8 thoughts on “Nature in Distress

  1. Thank you for the reblog, I am behind with many updates and Lois is one of them So many do not see how everything in this world is interconnected…. The bats eat the insects etc the Bees are dying because of pesticides and goodness knows what else in GMO produce… No one is as yet certain as to what outcomes those crops will have upon us all..
    I need to get over there and catch up..

    Hope you are having a cosy weekend and not working too hard either… The Peas got froze what were picked, and the broccoli .. 🙂 We have had lots of rain over night I mean torrential with Thunderstorms like no other… so humid was it when it rained the ground formed mist…You would have thought we were in the tropic’s instead of Mid England.. Weird to say the least .. The gardens were very thirsty though and were in need of a good drink..

    Take care… Hugs Sue .


    • It’s all very sad, I keep wondering what everything will be like in 50 years 😦

      We get weird weather here too now….we even get tornadoes, which for my entire life we have never had in NZ. A good thing is it will save you a big watering job I guess 🙂


      • Yes Wendy we too very small ones they keep calling water spouts.. but we had a weird thunderstorm last Saturday which blew up a large wind from no where which blew over pots of flowers in my garden and a plastic greenhouse top over some tomatoes in the allotments.. The rain was torrential and flash flooded some roads … xx


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