“Wouldn’t you like a native “Pollinator Symphony” right out your door?

I had to reblog this post of Robbie’s, it holds so many important messages and her photography is just beautiful, as always!

Palm Rae Urban Potager


When was the last time you ” unplugged” and just sat outside, without a cell phone, or laptop, or music playing in your head…to just listen to nature? We all have become so disconnected from the natural world that it is effecting our health. This new disorder is known as Nature Deficit Disorder, but that is another post some day. If we do not get outside, turn off our electronic world we will one day have no choice, but to pay attention, for what you eat will no longer be, and it will be too late to make a difference!There is a world that is only visible up close, if you take the time to sit and be still, you will hear the pollinators of our world. They move around us all day long, and we do not even bid them a good morning as we dart to and from…

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14 thoughts on ““Wouldn’t you like a native “Pollinator Symphony” right out your door?

  1. Gorgeous stuff and a great share. I read it from my RSS Feed Reader yesterday but Robbies images are so delicious I might just head back there and gaze at it for a while over a cuppa 🙂 Who says I am not centred eh?! I might be bolshie but there is more than a bit of Buddha in me (mostly my belly 😉 )


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