DIY Beeswax Furniture polish…. only 2 ingredients


I would recommend this if you have access to beeswax. I got mine from a local honey producer, he sells these little bricks for only 50 cents each. I made only a small quanity to try it and it’s lovely.

1 part beeswax

4 parts olive oil

Grate or cut the beeswax into pieces. Gently heat the olive oil and beeswax until the beeswax is melted – 5 – 10 minutes. Take off heat and leave to sit until it starts to set around the sides then stir until thick and creamy and pour into container.


Use a little on a cloth and wipe over lightly with a clean one. This leaves no residue and gives a lovely shine. It’s alot cheaper than buying beeswax polish and none of the chemicals of spray on stuff.

DIY Lemon Cleaning Liquid and Firestarters

You find all sorts of tips and ideas on the web, on Pinterest 🙂 These two I remembered seeing and tried them both as opportunities presented, I love them both so thought I would share.

We both had colds a couple of weeks ago and went through quite a few lemons. I tried this, collect citrus peels in a jar and cover with white vinegar (I just used a cheap budget brand) ANY citrus will do. Leave for two weeks, pour into a spray bottle 1/2 and 1/2 with water. I cleaned all my appliances with this, even the inside of my microwave cleaned easily, it’s great and smells wonderful. I have grapefruit and oranges as well now so will be making alot of this.Image


I ran out of them and thought I would try this as I had a full tub of vaseline in the cupboard from years back that I had no use for. I used the cotton balls I had, just a light smear of vaseline works well. Place in fire and light with a long piece of paper. I found much depends on the cotton wool used, one brand I bought just went up in a puff of smoke, another burnt really well.



The only cleaning liquid I use

The only cleaning liquid I use

Is malt vinegar with a small squirt of organic detergent.

I tried white vinegar and baking soda but for the harder areas eg soap scum on bath, this just meant hard scrubbing. I made this a few months back when I had run out of white vinegar and converted.

It’s cheap, works very well and is chemical free.