A quick update on what we are up to…

Sorry I haven’t been around much and if I am not managing to read my usual blogs  it is because I am just busy for a wee while, I have had a few inquiries about my absence 🙂

I have committed to join the Artisan Market here with my soaps etc so am flat out making “stuff” and raiding garden everywhere.


I have just started a Facebook Page and here should be the proper link (thanks Fran!) and will be opening a new site in the near future. For those who have been so supportive of this, thank you so much – time will tell how it goes I guess 🙂

Roger finished work last week and has already been offered odd jobs to do for people he knows so this week has been building cabinetry for someone. He also has a possibility of rejoining a building firm he worked for a few years ago for 3 days a week so things are ok there. I mentioned that we thought we would have to give Syd back to the farm owner but he didn’t want him. So, we got to keep our gorgeous oversized lap dog whose boss never will find out he was one hell of a spoiled farm dog!



Catch up soon!

31 thoughts on “A quick update on what we are up to…

  1. RT says:

    That’s great about Syd! I’m glad Roger’s transition is going well. It sounds like your new adventure has started off in whirlwind fashion. I am very pleased for you!


  2. awww…Wendy-so good to hear that everything is moving in the right direction. Take you time…will stop by ever once in awhile to check out what you are cooking up-lol.I don’ t have a face book account, can I still see it? I am so happy for you that you are doing what you have always wanted:-) Look forward to hearing all about your new venture + good to hear Roger has a job 3 days a week!
    Those pictures are great!!! They captured “love” with an over-sized lap dog:-)


    • Hi Robbie 🙂 No, I don’t think you can view without logging on to FB but when the site is up and going I will let you know. Everything is going just fine 🙂
      Syd just cuddles, that’s what he does best lol. He had never had a cuddle before he came to us at 18 months old and after his first one he just became hooked on snuggles and trying to climb on laps to get even bigger ones.

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      • I will look forward to seeing your new business! I love homemade soup and can we purchase some if we want to on line? I LOVE homemade soup!
        I LOVE dogs that are big + climb up on your lap or near you it is the best thing in the world:-) Our dogs and cats are our family now that my last one moved out, last year…they are .our children now!


  3. Wendy, I am so happy for you and Roger that things are working out so well for both your new enterprises. I can’t wait to hear how the artisan market goes. And Syd, I’m glad he gets to stay with you two. Love that picture. 😊


  4. So pleased you can keep Syd. Although I have been away myself I have been thinking about you. Actually wondering about buying some of your soap? But no rush whilst you are getting organised.


  5. No words could say the love that Roger has for Syd more than that poignant image Wendy. Your facebook link didn’t work 😦 I love the idea of you selling your gorgeous soaps and Roger finding work at least 3 days a week with people that he knows. Life might look a bit terrifying for a while but then something falls out of the sky and into your laps to make it all OK again.

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  6. Your facebook page is beautiful Wendy – I got stuck over there admiring all the gorgeousness! The photo of Roger and your Sid is absolutely heart warming – it says it all really! So glad you got to keep him too – that is a wonderful gift to receive! I suspect things are going very well, I see you have people wanting to buy your beautiful products, a dog that loves you both, Roger has work and your creative flow is ON!! How exciting is all that!! ❤ ❤ ❤


  7. Thats good news all around… Well done on the Artisan market, and on keeping Syd… A true Bonus.. And Odd jobs to keep going.. Great.. And sorry I can not visit your FB page.. as I do not belong.. but I am so pleased everything is now slotting together .. Big Smiles your way.. 🙂


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