Spring is Here ….and Soapy Business!

I haven’t posted for ages and apologise for that, I have had a few emails and messages asking if all is ok. Well, it’s been a stressful year through one thing and another but we are good and still rolling.

Garden:Β Is mostly planted now for the summer garden and Roger is on the ball this year after having an easier summer of it last year. He has planted early and covering at night from the odd frost that still hits. A large area has been planted with potatoes, these are planted early in the season to fight a pest we get in this area through summer. It destroys potatoes but only comes with the warmer weather. Beetroot, carrots, lettuces, onions, garlic (planted mid winter) broccolli, silverbeet and beans are all in, tomatoes are in the glasshouse and under shelter in the garden, two good compost heaps are ready for pumpkins to go in, corn will be back this year once potatoes come out. All the berries are set to go, all the fruit trees starting to blossom πŸ™‚ Summer’s a coming!!! We gave our chooks away a few weeks back, we had a large area for the four chooks that were left and decided we could do more with that area. Β Two chickens were no longer laying but all four were rehomed to a lovely couple to add to their collection of critters.

Freeconomy: There are nearly 1400 members now on our Facebook page and it’s going really well πŸ™‚ I love watching this group at work and though there are occasional dramas it’s nothing that can’t be sorted easily really.Β We are planning a social event, a clothing swap but this has been in planning mode for some time, life just gets too busy or complicated for all.

Work: Meh! Roger has had periods of not enough work and mine has been stressful but we plod away.

Tumbleweeds Soaps: Some great news here! I have my first wholesale customer and I couldn’t be happier with who it is πŸ™‚ Yealand’s Estate Winery is 5 minutes up the road and they grow organically and the first totally sustainable wine growers in the country, they are big and they are world famous. The guy who owns this is a legend in this area for retaining his humble manner and his ethos.

Yealand's Estate Winery, Awatere Valley, NZ

Yealand’s Estate Winery, Awatere Valley, NZ

They are going to be selling my products in the cellar door shop!

Cellar Door Shop

Cellar Door Shop

We had been planningΒ towards opening a shop here at home but time and money were makingΒ that slow going, quite frankly this is a great opportunity and we both feel very lucky! And I am going to be busy…busy!



37 thoughts on “Spring is Here ….and Soapy Business!

  1. I just finished emailing you and this popped in πŸ™‚ What excellent news about the winery. Oh so good on them for recognising local quality and getting behind you!
    I can’t express how happy this news has made me! Halloo, hallay – happy day!! [jump in the air and click your heels together] πŸ™‚ xoxo

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  2. It seems there is always an area of struggle balance with some good news to keep us going. I’m so glad the soaps are taking off. I’ve been using the first one and love it. It’s the first time I’ve used a bar soap in more than 30 years. You have a convert. I am so happy something good is happening for you.


  3. The very best reason for not blogging is that your life is so busy and full that you can’t find the time. Your life is inspirational Wendy and I just WISH I could borrow Roger to get me going on just how to do this “veggie garden” stuff ;). HUGE congratulations on your business opportunity. Creating soap is your passion and if it means greater exposure for your wonderful products, its a win-win situation.

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  4. Hi Wendy! Lovely to find a post and catch up on the going on’s out your way. I’ll have to look for Yealands Wine locally, I love that they’ve done well and stayed humble. My kind of folks. Super awesome that they’ll be selling your beautiful product too, Congratulations! Sounds like you and Roger have plenty going on in the garden, spring brings new enthusiasm does it? I have a little lump in my throat for missing photo’s too, oh dear.
    I can’t believe how long your soap lasts. I cut a bar of patchouli in half and have it on a scrub brick at my kitchen sink. I actually think this was brilliant on my part (ha, I never do brilliant stuff but this is), one side is a natural stone scrubby and your soap sticks on the other side. So I lather and scrub and rinse, awesome! Anywho, it’s almost to the end, and I’ll put on the other half. That’s been months. I have the lilac bar in my bathroom upstairs and it’s so creamy and soft. I better get to your shop before that wine company buys you out of everything!
    Sorry to hear your jobs so stressful. Been there at one time and it dampens everything else. I hope there’s more good days than bad ahead. Nice to hear your other news dear! Cheers! x K


  5. Yay! How awesome for you to have a great winery become your wholesale customer.πŸ˜€ Congratulations and good Luck!

    Can’t wait to read about your gardening adventures for this year. I’m in Canada and our gardening season is wrapping up.. So I’ll vicariously live through your adventures for a bit.


  6. Congratulations Wendy on your wholesale contract I am sure it will take a bit of the stress off at home. Will you still convert part of your home into a shop with this deal?

    There have been so many changes in your life, I can’t even imagine how great a feeling the incredible growth your freeconomy group gives you. I have tried so hard to get one started here but all want to sell their items believing cash is better. sigh.


    • Thank you πŸ™‚ Yes, it most certainly will take the stress off and hopefully with Xmas coming up it will do ok there. We have changed our plans slightly for the time being as it will be too much all at once however we are turning our bottom lounge into one just in case people want to come here and buy, won’t advertise it as such.
      The group has grown hugely, really pleased with it. I guess it takes a bit of learning of new attitudes and that doesn’t happen overnight…if at all.


  7. Well done on getting your soaps out there, and with a client you’re happy with! Good luck with the clothes swap, sounds like a great project. I would love some chooks, but we go away too often. That soil will be great for growing in πŸ˜€. I planted some garlic this year, first time, and it’s growing well.


  8. Thank you πŸ™‚ Homegrown garlic is delish, it’s one of our most looked forward to crops and stores so well! Chickens are lovely to keep but the person who first said “Chickens always die in debt” was probably right πŸ™‚


  9. I am reading backwards and catching up on all your new exciting happenings!!!!!!! That is thrilling about the soaps being at a shop. You are really doing great. I just wish you were here in the USA. I love your stuff!!!
    I am so happy for you and I feel you made the right decision. You will be growing now but don’t forget to keep us all posted that love hearing all about your exciting new adventures! You have a business and one you created-When will you make a book on soap making?????please!


  10. Hi Robbie πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Yes, exciting and a very flash shop it is!! Yep, been busy in the garden getting everything in and buying new trees etc. Exciting at this time of the year, you forget the end of it all leaves you rather jaded lol. Oh, gosh, a book on soap making – had never thought of it! I may have to do a chapter then in my “one day” book project.
    Hope you are well πŸ™‚


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