A New Year

Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a  lovely Christmas 🙂 xx I, for one, am glad to see the back of 2015 lol, realllyyy hoping for a more stable year this year!

My great intentions of keeping up here has completely gone by the wayside….again! A few of you have been inquiring of me so I thought an update was well overdue, thanks so much ladies for your thoughts 🙂

Family first! My wee granddaughter due mid Feb has been doing VERY well and developing far better than was first expected. From being advised to terminate they are now expecting her to have only quite minor issues really in comparison – though she will still be delivered at the national children’s hospital they are expecting few complications and possibly only a minor surgery to her heart after birth, cognitive problems are not expected to be as major as first thought but they don’t really know the extent at this stage. All in all, looking far better and we are all feeling much more relaxed and waiting, waiting…… 🙂

Work: I got a new job through a friend, just a smallish one caring for a woman with a degenerative illness, I quite like it and it was a relief to have found it. Roger is still working for himself and has plenty of work now the holidays are over. We are feeling pretty positive about this new year, things have certainly started well enough 🙂 Tumbleweeds Soaps had a busy Christmas period and I am getting better known locally which is neat. I am going to focus this year on building on that as much as possible and will build up a good supply to have a small informal shop here downstairs, not quite as we planned but do-able.


The Garden: Forever changing to become more manageable 🙂 The vege garden became so vast it was really hard to keep up with and Roger has decided to cut it back to 3 raised gardens, the rest will all be in fruit trees, berries etc. We have found out we can grow two varieties of Avocados in this area so are about to buy two trees, these grow huge so some other no-edible trees will have to be removed including our big old gum tree which will give us a heap of firewood instead. Our raspberries have gone beserk this year and for a month we have been picking 3 containers full every day or two. We are guessing we have picked around 50 kg so far. The vege garden has been productive again this year but I have done no preserving as yet, other than freezing berries. The herb garden has grown again with new plantings of the better used ones.


We still have berries and fruit from last season to use up but nearly there. Not sure why Roger took this, but anyway!


House: This was our Christmas present to ourselves, a run down dresser that had been used as a workshop bench and we weren’t quite sure if retrievable but bought it anyway, $52 from an online auction.IMG_0669This thing weighs a ton and how Roger manages to get this sort of stuff on and off trucks and into our house I don’t know, he is only a little guy! It was sanded down with an electric sander as it was in a really bad way but finally ready to come inside and we are pretty pleased with it.IMG_0675Ran out of wax so I had to make more – I am not so keen on varnishes and stains but a homemade furniture polish is bringing it up lovely.


One little door needs a repair so that still needs to go on and one more coat of polish should bring it up nicely. Two drawer handles will be replaced at some stage. Strangely it has a mixture of different timbers which was hard to see under all the grease and paint.

Freeconomy: The local group I set up has remained constant at around 1500 members and is well used. It takes a bit of time but now members have figured out what it’s all about it is pretty hassle free. I am so glad I started it now, my first year had it’s complications but it’s great now.

I hope the New Year is a favourable one for all 🙂


22 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. thecontentedcrafter says:

    The dresser has come up beautifully Wendy – and the different woods add a certain quirky charm I feel. It sounds as if life is subtly changing and adapting to meet the new life you want to weave. I am so glad to hear your products are doing well locally, that is the best sales pattern to have. We sure love them in this family – they were given to all members and have been greatly enjoyed/appreciated/admired. Good news re the unborn – interesting how the prognosis has changed from terminate – terminate [like a Dalek]. It makes me wonder how much love and care and good will can affect a baby in the womb 🙂

    I hope your year is simply fabulous!!

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    • Hi Pauline. Yes, very interesting! That’s exactly what I have thought about bub. She will be adored no matter, she’s a battler anyway 🙂
      Yes, quirky charm is a good description and we love how it has come up 🙂
      I am pleased to hear that about my products and thank you both for your support, much appreciated!! xxx
      I hope your year is fabulous too, certainly I think the stars feel better aligned this year lol.

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  2. Such good news about your forth coming new grandchild.. I am sure all will go well..
    Love that you have found a job that suits you too… I am sure you will feel more appreciated here..
    Love that Dresser.. and what an excellent job you both have made of it.. it looks really grand.. 🙂 as does your raspberries and veggies.. Our plot is under Mud right now.. about a month of rain none stop.. But it could be worse at least we are not flooded..
    Good luck too upon your products, it is good to learn that it is going really well too..

    Wishing you a Very Happy 2016 , May it bring joy happiness, health and prosperity to you and yours.. Lots of love your way.. Sue xxx


    • Very good news Sue, less than the ideal still but a relief!
      We have been experiencing a drought here with several large fires in our wider area so that rain sounds pretty good, unless of course you are under a non-stop deluge which is just depressing! I hope it eases up for you.
      The dresser came up nice ay?! 🙂
      Happy New Year to you too, i hope it’s a nice one for you. i must catch up on your blog and happenings, haven’t visited for ages. xxx

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  3. That dresser is magnificent. It’s amazing how beautifully old pieces rise to the occasion when someone takes an interest in them. I am with you on planting perennial fruit etc. trees. It’s the way to go. A whole lot less effort and more bang for your buck once they get going. You do have to wait a while but fingers crossed, we all have the time. Much love to you and big hugs for your ethos, your grand daughter, Roger and the dogs 🙂


    • Aw, Happy New Year Fran, I hope it treats you nice!
      We love the dresser too 🙂 Yes, alot less work in the fruit. We just never have time to do everything and rather than it go to rack and ruin we will cut the ground space back. We got a large freezer full of fruit last year with little fuss, sounds a better plan 🙂
      Love and Hugs to you and the Serendipity family Fran xxx

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  4. Life is certainly hectic. So pleased to hear your granddaughter is doing well. She sounds like a fighter 😀. Don’t you just love bringing wood back to life, that dresser is lovely, such character! Good luck in 2016 x


    • Thank you 🙂 yes, I expect she is a fighter 🙂
      We both love wood so reading an ad for a workbench and seeing that, well, just another piece of furniture we didn’t need lol.
      Best wishes for 2016 to you too, I hope it brings some lovely memories for you x

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  5. Wendy, I am pleased to hear from you. 😀 I agree with you on 2015. There were some good times for me but otherwise it was quite fraught. Onwards and upwards, if possible, in 2016. Your year already seems to be on the right track with the positive outlook for your grandchild. And, as we can see from your beautifully refurbished dresser, love and care make all the difference to our lives. 🙂


  6. Aw, happy New Year to you Gallivanta, I certainly hope it’s better for you. I don’t know if it was the stars or what but last year just seemed especially challenging for so many I know. I hope your trip to Oz was ok?! and yes, you are right about the love and care, absolutely 🙂 All the best to you x


  7. The Eco Grandma says:

    I don’t check my email and you decide to drop the best news of the year on us? 🙂 I am so happy for your family on the baby news.No matter what problems she may have in the beginning she is meant to be here and will overcome them. I feel it. Doctors think they know so much and in reality know very little. It was suggested when I was born to not save me and here I still am.

    After the horrible year you had at your last job I’m happy for you that you have found work to supplement Tumbledowns that you enjoy and with Roger having enough work at the moment I see you getting closer to your dreams of self employment.

    I love the cabinet you bought yourselves for Christmas, I love finding different woods it adds character to them. I think you approach furniture the way I do, I let the piece speak to me, guiding me to let it be what it wants.

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    • Isn’t it grand news! 🙂 When i was studying psychology I read an article about a great scientist who was teaching his students about MRI’s when they first came out, they were taking scans of all their brains to study them – this man only had half a brain and he never knew! Imagine if his parents had been told that during pregnancy. She is determined to be and we are having a baby shower today with (I think) her other Gran and relations attending by Skype 🙂 🙂 Thanks Lois 🙂
      I know you didn’t have a great year last year either, hopefully a better one for all!
      Yes! I do feel that way about furniture, I love wood – I don’t think we have room for even another chair in our house now so I think that will be the last thing we acquire like that – we are like a couple of magpies together lol


      • The Eco Grandma says:

        What a shock to learn you only had half a brain. I’m sure he probably noticed something different at one point but learned to compensate for the problem. I think some times we are better off not having all the details. There are so many stories I know of parents told not to carry to term or to put their child in an institution telling the parents the child would never be able to function normally and then the child grows up and no one can tell he/she ever had any problems at birth.

        I hope you had a blast at the baby shower and I hope the skype worked well so her family could be a part of the party.

        I guess you and I should never meet, we’d be collecting furniture together. 🙂 I have more pieces here than I know what to do with and will have to sell a few that have come my way, but I still have a few pieces I’d like to find or make, such as cabinets to fill in spaces in the kitchen and a bed frame for my bed but after that all the furniture that comes my way will have to be passed on.

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  8. Wendy, I felt the same about 2015; glad to move on this time!
    I’m so happy to hear the good news about wee girl; I’m sure things will continue to improve; she being such a fighter and all. You all continue to be in my thoughts and prayers

    ice you found some part-time work and that Roger is working, too; Next thing, Tumbleweeds will expand and there won’t be enough hours in the day . . .

    Love that dresser; we have similar tastes, you and I; Maybe it’s a good thing I don’t have a place of my own . . . nah, I think I’d rather have the fun of salvaging and saving . . .

    I can understand the garden changes, too; only so much time in a day, right? Having two avocado trees sounds so wonderful; I could eat an avocado every day! And you will be able to use the oil in some of your products, I would think . . .

    All the best to you two and your family in this coming year . . .
    Big hugs to you. ~ Linne

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    • Linne, nice to hear from you 🙂 Like you I don’t get much time on here now but great to still catch up after months and months with everyone. We have good hopes for bubs, time is ticking on and she should be here within 3 weeks so crossing our fingers and toes – so far she has done well for herself 🙂
      Tumbleweeds IS getting busy particularly with the tourist season, how lovely it would be to have enough from that one day!
      There never is enough time for the garden now, we do struggle to keep up – if only we didn’t have to earn a living!!!! I too could eat an avocado a day and often do, would be an awful lot cheaper to have them just falling into the garden lol.
      Keep well Linne, big hugs to you also and dear old Mum xx

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  9. Hello down yonder in the beautiful land of a quarter acre.

    Reading through your post, I can hardly believe that it’s all possible on a quarter acre. Have you expanded? Mr B loves raspberries so much. He would make a terrible picker, eating most along the way. Wow they’re going mad hey? His mom had a Raspberry patch in the yard. I swear they wanted to hold me captive a few times. They’re so dang prickly. I’d throw on an old flannel work jacket just to get in there. Very grabby I thought, it’s a shame they’re not more delicious, 😉 HA!
    What now you say? Advocado? That seems very exotic. A girl I work with eats them sliced with her boiled eggs in the morning. Apparently full of protein. She’s very health conscious, which I really should be. (says the girl currently drinking a gin and tonic on the patio). We’re in Maui right now, for a week.
    So wonderful to hear your grand-daughter will arrive to with a little less concern for extreme health issues. What fantastic advancements in medicine we enjoy when heart surgery on a newborn can be referred to as minor. Best Wishes for her safe arrival. Congrat’s to all.
    I’m applauding your stellar dresser redo, my gosh! It’s totally gorgeous with no resemblance to it’s prior life. I adore the shaker doors and small hutch on top. Great job Roger and the wax is doing an bang-up job. How do you make it?WOW, I’m blown away.
    Finally, it’s grande to hear about your biz! Continued success Wendy! Those are really cute perfume labels. I shall be mindful to scoot to the shop soon. I’m almost all out of your beautiful soaps. Happy to have this time with you, it’s really beautiful here. xo K


    • Hello Boomdee in the beautiful land of Maui!! How jealous am I! lol
      No, we haven’t expanded here, the opposite really, just have everything tucked in good spaces 🙂 we love berries here and Avocados!! Agree with your comments re operation, I am not always appreciative of medications but we are so lucky to live in these days of medicine is so many ways. I am thankful bub will be under the care of a great hospital and that we get free medical care here in NZ.
      I love that dresser too 🙂 The wax is 4 parts Olive Oil to 1 part Beeswax melted gently together – easy peasy and is great furniture polish come finishing wax.
      Thank you 🙂 My shop is a wee bit empty after Xmas but I am rushing to restock 🙂
      Take care, nice to hear from you, enjoy rest of week and have a gin for me on that balcony 🙂 xx

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