The Spring garden and Roger’s new job!

It’s been two weeks since Roger left his job. The day after he handed in his notice of two week I was rung by a friend to ask if Roger would be interested in doing a job for her in his spare time, putting in a new hot water cupboard and a concrete base for her wood stove to be shifted onto in her kitchen. Yes, she could wait two weeks, so that’s what Roger did the first week.

When we decided he should give up his job we felt ok about it, trusted that everything would be ok and he would find something sooner or later, ideally 3 days a week so he would have time here to do what is needed. We trusted but we did have periods of anxiety because that’s not really the practical thing to do nowadays, job security is important. Anyway – while he was doing this work for my friend he wasn’t entirely sure of something so rung an old building workmate for some advice. The guy was off work after an op so called around and while there mentioned Roger’s old boss is always asking him “what’s Roger doing now?” and saying he was a damn good worker. So Roger rung him, they had a discussion and it’s turns out they are building a concrete precast yard in our little town, to build a new winery. Roger spent several years building concrete wineries, this guy said they could really use him, Roger told him he only wanted to work 3 days a week at present, the guy said that is fine and his hourly wage will be 50% higher than it was on the farm! He starts Monday. WE ARE OK, we are better than ok! Serendipidity πŸ™‚

I found this on the net and it seems appropriate and I shall try to remember it.


He has had a great week getting projects done but I can’t (won’t) show photos right now as he has also created a huge amount of mess everywhere and I have my pride! He has been using some of the scavenged timber to fence off the vegetable garden from the dog. It looks great but the whole back yard is a building site truly representative of Roger’s tendency to create chaos.

He has also been working on the fountain he started around 9 months ago. Done in stone aggregate and hardwood corner trims, he has put two stone hearts in the front. Problem is now though it weighs over 200 kg and he can’t lift it into place on his own.IMG_4068

A few pictures of the front garden




The vegetable garden is all planted we have (in different stages of growth) potatoes, tomatoes, beans, lettuce, silver beet, spinach, pumpkins, apple cucumbers, zucchini, peppers, chilli, brocolli, cabbage, carrots, leeks, garlic, onions, red onion, beetroot all in. Roger doesn’t bother growing peas anymore because they take up too much room and you don’t get enough food from them according to him and we don’t grow corn because we have it given to us by friends.

Fruit we have growing are strawberries, red and black currants, peaches, cranberries, figs, feijoas, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries plums (we hope we’ll get some this year along with the apricots) lemon, two newly planted passionfruit, new blueberry and gooseberry plants

Herbs we have are parsley, rosemary, chives, calendula, lemon balm, soapwort, mint, chamomile, peppermint, thyme, comfrey, oregano and basil, sage, feverfew, nasturtium, plantain. Β Last year we dug out one of two remaining rock gardens to put in a bigger herb garden and the other one is about to be dug out for more.

Flowers: IΒ have been planting some flowers in gaps around that I want for soaps creams etc. A friend has given me violets and lily of the valley plants, I have been splitting up geranium, planting marigolds and more calendula and a whole lot of sunflowers are going to be planted…somewhere!? It’s California Poppy time and I have been down the riverbed and beaches picking it – did you know it’s very good in wound salves? I made some this afternoon and will share the recipe during the week, along with some information about the uses of California Poppy’s I have found….it’s a handy plant for the medicine cupboard.

This morning we were out and about and I took a wrong turn down a street and ended up outside a scrap metal place that has junk and rubbish everywhere. Sitting in a pile of rubbish was this crate, it had one end broken but the two sides has this stamped on them. I gather it’s a wine crate…anyway, we snatched it and made a quick getaway lol


I think one side will go on the dining room wall and the other ? Neat though.

I mentioned a while ago I had started a Freeconomy group for our area on Facebook and there is nearly 100 members now. It had been slow for the last month or so but people have started sharing seeds and plants which is great and I spent a good portion of a day last week running around delivering strawberry plants and vegetable seeds. It was nice and it was good to meet so many young people just starting out growing for their families. One person asked for anything spare so she could grow food for her kids and others joined in, it was great to see such alot of sharing happening. I was proud to see my son give away a near new mountain bike he wasn’t using, he thought someone could give it to a kid for Christmas but it was taken very appreciatively by a guy who needed it to get to work. I remember we had a discussion here about the fact some people will take advantage of other’s generosity but it’s proving to be a really worthwhile thing.

Sorry if this has ended up too long!

36 thoughts on “The Spring garden and Roger’s new job!

  1. Everything (apart from some creative chaos) is working out splendidly. Excellent. Love that you have a Freeconomy page. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I am planning to wash my hair with the fabulous smelling rosemary+ avocado shampoo bar. I don’t have a hair dryer, so I sun/air-dry my hair!


    • Creative Chaos…yes, I like that and it’s very appropriate πŸ™‚ I am married to a very creatively chaotic person!

      It is lovely, I rinse with a light vinegar rinse to prevent any build up of oil but see how you find it πŸ™‚ I don’t have a hair dryer either, my fluffy hair goes beserk with a hair dryer.


  2. I am SO happy for you guys! As far away from “trusting the universe” as I am, I do believe that if you put something out there, a gap has been made and it needs to be filled. Everything in nature is a cycle and all of the cycles are constantly trying to achieve equilibrium (I am waiting for my Nobel prize for my thesis by the way…) so if there is a vacuum somewhere, say a lack of a job, it’s an annoying lack of balance and something has to flow into that space to fill it. Err…by the sound of it, my theorem is even more whacked out than the “trusting the universe” model but it truly does work. I think it’s more about letting things go and not holding onto things so tightly and needing total control (my hardest lesson to learn) that frees us up to be open to new things. Roger wouldn’t have talked to his old workmate if he wasn’t working on something new and he wouldn’t have been open to this new opportunity. Awesome Serendipity indeed and I am dead chuffed that my theorem worked. “STILL waiting for my Nobel Prize in the mail by the way boffins!” πŸ˜‰

    I am starting to think that creative men are also incredibly messy chaotic men. Steve can turn his hand to just about everything BUT it takes me trailing along behind him, picking things up, returning them to their right place (or I have to put up with frantic…”I have lost my drill…hammer…saw…etc…ad infinitum!!!” cry’s on a regular basis) and generally acting as general slave, passing things and fetching things in order to keep that creative momentum zooming along. I love the results, I just don’t love the processes (or the mess! πŸ˜‰ ).

    FORGET-ME-NOTS! I just had a flash back to Nam…

    That gorgeous dovecote against that choisya ternata (Mock orange) is gorgeous Wendy :). Love the use of that wheelbarrow and now know what to do with our “more holes than barrow” old steel trojan. It is going to be wheeled up to Sanctuary and used for herbs. Cheers for the great idea πŸ™‚

    I have been trying to grow Californian poppies for ages. For some reason they just don’t grow here. I might have to (shock HORROR) buy a punnet of them and plant them out! I think I might have to start a Freeconomy group here as well. The local Freecycle is rubbish and last month there was only 1 listing for an old PC. Sharing seeds and plants with others is a fantastic idea and I think it might be a really good way to engage with other like-minded people and spread the love around. If I do start one, can I ask you a few questions about how you did it? Your posts can never be too long (although this comment is almost as long as your post… πŸ˜‰ ). They are always full of possibilities and make me buzz with excitement. Lovely post, lovely possibilities and lovely new job. Go cycles! πŸ™‚


    • I DO trust in the process of things, what that process is I have no idea but yes, letting go of our need to control definately comes into it πŸ™‚ We just go along with “If we need something it will come to us” thing and it generally does. The vacuum theory is a goodie!

      Yes, that sounds just like Roger. He wants to create a most beautiful garden but I keep telling him it doesn’t matter what he creates, if he has s… everywhere that’s all I see and all anyone else will see! I wanted to take a photo of the front of our house the other day for the new site so I tidied it then it rained. NOW, even though he knows I want a photo he has concrete stuff everywhere from building a fountain, a heap of work clothes out of his truck on the porch and not in the laundry, two boxes of stuff he bought garage saleing yesterday, 2 pairs of gumboots strewn around and a big box of nails emptied out to dry because they got left in the rain….all on my tidied front porch!!! DRIVES ME NUTS!!!!

      We have 2 old wheelbarrows, one full of mint the other with soapwort. Both need restraining somewhere. I am lucky to have California Poppy growing everywhere by the rivers here….I will get to be known as the strange lady who forages weeds in the neighbourhood I am sure.

      The Freeconomy I started on Facebook and then checked what other groups in the area were on there and advertised on them. I know there is a Tasmanian Gardening group because I have seen their posts. I wrote the rules of use and went from there. Go cycles πŸ™‚

      Oh, I am not really much of a talker Fran, I feel like I am droning when I write too much πŸ™‚


      • If you make people excited by your blog posts, you are doing a good job. I was excited by your blog post. Good job πŸ™‚ I feel your angst as Steve loves to leave things lying around as well. I call him “Halfdoing Steve” as he only half does things and leaves the tidying up for “someone else”…obviously that magic and most elusive tidying up fairy ;). Cheers for the heads up on the Freeconomy on FB. Time to go check it out methinks πŸ™‚


      • They are scary people to live with lol. Do you also cringe with fear every time a new project is suggested? The good thing here I am thinking is “Thank God we only have 1/4 acre and not four” lol. The bigger the property I think the bigger the disaster areas. I refuse to clean up after Roger outside, I get frustrated enough with the inside. He is very lucky he has lots of redeeming features in his make-up!


  3. Good morning from Japan! I am very impressed by the wide array of veggies, fruits, herbs, and flowers you plant in your garden… excellent… and I feel happy to be linking up with a fellow gardener from across the lands…


  4. create chaos= beauty! lol.. I can relate to a messy garden at certain times of the year, I can’t blame it on anyone else but me thought:-) I get ideas and start creating and it does become chaos:-)
    I was out of town for a bit this past week + must of missed your wonderful news!!! Congrats…Love that quote—I so want to live just like that:-) Iam so happy for you both + your place looks beautiful. Love how inviting your place IS!!!!
    All I would need would be a cup of tea/wine and I would be happy in your yard forever!


    • Those photos are the front yard which I do lol. I had a hissy fit the other night in the back garden and Roger had it half tidied within 2 hours (Roger’s “It’s tidy now, are you happy?”) He works really hard at making it look nice but doesn’t get that no matter what you build or plant in it if you have shit from here to kingdom come it just actually looks like a junkyard!! I try to be patient with his funny ways but…….there’s a limit!! lol.

      I love that quote too πŸ™‚ We are very happy about his job, exactly what he was hoping for but not really thinking he would be fortunate enough to get. What a shame you aren’t closer, a wine in the garden sounds good!


      • I have my “hissy fits” about the inside of the house. LOL. I am the full-time gardener at our house so if it is messy it usually is due to rotating crops or clearing beds. My husband is a collect of “stuff” which is great sometimes but not when he does not find a place for it or puts it out of my path-lol. I have the upstairs of the house + I gave him the basement to do his collecting:-) He LOVES books but he works full-time so he does not have a lot of time to work on his projects. I tend to just ignore some things until they wander upstairs to my space I keep clean-lol


      • That’s good your hubby can have an area dedicated to his own “stuff”.

        I spend forever tidying up after Roger inside the house, I used to tell my kids “Don’t put it down, put it away”, my house is messier now with just Roger and I than it ever was with 6 kids!! He’s off on one tangent, off on another and I just roll my eyes and pick things up… The back yard is not usually too bad butright now it’s full of recycled timber from a barn and “projects”!


      • LOL…you sound like me…My mother told me “just throw it away” they will learn. I never could. I am grateful we have a basement where he can put his stuff. I was tired for too many years stumbling over his things in our small apartments-lol….now I just have to make sure he does not creep upstairs!


  5. Wendy this is an amazing post and NO its not too long.. I enjoyed every word of it.. Its so good that when you take that plunge and TRUST with that capital T.. how the Universe responds and everything then fits into place..
    Wonderful news about Hubbies work. and oooh those garden photo’s are just gorgeous .
    Your Veggie plants, flowers and herbs and fruits sound in abundance.. And Autumn has been that mild here we are getting flowers on strawberries still and still picking Raspberries..

    So so good Wendy to see your community gathering together to share seeds, ideas and help.. Well Done YOU!.. You are really Making a Difference… And I am sure it will soon have a knock-on-effect so the ripples are sent out..

    Brilliant.. Hugs Sue xxx ❀ xx


    • Thanks Sue πŸ™‚ Yes, I do believe if we just Trust then things do happen. Funny, not always as we expect but often for the better anyway….this time it worked just as we hoped!
      Nice you are still picking berries! We did all through autumn as well and it’s great. Our garden is full and thriving despite us busy doing other things… needs a weed lol
      It’s great seeing people share their things, really nice and I am glad I gave that a go.
      Hugs back πŸ™‚ xxx


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