TumbleDowns is on-line!


A couple of you have expressed interest in seeing this so here is the link http://www.tumbledowns.co.nz/  It is not quite finished as I still have items to list but it’s up and running 🙂

I am very fortunate to have a most lovely niece and her hubby who did this all for their most hopelessly computer illiterate Aunty who has had them redoing everything she has tried to do herself. Gem and Dave, if you are reading, huge hugs and thanks for your most generous giving of time and skills…and never-ending patience xx


43 thoughts on “TumbleDowns is on-line!

  1. Wendy, your new site is lovely, well done. I had fun shopping through your soaps and only have one question, will you ship overseas? All my best to you and Roger in this new adventure.


      • I noticed you received the suggestion to use PayPal and that’s a good way to protect yourself as well although you do have to pay a slight bit for the service so you might want to take that into consideration in your prices. I have already selected a few of your soaps for Christmas presents and would be happy to send you money via snail mail if that worked for you as I trust you, completely.


  2. Wendy I just looked through your lovely web page [note to self: save it to my bookmark bar]. It all looks so lovely! I can see I shall be purchasing a few items for little Christmas gifts! You also need a recommendations page or something like that. I would definitely leave my Siddy with you when I cross the Strait next!!

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  3. Wendy re the overseas payment thing – you just need to open a paypal account and buyers pay into that using their credit cards. You can accrue the money there and move it into your bank account in lump sums – [it pays to wait until there is multiples of $100 to avoid charges] If people pay into your bank account from overseas charges to both you and them will accrue which are often more than the cost of the item. I learned this on Etsy 🙂

    It is very easy to open a Paypal account if you haven’t done so already.

    Yay to the discount for Siddy 😀


    • Ohhh! Ok, thanks Pauline, I have no idea about these things but we have used PayPal ourselves. I shall look into it, thanks for all that 🙂 I haven’t been quite sure how to run all that but just really getting it on-line for local people. Gd info, ta!


  4. Well, Ms. Wendy, I will post this on my site for you!!!! I don’t know if anyone will purchase any, but I will put this up on my site. Just send me the picture you want me to put on my sidebar-pun-lol. I will do it as soon as you send me a picture. Just give me the picture you want + I’ll link it on my blog to your site:-) How cool if someone purchases your soap. I know I will. I was thinking Christmas gifts:-) You Go Wendy-this is so cool-beautiful…now off to wander in your site!


    • I will look into Paypal, I honestly didn’t expect people overseas would want to buy it…the postage would be so dear Robbie. That’s a very kind thought of putting it on your blog, thank you 🙂 🙂 🙂 You would have to link it to one on-site….you don’t want to choose a photo you like? I think the yellow one here is quite pretty. Thank you 🙂


  5. Congratulations Wendy and hooray for website savvy family members. As someone who has already purchased your products, I would agree with Pauline about having a recommendation section. My purchase was fast and easy, that’s for sure. And I really really want to rave about the shampoo bar which isn’t on your site yet. I like the idea of simple packaging.


  6. What a wonderful website, Wendy! It’s a bit of a dream to have my own website and you have well and truly paved the way. It looks amazing. What a way to showcase yours and Roger’s many talents. I wish you every success. xoxoxox


  7. Kudos Ms Wendy. Your site is up and running and ready for business. Not entirely sure about the intricacies of Paypal but we use it as buyers all the time. Here’s to your website paying it’s way and adding another income stream to Quarter Acre Farm 🙂


      • At least you got yourself organised to see if it would work Wendy, thats the best step in the right direction I can think of. So many of us keep our dreams in our heads and they are never realised. You are putting it out there and now anyone and everyone can see your gorgeous soaps and get a chance to buy them 🙂


      • That’s like Jan and Peter going to Germany. They both said that they could have waited to see but why not go now and see if it was worth it. Sometimes you just have to put yourself out there to the fortunes and see how the wind blows 🙂


  8. Wendy I spent some time browsing through your lovely new online Tumbledowns.. It is fabulously done.. And I know you are realising your Dreams, both of you.. And I know they will succeed… Brilliant.. 🙂 ❤ ❤ Love it.. xxx


  9. Congratulations again Wendy. I hadn’t realized how new your website was when I first snooped around. Seems like all the folks I’ve come across in your part of the world are very down-to-earth and nature loving. You know how to take things you grow and nurture body and soul. I wish there was more of that here. The drawing of your home on Tumble Downs is quite nice too. Did you or your husband do it? Best wishes for success to you both.


    • Thank you 🙂 It’s very new, I am still learning how to use it!

      Kiwis seem to have a practical and diy nature and yes, many of us are greenies 🙂 We live in a beautiful country and grow up near beaches and bush so I guess are more attuned…not all though.

      no, neither of us drew that I am afraid. My niece found a royalty free image that resembles our place but quite a few have commented on it and I can actually draw so maybe I should do one 🙂

      Thanks Boomdee 🙂

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