Help needed for the people of Vanuatu

I have written several posts in the past talking about our friends from Vanuatu and a couple of my blogging friends have kindly emailed me to ask if they can help them in some way. Yes please, if you can!


Vanuatu is a group of 80 islands in the Pacific ocean, many of the men from Vanuatu come to NZ to work as seasonal workers in our vineyards and fruit orchards, this is how we came to know a group of them – they worked with Roger in a vineyard and for the past four years we have got to know them and learn more about them.Β  A post I did for Eco-grandma aka Living Simply Free about the men we know.

The majority of Islanders are unemployed, their jobs are “gardeners” which means they simply grow their food, their homes are dwellings built from what is available on community land. They fished and ate from fruit and coconut trees that grew prolifically on their islands – now destroyed by the cyclone. Their lives are humble, they are humble. Because there is so little employment there there are little taxes paid, their government is poor – education costs nearly $300 a term and that is why the men come here, so their children can be educated and the men are proud of their ability to do this for their children, it’s a huge thing for them. Most of the men are now returning home to help there, to go back (with less money than they hoped to earn) to no homes, no food, no government assistance. Aid has been slow to reach them, made worse by the fact there are so many islands, many communities live quite remotely.


Seasonal workers await news from Vanuatu

We are unable to get in touch with those men we know however ALL the people’s of Vanuatu need help – these people think as one, their community, their beloved country and they would want help for all not just them – so, I am asking here please donate if you can, even $5 to the Red Cross or Unicef to help them. There has also been a page set up at Givealittle for Marlburians to send a large container of building materials and though I know none of you live here I do know this money is going straight to this cause so adding it here:

A newspaper article about this fundraising

A 4 minute radio discussion from John Campbell, one of our journalists who is there now.


22 thoughts on “Help needed for the people of Vanuatu

  1. Wendy, the storm damage is heart breaking, and I am so sorry that you know some of these families who have been caught up in this and lost everything.. I donate regularly to the Red-Cross and I know they have also sent out an appeal,

    I hope the people both you and Roger got to know are ok.. It must be devastating to not have much to start with and then lose that which you have worked for.

    Thank you for giving of your heart and sharing about the appeal..

    Love and Hugs Sue ❀

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  2. Thanks Sue. I am pleased to hear Red Cross have appeals going and I guess of course they have, I keep thinking this is our corner of the world and others wouldn’t really be hearing much about it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I hope the men we know are ok too, we won’t know for a long time. xx


  3. Wendy I have a monthly donation automatically made into Red Cross coffers and your post reminded me I needed to do more, so I have just made an extra donation [only a small one unfortunately] into the Cyclone Pam appeal. I know they are sending aid and aid workers in. I also know you have a strong connection with some Vanuatuans and I do hope they are all safe and receive all the help they require.

    Thank you for the nudge! xoxo


  4. Yes, we seem to be able to do so little. Hopefully, one way will be for the Government to allow more seasonal workers when they are ready to return. The destruction of crops and gardens is an awful blow.


  5. Wendy, thank you for sharing the link for donations. I often wonder if my donations reach those I intend to help so this was perfect for me and I have made a donation.I attempted to listen to the audio link but it either doesn’t work or maybe had too much traffic?

    I am sure you are right in that the people would want all to be helped and not just individuals based on who they know.

    We have been hearing a bit about the damage even here in the US, but unfortunately it’s not a huge story here any longer.


  6. anthonypickering says:

    Hi Wendy the last photo tugged at my heart strings I could see young Gabby looking for his soccer ball before anything else.

    My company is matching $ for $ so make a decent donation through them. With your permission will reblog this one.


  7. anthonypickering says:

    Reblogged this on I am NOT an urban hippie and commented:
    This is the price paid by the poorest for the richest (by that I mean the middle class of world) to live their life. They have not run the aircon all day so they can come home to a cool house (no electricity let alone aircon), they don’t have 10 lights on the house or waste fuel to heat parts of the house. No plastic junk for the kids each day that then kills their food in the ocean.

    Keep this in mind when you decide your monthly meal out or extra latte a day means that you ‘can’t’ afford to buy renewable power or sustainable food!

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