DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

Sometimes you see an idea that is so brilliant, so simple, so economical and you have to try it… this is one and gleaned from My Healthy green Family. Her post is so much more colourful than mine with alot more info and also some good comments so I urge you, if you are interested in making these, to check our her post 🙂

My husband is a big user of clingfilm for his lunches and other options have not proved successful. He will take his food packages out on the farm to eat through the day putting the wrap in his pocket when finished, it’s easy for him. I don’t know how many containers he has lost over the years (or lids) when I have tried to get him to use other things. Paper “doesn’t keep bread fresh enough” apparently and rips.

I was rapt to see these and made them today. Simple. The beeswax is cheap to buy from bee owners (I bought these for 50c a block and used 2 1/2) but now we have our own if hubby is happy with these it will be very good. When I started making them and told him he could trial them tomorrow he spoke in that lovely tone men use when humouring their ladies but he had to admit when I was finished they look a good, practical, healthier option.

Preheat oven to 150 deg C. Cut clean cotton cloth (old sheeting is fine) into desired sizes. I had 6 old cotton serviettes I used to trial them – the same colour as the beeswax which was an unfortunate choice to photograph.IMG_3842

Place on baking tray and grate the beeswax onto it, sprinkling it to fully cover.IMG_3843

Place tray in cover for just a few minutes, the beeswax will melt into a fine liquid that will seep down into fabric.


Use a pastry brush to spread onto areas not quite covered enough if it bubbles. Hang to cool and dry on a clothes airer (just takes few minutes)



 Wipeable, waterproof, airtight cloths that can be cleaned in hot soapy water by hand and will last a few months.

Footnote: These got a big thumbs up from my husband who declared “They work brilliant!”

49 thoughts on “DIY Beeswax Food Wraps

  1. What an amazing idea! I’ve been dying to get my hands on some beeswax for my mixed media work and have no idea where to look – you obviously know! Also if you are going to sell honey – please put me on the list! 🙂


  2. Scrumptious! Now you just need to get Roger to fold them before putting them into his pocket as otherwise you will have to redo them more regularly. Love the idea as I am guilt ridden over using cling wrap. Cheers for another awesome share Wendy. You are, indeed, and ever, my guru 🙂


  3. April says:

    You can also waterproof canvas jackets (carhart and such) and canvas shoes (Tom’s) in this same manner. Well, sorta. You draw/rub all over it with the beeswax and then melt with a hair dryer until uniformly covered.


  4. These are really fabulous. Years ago, at a market stall, I ran across a gal who made and sold round ones. Of course she didn’t want to share her secret. Now I know. I must endeavour to make some.


  5. I don’t mean to put pressure on you either, but you and Mrs Snail of Happiness are teaching me a lot. This is a fabulous idea and I’ll be trying it as soon as I source some beeswax. I’d love to throw away the cling wrap forever! xoxoxox


  6. Well I was intrigued when read the title of this post, and I can honestly say I had never heard of this method.. How ingenious .. And the Thumbs up to bargain.. Brilliant, and well worth it.. 🙂 xxx


  7. I have been wanting to try my hand at making these. We have been saving the burr comb after checking the hives and I think I have enough to make a couple of these. (I am trying to wean Mr. Overalls off of plastic bags that he uses for sandwiches).


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