Permaculture Works…A Ten Year Transformation!

I had to share this from the lovely Beltaine Cottage, 1 woman’s work over 10 years

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Just over ten years ago I bought a derelict cottage standing on three acres of wet, rush-infested, north-facing land.

This is how I transformed it, using only Permaculture and my own labour.

See for yourself and share the magic!

Bealtaine Cottage

Bealtaine Cottage Feb 2012

Windchimes at Bealtaine Cottage

Bealtaine Cottage before permaculture

Bealtaine Cottage 001

Bealtaine Cottage wheelbarrow to compost heap

Bealtaine Cottage 1

10 July 2014 054

Bealtaine Cottage sign

Manifesting the Divine Feminine



permaculture @ (10) 003



Year One…the pond and stream beds were dug and the water has flowed ever since!

2 sep 10 016

wed 20 10 10 004

Looking out on a May evening... Looking out on a May evening…

For the past fifteen or so years, Mother Earth has been communicating with us in a powerful and energetic way.

She wants us to plant her, nurture her and most of all recognise her for the Great Mother she is.

I heard her over ten years ago.

I write about her and photograph her magical ways every day, uploading to several times a week, to be her voice and advocate.

The energy is quickening.

We live in wonderful times.

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16 thoughts on “Permaculture Works…A Ten Year Transformation!

  1. Thanks for sharing Colette’s post Wendy. I skipped on over to her place in Ireland. Loved all the garden photo’s, very inspiring. How cute is her wee cottage too? I just had to follow 😀 Cheers my dear xox K


  2. Thanks for sharing Colette’s site, Wendy. I fell in love with her work the first time I visited there. I wish more people would do this sort of thing; the earth could be so incredibly beautiful and people have fulfilling lives . . . ~ Linne

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      • I guess you put it on the market and wait to see if someone will appreciate it and buy it. We have a gorgeous house and garden package for sale here in Tassie. I have visited the garden and am in awe of how gorgeous it is but they must be asking a LOT for it as it simply hasn’t sold. You have to wait for the right person sometimes who just “gets it” and knows the value.


      • We know an elderly man who needed to move to town from his old lifestyle block. It finally sold after a year and boy, we would’ve loved to buy it. Sometimes those who most want something like this just aren’t in the right position to buy ay.


      • I know…people who would truly love something like this are usually like us, fically challenged, and so it goes to someone (eventually) who removes all of the trees, levels the terraces and lays concrete over everything for parking their car, boat 4×4 and anything else that they can think of on. Couple the “minimalist planting” of flaxes and cordylines and there goes the neighbourhood! 😉


  3. wow… What a beautiful transformation.. such hard work I know has been put in here.. but its so so worth all of the effort and it shows the love that has been poured into it..

    Thank you for sharing Wendy. Wonderful 🙂 x


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