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Pauline, The Contented Crafter invited me to take part in this blog hop. Pauline is a fellow Kiwi and a talented artist who sells her lovely work on Etsy. I won these beautiful cards in a giveaway when she first had them printed and I treasure them.


She is also mother to the most gorgeous new wee puppy Siddy and a most precious ginger cat called Orlando (featured in this middle card above) and I read her posts of the antics between these two with many giggles. Pauline is a kind and generous lady with a great sense of humour. Do check out her blog, she’s a sweetie 🙂 I must admit to feeling anxiety when Pauline nominated me. As she wrote in her introduction, I don’t think of myself as being particularly creative. I used to be many years ago, I was always an avid knitter –  over different periods I made rag dolls, handsewn patchwork, did folk art and knitted tiny lacy layettes for antique dolls with crochet cotton. but I hadn’t done anything at all for years, I am only just starting to make “stuff” again.



So the questions I have to answer are:




I have no one hobby that I am great at. Either, I have a desire to make something prettier (the little cabinet) I have a need for something in particular and would rather make my own (soaps, skin balms, lotions etc) Roger asks me to paint something for him (the birdhouse he wanted painted as a traditional cottage) I want to see if I can  (paintings and drawings) or I have something that I’d like to re-use (broken china from the quakes made into mosaics) seemed a good idea at the time (the cat bed).


Well it depends 🙂 I am confident in the kitchen so I guess that’s where I am most creative. Food holds no issues, making things with oils and herbs is something I enjoy and get “into”. Some things I will simply give it a go and be happy with an ok finish, some things I have collected materials or tools for but don’t know the HOW’S yet – I would love to try many different things. I draw pictures for my granddaughter and enjoy the fact I don’t have to do perfect for an 8 year old. Painting on the other hand gets me stuck but it’s the one thing I would like to do well…I get frustrated by it 🙂 I don’t want lessons,  I want to learn through my own processes but then get hung up on being unable to ever complete them. The painting above of the vase of flowers is something I have got wrong in some areas and still haven’t finished because I don’t know how to make them right. I can see what the problems are but…..!

HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS OF IT’S GENRE? How does one answer this lol. It doesn’t. I generally copy someone else’s ideas, recipes or pictures while I am learning and I have much to learn in many areas. A couple of ways I may be a little different are that I like to create pretty spaces and inexpensive decor from things I find in nature.


I also love the look of rusty barbed wire, lichen covered recycled wood etc. Roger recently made this because I wanted one and couldn’t do it, HE enjoyed making it alot.


These materials lie as scrap everywhere on the farm he works on so we would like to use it 🙂 He is now making a large celtic cross. My ultimate desire would be to make barbed wire and beaded corsets (about as “different” as one could be!) but I cannot bend the stuff. How very kind is my rather rugged man who offers to make the corset if I show him how I want it…..I probably couldn’t make him go through with that 🙂


The bird house pictured above and a small set of map drawers I am decoupaging. I have also just discovered soapmaking and have two batches curing and have plans for others.

So, that’s enuff about me.

I would like to introduce you to another two bloggers whose work I admire, Lois at who unfortunately can’t participate because she is committed at present to other things but is happy for me to share her blog with you. Lois is a passionate environmentalist and I always find her posts enlightening and thought provoking. She also works magic on neglected furniture, saving them from landfills and restoring them for those who can use them. projectIcon She sews and does the most loveliest of crochet (and all sorts of other things!) for her grandchildren. princess dress

Photos copied with permission, thanks Lois

Oawitingpoemspaintings is an artist, a photographer 🙂 a poet, a writer, a gardener, a thinker. Photo used with permission, please do check out this great blog.

Living life to its fullest! ©copyright2014owpp


26 thoughts on “Blog Hop Around the World

  1. You are SOOOOO creative! I love those little nests complete with little ceramic birdy! I love the painting as it is and the home for the ungrateful kitty. And Roger’s heart is an absolute favourite!

    I truly believe it takes creative souls to live as you have chosen to live – you use your creative prowess every day making things go further, deciding how to get what you need for as little as possible, making over old furniture and other pieces and all that delicious food and stuff that comes in a never ending stream from your kitchen….. In the words of my favourite aunt: “You just need to take a good look around to see how creative you really are.” And I would add: “And be so pleased, proud and happy with your lovely self!!” 🙂

    Thank you for taking part in the Blog Hop Wendy, I know you found it a bit of a challenge – I did too…….. But it’s good to be challenged on occasion isn’t it? Thank you too for that kind and generous opening paragraph – I always feel a tad overwhelmed by such high praise – but it does start my day off so nicely 🙂


    • You are very welcome 🙂 And yes, I found it a bit of a challenge but that does no harm to be pulled out of one’s comfort zone 🙂

      I do like to make stuff but I don’t have one thing I am good at so don’t ever think of myself as creative I guess 🙂 One day I will say otherwise I am sure.

      I loved that wee bird, it got broken just a few weeks back unfortunately, it was so pretty. Roger’s heart is a favourite to me too Pauline, I really love it.
      Thanks 🙂


  2. Well I made it.. 🙂 loved this post, you know you are so very creative and loved your creative side.. I am going to have to give that soap a go… 🙂 Don’t know when mind you, time is just rushing by… Hubby took over kitchen duty today and froze and cut the Kidney beans.. while I caught up on some house work.. 🙂

    Great people you have also nominated.. Lois always amazes me with her beautiful transformations and creations, and OAWPP too inspires with her photo’s and lifestyle.. 🙂

    Have a great week Wendy.. Hugs Sue xox


    • It’s such a busy time ay, you don’t know whether it’s enjoyable or just too hard – sometimes both at the same time!! Certainly not as easy as picking something up from the supermarket!!
      Thank you 🙂
      I enjoy both their blogs too 🙂


  3. I get, from this enlightening post, that you and I are both magpies. Magpies like to find shiny things that people leave lying around and pounce on them to pinch. I guess that’s why I get up at 2 – 3am, in order to start amassing my shiny things for the day. We learn from other people’s cleverness. I love your creative uses for recycled things and adore that heart that Roger made for you, firstly because it’s lovely but secondly because there is real meaning in that heart. That’s what makes art worthwhile, the meaning in the act. Mass produced “art” just can’t replicate it. I was just lucky that Jessie was ammenable to doing a post for me as she has just been dabbling in rocket stoves and could combine a blog hop with a regular post and kill 2 birds with one stone ;). I couldn’t find anyone else to do one. I am off now to check out Lois’s wonderful blog. LOVE that photo at the end, is that her house? I am sold! 🙂


    • Yes, we are magpies, absolutely lol. I love seeing what others do and often want to reproduce it but for many you need different tools and materials so I collect those too when I see them 🙂

      I love Roger’s heart too 🙂

      I had problems finding people too, everyone is either doing one already but too busy. Good for Jessie to do one, she’s clever 🙂

      No, not her home but a beautiful building, lovely ay – she has much lovely photography there.


      • If that was my house I wouldn’t leave it ;).

        I love Rogers heart as well. He is a good man and really good men like my Stevie-boy and your Roger are few and far between. We must have been really lucky to be chosen to be their “significant other” :).

        I have learned something since taking this course this year. I am NOT creative. I can follow a pattern and make things. I can find things online that I like and want to have a go at but I can’t materialise these things out of thin air. My brain says “nope, leave it to the experts”.

        Those amazingly artistic people who create the most stunningly beautiful things out of thin air are my heroes. I admire them from afar with something akin to wonderment and awe and wish beyond belief that I was one of them but alas, I am not. I can at least console myself with knowing that I CAN follow/copy in their footsteps thanks to the internet and thus I can at least have something like they do without having to sell my first born son (again…) to do so.


      • Oh, I know, a truly beautiful place!!

        I am exactly the same Fran. I can copy something ok’ish but never, ever to a true creative’s standard and I so admire their abilities. Maybe by the time I am 70 I could say differently but not now! I simply ogle the talents of others and admire their talents and skill. I have a painting here Roger thought I would like, a piece of folk-art. I knew as soon as I saw it it was something different, the colours too vibrant to be painted on canvas. I wondered if it was a tile so we took the back off to inspect it…I was fascinated by it. The thing is painted on the glass in reverse. My only words were “Holy shit!!”. After 4 years of searching on the net I found the artist, from a small group of incredible artists who live outside of a small town in Croatia, they have all been taught to paint that way. Some people just blow me away, with all the will in the world I couldn’t copy that lol.

        I do believe we are very lucky to each have our special man, I am so thankful for mine (even on the days I am grumbling!!)


      • Ditto on the grumbling. I am very good at the grumbling. Maybe, if I put as much effort into throwing myself into creative endeavours, and less time into throwing myself (heartily) into grumbling, I might just find my creative spark 😉


  4. Wendy, you are truly creative and a crafter. I too was surprised you asked me to join in as I don’t normally think of myself as creative, just someone who can’t stand to see something tossed out. I love the projects you do and Roger’s heart would be lovely in my home too. 😉 I have one question about the project you would like to make from wire, a corset? Do you mean a woman’s corset you know to wear under your clothes? I was always thankful I wasn’t born when women had to wear them but to make one from barbed wire, ouch!

    Thank you for the lovely introduction. 😉


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