Return of “Kings” – excuse me while I vomit!

This post is about as far in the opposite direction from my usual as you could possibly go and I want to apologise for even bringing this subject up but it’s disturbed and disgusted me, I need to say something about this!

A few weeks back I went to watch the movie The Suffragettes. This was one of the best movies I have ever been to and it was quite emotional for me, the bravery of these women at a time when women weren’t allowed a voice at all, was something I had never quite fully appreciated. To know there are still women in the world who have no rights or are still fighting this fight saddens me. Last week I was parking at a supermarket when some really cool young guy pulled up in his beat up old car next to me, radio blaring with some rap song and I caught the words “If you live with the f*#@! whore….” repeated over and over, he gets out of his car and saunters over to the shop with some weird macho walk that reminded me of some birds crazy mating strut while I am still sitting in my car wondering about just how far SOME men have come?!

So, this week I read this in my newsfeed from one of our TV news channels. Group wanting to Legalise Rape to Meet in NZ This is about an international online group headed by some freak called Roosh V – name Daryush Valizadeh. He has over 40,000 subscribers to the one blog I looked at and they are planning meetings through 42 countries worldwide. His articles on his site are along the lines of How Feminism Killed the Nice Guy and some really fine “dating” tips, along with a pile of other shit plus the meeting destinations and times that are apparently being changed as we speak because strangely, the rest of the world is outraged and there is some backlash.

I saw this first through Facebook and there were alot of comments about it, most of it of course negative. What surprised me though were the men who genuinely feel Feminists/”Feminazis” caused all this backlash against all women and I went to this blog Roosh V to see all the other similar comments by men. It’s chilling.

I would call myself a Feminist, most western women would too if it came down to it. Has this been to “the demise of the Western woman and society” as they think it has? We aren’t compliant enough, traditional enough, too much to say for ourselves…! Why would I call myself a Feminist, let me count the ways! In fact, let me describe my life as a female born in the late 50’s and a teenager or young adult in the 70’s when fights were still being fought over our role in life.

My parents were drinkers and had lots of parties. I couldn’t possibly count the number of “Uncles” we had to kiss goodnight as tiny kids, some nice men but also drunk men I remember kissed you on the lips and patted your bottom and told you how pretty you are and made a big fuss about you sitting on their knee to have a cuddle. You start school at 5 and walk there and back on your own, on more than one occasion you are approached by a guy with his pants around his knees and calling you over. You spend the rest of your primary school days walking around the long way home but you never mention it because it’s just normal but weird – you don’t know any better at that age. From around the age of ten you have drive-by men making the same suggestive comments and following alongside you in their car. A little bit older and you have your father’s mates commenting on how lucky he is having 4 beautiful daughters around all the time to look at, leering. My father was prone to aggression, we saw him hit our mother and we were children to be “seen and not heard” let alone express an opinion on anything. I knew very young no man was ever going to hit me and get away with it. As a young teenage girl you are hit on by every male in the vicinity, wolf whistled at in public, groped by brother’s mates and that becomes your normal. You do things you think is normal because you don’t know any better. At 15 you get pregnant to a 24 year old who was actually just nice to you, second baby to him not long after. Your first live in boyfriend punches a huge hole in the wall when you duck and he misses your face. As a young solo mother you are assaulted by a stranger who feels free to enter your home, who has obviously been watching you.

After this you experience lifelong and crippling anxiety of strangers and some men. You live with and marry the first man who asks so you feel safe and you make a long term mistake in judgement. You raise a family, you work fulltime because you need the money, you need to feed and home your kids. You try to do it all because you are a woman, it’s expected of you – your husband however actually just has to have a job. Most men in those days were still very traditional deep down, they expected dinner on the table after work and their beer chilling in the fridge and you could expect dramas if it wasn’t that way. they also expected you to earn your share of the income as well. I want even start on work bullshit from males.

Women, our daughters, needed better and they have it. They are their own people and so they should be – free to make choices and to say NO when they want. If they want to be a stay at home mum they can be (if they can afford it) If they want to be the sort of girl easily picked up in bars that is their choice, that is where they are at for whatever reason. Too many, even Western women are still not free because they have been, often since birth, disempowered – the domestic abuse numbers in this country are staggering. I have worked in mental health, I have heard stories far worse than mine of women struggling mentally because of some sort of abuse.

Yes, I am a feminist. I WANT EQUAL RIGHTS AND RESPECT FOR WOMEN! Period. Has my belief system and that of most other women caused the downfall of society? Really? Isn’t equal rights for all humans part of our evolution – I would’ve thought so. No matter what gender, what colour, what financial status, we should all be fighting the fight towards equality.

The reason why I am writing this here is because I would like just one man from that group of dysfunctional shitheads to read this – You are not “Kings” you are scum. You wanted to find somewhere where your ethos in life fits so you found yourself in a tribe. Woohoo, good on you, I bet you feel empowered in yourself now! Dude, you just joined with the rest of the dregs of our downfallen society, if we think society couldn’t get much worse you just proved it could. I hope your karma will be the biggest “bitch” you ever met.

R.E.M Everybody Hurts Work towards a better world, not worse.

Rant over



39 thoughts on “Return of “Kings” – excuse me while I vomit!

  1. Wow! you told them.. and I agree with your rant Wendy.. I know you provided the links to that sad section of society, but I will not go there.. It is sickening to think of.. And like you my blood boils at such evil minded beings..

    One here was recently jailed for soliciting and taking part in child rape on the net.. He had hundreds of videos..and was organising them to take part.. I am afraid my spirituality went out the window.. And if I had hold of him he would become a Eunuch! and be eating more than my words

    Sometimes we just have to vent.. and let of steam.. and I can see why that particular kettle needed to come to the boil Wendy..

    Sending lots of LOVE your way xxx Sue ❤


  2. I was also disgusted to read about that group somewhere. They are trying to say rape should be legal if it is done on private property. Really? What planet are they from? All members should have their names and addresses made public so everyone can be very wary of them.

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  3. Lois says:

    Wendy, I have tears streaming down my face from reading your story. It’s those early childhood experiences that landed us in violent relationships no matter how much we wanted to avoid finding ourselves in them. I have two daughters-in-law, one was exposed to men who groped and did worse to her while her mother did nothing.As an adult she has very low self-esteem and hides behind layers of makeup trying to appear beautiful while it lessens her beauty. The other, while not having a perfect childhood, never had inappropriate advances in or around the home and has a very strong sense of self worth and self esteem. I had to laugh when her second child was born and a comment was made that the baby looked like her. She responded saying she was glad since the first child looked like her daddy. I could never have said that because I didn’t believe I was beautiful.

    As for this group. They are disgusting, repulsive…there are no words to describe how I feel about their beliefs it’s that bad. I do hope one of them reads this I doubt it would do much to change their filthy views but we have to stand up and speak out or they will win. What is so special about a submissive woman who allows herself to be raped. These men will never know what it is to have a “relationship” because you can be in a relationship with another if you demean them and feel they are beneath you. These men are no different from the abusers we’ve known, they are so weak they can only pick on those they see as weaker than them. They are scared of a strong woman and that may be the only thing society has going for it in stopping these ignorant asses.

    Sadly, this is happening even without the men organizing. There have been reports in the US of Muslim extremists (as opposed to Muslims who are peaceful) who openly voice their intention to harm every woman they come across who isn’t covered and submissive they say they want to convert the world to their ways and western women are an affront to them.

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    • Yes, it is those early experiences that determine our self esteem and it took me many years to realise I had very little. I never believed I was beautiful or even pretty Lois, attention from men like that never equated to how felt I looked.
      I have read that is happening with other extremists, I really do fear where this is all heading. Ignorance, absolutely and weakness yes. What I have written here won’t mean a single thing to any of them even if they did happen upon it, but the end bit, that’s a curse because for any man that harms a female human being in this way, that’s truly what I hope for them.


      • Lois says:

        Yes, me too. I had no self-esteem and never thought I was attractive, forget beautiful. I had very mixed messages growing up but they all led to the insecurities about my appearance and how I related to others.It’s taken a lifetime to overcome these.

        I’m worried as well. I believe a multi-cultural experience is good for all and makes us less racist but my version of multi-cultural comes from what I knew which was where we all blended together and learned from each other. Today there is the lack of blending and sharing. The groups today like to set themselves apart, even going so far as to buy up land and create their own towns with guards preventing anyone from passing through. It’s scary to watch this happen.


      • Yes, I hear you. I also think though it is sad for girls to grow with the belief they should be beautiful and feeling themselves lacking. I have photos of me aged around 13-14 with my hair over my face so my ugly wouldn’t offend anyone. I never was “ugly” and feel sad for any girl ever who felt she was.
        I agree with you. One thing we all share is we are human beings. years ago I saw 2 teenage boys picking on a Chinese man and taunting him, just because he was Asian – the sorrow on his face stayed with me for ages, it was just so ugly. Why can’t people realise the problem is themselves, no-one else. We have so much to learn from each other…I consider I will be learning forever!


  4. Wow! I have not seen that at all since I have not read the news all day- boy you can rant anytime! I will check it out and that is horrible. I was born in 1958 and remember the “MAD MEN” era and all that went with it….women were treated like a trophie or piece of meat!…etc… I know exactly what you are talking about and I always said, what each women needs is self-esteem based on their inner self…not their outerself.
    When I was in elementary school my mother gave me books on women and the freedoms they fought for etc…it was what I was raised on but it was another story out there in the real world……I am discouraged by what you read + I don’t even want to visit it for I would just get upset!
    Rant anytime!


    • Hi Robbie, haven’t caught up with your ages. x It is another story out there in the real world but I was naive enough not to notice this sort of thing – it has come as a gutting disappointment. Honestly, I thought it was better and it just gets worse! I usually rant in the privacy of my own home but I am sure even Roger got sick of this one 🙂


  5. not to sound wishy washy in my comment, decided after I got to the end that maybe it would be better to not read it for I would just get upset and feel frustrated for I thought we had made progress in the world!


  6. Sadly, the internet gives groups like the one you describe a much wider audience… but it also gives normal decent people a way to communicate too. I take heart that the majority of men are caring, compassionate people who simply do not understand the vitriol in idiots who demean women in this way. Yes, sexism is rife in some quarters, but we are making progress and it’s not just women doing it. There will always be unpleasant, aggressive idiots in the world, but there are so many more lovely, peaceful individuals and it’s really important to remember this when you are feeling negative.


    • You are very right here and I do know that….I look around me at the men I know and they are all good, caring individuals and the majority always were I think. We are all just trying to get by and build a better life and world around us, I guess that’s why this sort of thing comes as such a shock to me, an insult to the decency of most. I am taking comfort in the fact the web pages discussing these pigs are being inundated with people who are happy to tell them society doesn’t think this is ok, particularly their own site 🙂

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  7. When a particular kind of man gets scared of change, they always try to form a big enough group so that they can hide behind a banner and yell from the safety of numbers. It’s incredibly hard to know that this kind of group exists and that there are enough men willing to stand behind them to make them significant enough to have their own publicity mill. There is a bright side however. We get to see who and what they are and this means of subjugating women has risen to the top in a tide of fear and hate for everyone to see. It is always liberating to see the truth. Not easy, but liberating, and when it is laid out there for everyone to see, that’s when it can be picked off and defeated. As difficult as it is to face up to what these men are thinking and saying, we need to find out why they are so afraid of women having a voice of their own. This is the ugly underbelly of society and the men jumping on the bandwagon behind this misogynistic arse are full of fear.


    • You are totally correct here Fran. Men are becoming as unsure of their place in society just as women have been – we ALL are. it’s a human experience right now. I have been disappointed the past few years to see advertising of products fueling men’s insecurities about how they look and whether they are good enough. Roger and I talk about this and the unnecessary effects it triggers. This is a modern age of insecurity and of course the follow on is going to be fuelled anger etc. Now this has been brought out in the open (this group has been happening for some years and he has written heaps of books) society can let them no it ain’t good enough, not by anyone’s standards.

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      • Anyone peddling hate, rape and subjugation needs to be called to account. The fact is that insecurity sells a shite tonne load of “product”. If you can keep Joe average feeling like he/she is less than, you can sell them something to make them think they just took a step up the economic and social ladder. The sad thing is that SO many people are duped by it! Don’t they know how to think?!


  8. I know! Digging deeper holes of debt to feel better about themselves when they are just fine the whatever they are!
    They certainly do need to be held to account, this guy is now in hiding for fear of his life – in his mother’s basement. She must be one proud Mama.


  9. Wendy, I signed the online petition on to keep him away from Australia etc. I note that someone has published his home address on line and he lives with his parents hahaha! What a sad excuse for a human. He’s upset now to be receiving death threats etc. Poor baby! I think him and any sick followers he may have will be getting a very rough ride in life from now on.


  10. Wendy! I can’t even imagine that they have the balls to speak such ugly BS and who the hell is allowing them to meet in their facility. They are disgusting bullies. I’ve never heard of them and I hope they stay the hell out of Canada. I rarely feel the need to curse but this makes me sick. Rant away, I’ll join you.

    Regarding the twerp that parked beside you. I am familiar with guys of his demeanour. Guys that put on a big show. It’s usually a cover up for the fact that they’re loners and chicks have NEVER dug them and they’re usually loud mouths too. What they’re saying is, “look at me, over here, look at me, why aren’t you paying attention?”. Problem is, they’re their only fan. Showing them NO attention is the best reaction, it would really get their goat.

    The good part is, for every one of them, I meet or interact with more nice young guys. Either at the market or coffee shop or where ever. There’s lots of nice young people out there and they’re doing great things! Don’t lose faith thru what a few losers are peddling. xK


    • I had never heard of them either Boomdee and generally other people’s belief systems are none of my business, but I just find this sort of shit out in our societies pretty darn sick. There are already people who follow this guy in Canada! I just find it quite shocking and when he stated he was now the most hated man in the world and had to call the cops because he was getting so much hate mail and warnings, well I took satisfaction in that one 🙂
      I know 🙂 The young guys like this are just finding their way, it was the music that offended. Its just trash and I don’t know, I must be getting old lol. We didn’t have demeaning cap like that around way back when. and I have worked wit quite a few young men with addictions, they are good kids and always polite and nice to talk to when they let their macho ways slip away 🙂 There’s alot of hurt out there and we’re all human, just want acceptance and to be loved by someone, it’s just how that hurt manifests itself that scares me with stuff like this – add anger and hatred for half of society well, that isn’t very healthy! Nice to see you 🙂 xx

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  11. I don’t know how I missed this. I’ve missed a lot lately. But maybe because I’m hardwired to avoid rants. I agree with you 150 %! Can we do anything about these sad, sorry excuses for humans? There are so many cowards that I’m not sure we will ever eradicate them from the planet. Men of prey somehow need to do those things to feel manly. There was a lot I didn’t get from my parents. Love, kindness, care but I got one thing from the mother who grew up in Nazi Germany. My father started hitting her like her dad hit her mother. She told me about the year my uncle moved in with us, bringing his family from Germany. He hit his wife and kids and mom lost it. She told me that the last time my dad hit her, she took a butcher knife to his throat and told him the next time he wouldn’t live through it. When my first husband came at me with fists, I told him that if he hit me, make sure I could never get up because he would not be able to turn his back on me. He backed down and I taught my daughter to stand up for herself and my son not to hurt. That was the best we could do one generation at a time. Educate women to not be complacent. There are so many people having children that shouldn’t because they don’t nurture. Mine didn’t but I did. I’ll bet you have wonderful strong children too. That’s the best we can do. Keep teaching women to be strong and kind to themselves. I would die before I allowed myself to be abused and take it. That man would never know what hit him. Don’t put me on a jury because any woman defending herself from a man would walk scott free.


    • Hi Marlene, I am like you “hardwired for rants” and I think many of us are now – sort of knew that when I posted. I had spent time looking at this site to see who these types of people were and it just offended me so much I felt I had to say something….I have to say I was really quite shocked at the attitudes expressed there.
      My first husband went to hit me too, pulled me off my feet with one hand, the other raised to punch me – I told him if he did I would set fire to him when he was asleep, he dropped me that quickly! I am thankful my sons are respectful men and my stepdaughters feisty enough to look after themselves.
      I found it deeply offensive these men call themselves “Return of Kings”with such objectionable attitudes about women, I figure a minority by a long stretch but just awful, awful in this day and age.
      Your Mum sounds like my grandmother, tiny but furious when it came to this sort of thing. My mum married two men who hit her though Dad improved with age and it was a very irregular thing by any means it still festers in me I had to scrub her blood off her armchair as a kid. No, no man would live after doing that to me, it would do my head in and I would get even. x

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