3 Quote Challenge

Lois, the Eco Grandma invited me to take part in this 3 Quote Challenge where we share 3 quotes we love and then tag 3 others to do the same, thank you Lois πŸ™‚ I am going to change this a little (because life is about breaking all the rules!) and invite anyone else who wants to to share their favourite quotes in the comments.

As a collector of quotes I had a hard time choosing only 3 but I have settled on these 3.


I work as a support person for sufferers of mental illness, I once struggled greatly with my own. Sufferers live their lives with judgement, stigma and ridicule for who they are and yet I know through spending many years talking to them they are amongst the most sensitive and humble people on the planet. They are wounded through the actions of others, they have stories wanting telling of abuse, heartache and shattered self image because of mistreatment by others. They are articulate, often very intelligent and they care…about each other, the world and the chaos they see everywhere. To me, they “get it”. We live in a crazy world where the people who see it as crazy are thought to be the crazy and the people who can’t see it are the “normal”. We ARE a profoundly sick society and anything more said about that will appear a rant and purely my own opinion so I shall leave that there, but hell’s bells…our world is a mess!


At the end of my life I would like to have as few regrets as possible over how I treated others, whether it’s family and friends or my fellow man and I would hate for my actions to cause something someone would remember forever. I am nowhere near perfect in this, for all my striving I am as pigheaded and obnoxious as the next person but I do know it’s important to at least always TRY to be kind if I can manage it. We never know where others are at or what they have been through. That is one thing I have noticed on social media, how unkind people can be 😦 Society has a terrible problem with bullying these days, I just find that awful and wonder where it all comes from, the spite and hatred for someone we barely know or don’t know at all. I guess I am just old enough to remember the days where people were actually nice to each other and to see how things have changed!


πŸ™‚ This speaks to me in a way no other does, because she is my truth. Messy hair, wobbly crown, no, definately not a princess. I don’t need saving because I always have the shit handled – in my own weird & poorly executed fashion I can do anything, if I just knew what it was! It’s always a reminder not to take things too seriously because the Queen of Chaos that is me always survives and that’s the important thing. Life is a merry-go-round and if I happen to be the one not sitting in a safe position but hanging onto the rail screaming as it goes around, well, I guess that’s just who I am and I shall have to be content with that!


25 thoughts on “3 Quote Challenge

  1. Well said Wendy! I often told my clients that only truly sensitive souls come to the brink of insanity. I don’t know who said that first. I’m so like you, my intentions are good but I screw up constantly πŸ™‚

    I haven’t made it over to Lois’ site for quite while, I’ve probably missed some good quotes!

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  2. I loved these quotes. Especially the last one. I made a t-shirt for my daughter last year that said “Self saving hippy princess” I’ve never needed saving either. I can handle everyone’s s**t. I think when we get to the pearly gates, I doubt there is such but if there was the question for entry would never be about how successful we were but about how we treated others. Kindness is my yardstick. I measure only myself with it. As for a sick world, They are here the way they are for a reason. To see if we can be kind and caring in the face of that. They belong too. My sister struggles with mental illness. My job in life is to help her hold the pieces together and support her in her search for peace and a place to be. I know a lot of “crazy” people. I like most of them. Sometimes it’s hard to watch the self destruct and not be able to help. That must be a very difficult job for you. You have my respect for trying.

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  3. I have never found my present job hard, I enjoy the people very much….sometimes we can help greatly, sometimes not at all. None of us would want to swap places. No, I don’t believe in the pearly gates either πŸ™‚ I believe we judge ourselves as we age or face death, I would rather think I had at least tried my best than to come to the realisation I was really just a b…!

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  4. I can so relate to your post Wendy and can’t even believe what goes on in the world. I’m a very sensitive person by nature and homelessness is one social issue that makes me so sad. We’re in a downtown area, so it is more prevalent than in the burbs. I think a lack of support for the mentally ill, in turn creates a lot of homelessness. Not a day goes by when I don’t thank my stars for all that makes my life comfortable and joyful. There are a lot of bullies out there. Maybe there’s always been but the internet has given them a voice, brought them out of their basements and into our home. They must be really unhappy inside. My favourite quotes are:

    We’ll grow kindness in our hearts for all the strangers amoung us,
    till there are no strangers anymore.
    Patti Griffith, No Bad News


    We must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet,
    be a friend to the friendless, help an empty life be complete.

    Bravo for ‘living’ my favourite quote. Your career sounds very rewarding. A warm smile or extended hand to someone who rarely gets one, can be a gift to them and us. I was chatting to this older guy one day who sat on the end of my park bench. I sensed he’d been a little lonely. We enjoyed the view together and a great conversation. When I got up to leave, he said, “thanks for talking with me”. I was a little surprised, no one ever thanks me for talking to them. If anything, they’re in a hurry and I’m a nuisance. (I do tend to be too chatty). I assured him it was actually *my* pleasure. “have a great afternoon” I waved goodbye with a smile knowing he felt a little happier than he did 30 minutes ago and so did I. Great therapy for both of us and didn’t cost a dime. Keep smiling Stacy, it’s contagios xK

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    • Nice quotes Boomdee πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I am saddened by homelessness too, from the families who have lost everything to those who choose the life because they have given up trying to fit into our world or have lost hope in themselves – it just breaks my heart. A lady down the shop yesterday was telling me about a man who slept in our public loos the other night and used all the toilet paper to keep warm, this in winters cold nights 😦
      Aw, bless your man, you would’ve made his day πŸ™‚
      I am thankful for what I have too “Stacy” lol. I started crying one day when we had all this food on the bench from the garden remembering a time when I had none….you never forget. You keep smiling too πŸ™‚ xx

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  5. denimfield says:

    Wendy I knew I would learn a few more quotes to hold on to from you, and I did. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for accepting.

    We live in a terrible society today. We put down anyone we see as inferior to us and have turned to social media where we can bully without fearing the punch in return. It’s so much easier to bully from a distance. I’m tired of the way people are treated and yet I have hope things are getting better. I’ve lived in two communities since losing my ability to walk and in both I was accepted and treated as an equal. That has to mean things are changing in our communities, just not in the larger forums.

    I’ve never wanted to be saved or taken care of either, so that was a perfect quote to end on. πŸ™‚


    • Thanks Lois, I enjoyed yours as well πŸ™‚ I love quotes, just a single sentence can say it all for us sometimes.
      Yes, I couldn’t agree more, there is terrible judgment out there for anyone seen as different, bullying is rife out there and especially worrying is how much of it we see in our schools, it’s so cruel. I am glad you have met with acceptance and do hope that is a sign of change.
      Yes, I like that quote, she always makes me smile.


      • Wendy, every time I see the acceptance shown me I think we are finally moving forward as a society, then I hear about another case of bullying. Thanks again for taking part in the challenge.

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      • One step forward and two steps back sometimes….such is life ay?! I find it more online personally, not that I have ever been bullied anywhere on the net, I have found people lovely – but I do see awful comments around.


  6. Wendy, the Krishnmurti quote is wonderful. I have been thinking about these issues, as you know, and have concluded that unless we put the poor and the vulnerable first in society, ie make them a priority, we will not progress as a society. On a personal level, I am deeply concerned that my daughter is unable to find accommodation because of her mental health problems. She is open about her difficulties, but landlord after landlord turns her away. Last night I pleaded with a landlord to give her chance, but to no avail. Unfortunately, our society pays lip service to inclusiveness. Wish she could be cared for by you. πŸ™‚


    • You are very right Gallivanta, it all starts with how we care for our vulnerable and our children, not economic hierarchy in the world. I am sorry to hear of your daughter’s issues with housing, it shouldn’t be allowed. It’s just sheer prejudice and so unfair. It’s a problem for many here too, although I suspect not quite so bad. In the repite house we get a few coming in through accommodation problems but they generally are only there a few weeks before finding something. I have heard case managers telling their clients not to speak of their illness at all. I hope she can settle somewhere soon.

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      • Yes, I hope so, too. It is sad that she won’t come home because of her fear of earthquakes. 😦 A little bit of joy this morning with the Govt deciding that rentals must be insulated.


  7. I hope in time she will get over that, understandable though. One day they will just be a memory. It must be hard for you having her all the way over there and unable to help so much. Yes, a good thing!! My son lives in a flat in Invercargill with no insulation, he gets ice inside his windows and is very low income so has colds all through winter, crossing my fingers his is one that can be insulated. However, I did wonder if our Housing Corp homes are done, most are in such poor condition I expect they haven’t funded insulation either!


  8. I love your quotes! I am playing catch-up this week:-). The last one speaks to me:-) That is me and now I know why I like you so much!!!!() That is me jumping up and down and a hug sent through cyber space:-) Wendy you are amazing:-)

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  9. Loved all 3 of your quotes Wendy.. and yes so true.. So many are quick to point a finger and judge another without understanding their stories of how life has been for them.. And I agree social media is a place I have had family bullied and criticized.. And one of the reasons I am not a member of FB.. I have seen it tare families apart with unkindness.
    Life is a merry-go-round so true too..
    But we are all here for the ride.. Lets make it the best of experiences..
    Sending you Love and Hugs Wendy.. and hey.. it matters not the crown, but the head underneath πŸ™‚ that to me is all that matters and a Heart to match.. You have both dear Wendy.. Love ❀ Sue xx


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