Growing your own groceries – our meals

It’s hard times out there for many and people are really struggling to cover just their basic needs. My blog (even though it hasn’t been going long) has been about our need to grow our own food….if there was one big thing we could do to make things better for ourselves it was this. We put in a smallish vege garden the first summer that just grew every year and last spring we gave ourselves the challenge of attempting to grow enough to feed the two of us for a year and, do it well. We enjoy our food and are reasonably health conscious.

I just want to show in photos a sample of what our meals have been like this year, mostly from the garden….and grown as cheaply as possible. I truly believe this is an achievable option for people who may be going through hard times.




This is typical of our diet. We also grow heaps to share and have a small community of friends who use part of the garden in summer. We grow anywhere and everywhere and as many varieties as we can manage, this grows every year.

This doesn’t cover preserving, herbal teas etc which I will show in my next.

We do it on a bigger scale that many can do but plants can be grown in containers, tyres, fruit juice bottles…anywhere in anything.  These meals are cheap, some nearly free and healthy. Gardening is alot of fun, it’s rewarding, it’s addictive (clearly) and most of it is done by my husband ….who never, ever saw himself as a person that would ever garden.

I am preaching to the converted for many who will read this, but for others who dream and desire, give it a go! The world is full of people growing food in many different spaces in many different ways.




22 thoughts on “Growing your own groceries – our meals

  1. This is a great way to show how it can be done. I especially like how you’ve used real photos…you can tell they are from your kitchen and not photoshopped. Do you have a sticky post option or top posts with your blog theme, this is one of those posts that people could visit again and again, and shouldn’t get buried., or maybe as part of your about page.
    The pumkin and spinach veggie burger went down a treat btw!


    • Oh good 🙂 🙂 I have no idea how to do that, but see it on other’s photos. I am not very computer savvy lol. Where will I find that please, how? Thanks for that, going to do a second part today. And thanks for the like on Facebook, appreciated.


  2. Your meals look so delicious. I rarely show my meals because while satisfying and enjoyable I don’t make my meals with the consideration of how they look now that its just me.

    I am expanding my garden this year, the first consideration was to grow first those things I love but don’t eat often because of their excessive costs. For example last year I craved spaghetti squash, I picked one up at the store. One medium sized squash cost me $9 and change. Not something I wanted to do again. One packet of seeds (12) cost less than $2.

    Next came things I will only eat organic due to the amount of pesticides, celery and bell peppers fall here. then there are things I don’t enjoy from a store, strawberries are my number one here.

    After that I fill in with what I can and will continue to expand those foods each year. By saving my seeds each year the cost, as you probably know, goes down each year while expanding the amount of food you grow.


    • Actually….I hardly put any of my meals on here BECAUSE I am not really concerned with presentation and they’re all just quite traditional and simple – and I feel weird photographing our food lol, fussing over it.

      I cannot believe a squash would cost $9!!! That’s crazy. We grow alot of strawberries, supermarket ones just don’t cut it ay. Yep, totally agree about the seeds, it can mount up on you buying them all.

      There is one thing my husband won’t eat, celery. I love it but we plant little because he hates it in anything.


      • thank you, am trying to help people do the same thing you two are.

        we have to live frugally here or die

        farmer here, and i lost the farm in this economy. couldn’t afford to feed the cattle 😦 … so now am back to working for other farmers and doing what i can do with the land we have here.


      • Ohhhh 😦 I am so sorry to hear that, that is awful xxx I count my blessings that we have at least managed to keep our heads above water….too many have not, it just breaks my heart to see what others are going through. And as if economic times aren’t bad enough there’s so many environmental issues with disasters etc. We have to do what we can with what we have now because god knows what the future will bring! Best wishes to you.


      • it’s ok, shit happens, fuel hasn’t gone down any with them snagging the corn supply for fuel, imagine that …

        we’re survivors and teaching others how to be in these times, best wishes to you as well 🙂
        thank you


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