a lot of information to light about it but not the cause. I’ve seen so many with this additional struggle to life. I think you might be onto a good possibility to the cause. Something has changed in an exponential way. I only pray we find that cause soon.

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    • I hope so too Marlene and I will look up this Temple Grandin. Autism is not something that has affected me personally but I have noticed it’s increase in numbers and in meeting more in the community, statistics like this can’t be ignored.

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  7. Wendy, this is the reality my family is facing as we are looking into autism as a diagnosis for both my sons. If the rate of autism does indeed reach such epic proportions it will have far reaching ramifications for almost every aspect of life. Classroom sizes will have to change so teachers can accommodate higher needs students, more mental health workers will be needed as speaking from personal experience, a diagnosis or even following it up is deeply confronting as a parent (reassessing the dreams we have for our children and grieving the life they may now never be able to live, the affects it will have on other children in the family and working past our own issues as parents (guilt or blame, etc) – you can see why I’ve dropped off the blogging radar ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and of course, the role these children will play in society when they reach adulthood. Those with autism better suit some types of jobs more than others. What about those job roles that aren’t so well suited to those on the spectrum?

    I also want to post this link here for those who are dealing with autism spectrum disorders – as the ladies from Embrace have been awesome in helping us the last few months. We are blessed they are in town here.


    • Oh Jess ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Big hugs to you, I have felt there was something going on with you but life is private and we blog when we want to…generally when everything is “all good!” I am so sorry to hear this, i really feel for you. This just is not something you want for your children and of course there is grieving…it’s not the ideal you wish for your life. A friend of mine only a few years ago was diagnosed with Aspergers and both of her young teenage sons. She knew something was wrong but needed to know for herself to get the help and support they needed. She has home schooled her sons and they are both very smart but there are alot of social issues. Roger’s cousin has a 13 year old with more serious autism, once a sweet young boy his life has become very stressful for all. You are a great researcher Jess, if there is anything to be done you will find it, I know that. Hopefully alot more will be found out about it in the near future….god, it could be something as basic as kids flipping out on flouride in water! We don’t know. Please do keep in touch re this, I am so sorry to hear it and I know how conscientious you are about their diet etc xxx

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  8. Wendy,. I’ve read this several times; thanks so much for posting it. It is hard to read, but I do better when I know than when I don’t. I took the liberty of Tweeting the link to this post to two of our women politicians who really do care; I don’t know if they can do anything, but I thought just the information would be helpful. I will be sending links to some of our media people, too, if that’s ok with you. Have to go; comments to come later. ~ L


    • Hi Linne ๐Ÿ™‚ Hard to read as in the way it is written or just the thoughts? Yes, of course share it wherever….I think it’s really just the scariest of possibilities/probabilities that I have ever read, this is now. I don’t know if you have read Jessie’s comments below Linne but a sad thing for her to be facing.


  9. By the way, I’ve seen the movie about Temple Grandin and it’s quite inspiring. Another great book with a different approach to the challenges of extreme autism is ‘Horse Boy’; I haven’t seen that movie yet, but hope to do so. ~ Linne


  10. That was ‘hard to read’ as in ‘I really don’t want this to be true; it scares me silly!’
    Yes, I saw Jessie’s comments and have been in touch by email. A big challenge, for sure. My oldest grandson sustained a head injury when he was 2 or 3; it’s a long story, but in the end, to get help for him, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, although his symptoms are completely consistent with injury to the back of the head and only partly consistent with Asperger’s – Autism.

    Horse Boy is about a boy with extreme Autism and his parents’ experiences while seeking help for him. His Dad is a film-maker and there is a film by the same name, but I have yet to see it. It might be on YouTube. Once I get my computer set up . . .

    I think you will find much in the book, Wendy. If it’s not available in NZ, do let me know.

    If our governments would climb out of their respective boxes and look around, then move spending from fear-based issues like killing and hurting to helping families to implement more innovative ways of dealing with all sorts of things, we could restore the world and the earth to what they were and then see what might be . . .


    • Ah ok ๐Ÿ™‚ I wrote it in quite a hurry so I wondered if you meant it was virtually unreadable lol. I went back and reread it to check ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yes I agree re our governments. Honestly, I don’t know where they are coming from anymore….so busy worrying over international ratings and financial markets they seem to have little interest in the PEOPLE they are meant to be serving. These projections, in fact the numbers of kids born with autism now, are a frightening symptom of the damage being caused by using the masses as chemical affected guinea pigs for profit – it’s destroying our populations as well as our planet.
      Thanks I will find the book and movie ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. Many thanks Wendy for dropping in on my Garden ๐Ÿ™‚ lovely to see you.. Hope all is well with you and in your own garden.. I forget we are at opposite ends of the seasons… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I thought about you and your concerns on this subject of Autism.. there is a huge debate about Vaccines being one cause with high levels of mercury in them which infants can not absorb causing brain damage.
    I will leave another WP blog post about the horrors now being faced in Mexico due to vaccines causing deaths.. Very tragic.. But I think we both know the links to adding chemicals to our bodies.. I will try and leave the link in the next comment for some reason my paste button is not working on your site..


  12. Thanks for sending the link Sue. Isn’t that awful?! I really do feel for parents nowadays, having to weigh up the possibility of polio or meningitis against autism for their precious babies!
    We have put the back garden to bed for winter but lots of pruning etc going on. We are having really nice autumn weather but heading into winter now ๐Ÿ™‚


  13. Wendy, here is a link to the movie for you and any other readers who check back here about Temple Grandin on YouTube:

    And here’s a link to the Horse Boy movie (made by his Dad); I haven’t watched it yet; just found it and it says I have to sign in to prove I’m over 18 (really??):

    Let me know what you think. ~ Linne


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