7 thoughts on “Nature is speaking – I am Mother Nature

  1. That message is a powerful attention grabber and in my opinion it is absolutely true. We won’t destroy the earth. We will destroy ourselves.

    I understand that CI hasn’t ‘joined forces’ as such with Monsanto, but is working with them to try to influence positive changes in the way Monsanto works in some areas of the world. Personally I applaud the effort to effect change from within. It is preferable to standing outside waving cardboard signs or posting ‘anti’ placards on face book, which is mostly what we seem to end up doing.

    Thanks for sharing it Wendy and Jessie.

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    • Pauline, I still haven’t read this link so can’t really comment but suspect each using their positions for their own end…I need to read it because I hadn’t heard anything about it.

      I enjoyed the whole series Jess has shared but this most of all. Possibly “enjoyed” not the right word but the messages hit home.


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