Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all, I hope this year you & yours stay healthy and happy, and your dreams come true….whatever they may be.

This is how I am feeling this New Year. I never make New Year resolutions, I have learned from experience that I am doomed to never keeping them 🙂 But I have spent alot of time thinking over this first few days of the year. I have started the year so weary!!! Our plans last year went all skew-iffy and all we have done the last four months or so is work because of company/organisational needs. Roger took a job of 3 days a week and has worked 5 since he started, because they “are behind”. I agreed early last year to go back to my former place of work as a reliever for occasional shifts only to keep my hand in there, I enjoy it and missed it. Over the year there have been a few issues (as there is in any place) and my hours crept up, for too many months we have been so short staffed that I have been working far too many hours for me – up to 65 hours a fortnight and 3 nights a week “on-call” if there are any problems. I work in a mental health respite place and have been there 7 years, I do love it. But I also want my life back, the one where I work in the garden, make soap and other things, I don’t want to be so tired on my days off I feel like a zombie. I have Fibromyalgia, I feel like crap most days but try and keep active because I need to. I don’t want to live with resentment at being ill all the time, resentment because too many other things steal my time, resentment because my needs are not being met. Basically, trying to fit “The Simple Life” into a hectic lifestyle doesn’t work 🙂 I want to sleep if I need to, sulk on the bad days… sleep under the stars because I just feel like it, pick wildflowers and herbs, create, dabble, experiment, experience and do things, whatever things I feel I need to do at that time! After telling my sister a couple of months ago I am doing fine pushing through feeling like shit, I now want to just surrender to the fact I feel like that, for the first time ever! So, with the New Year I am taking two weeks off work to decide whether I want to even go back because right now I am over it, I am exhausted, in pain and feeling very hard done by because my soap-making has turned to zilch along with time in the kitchen and garden doing what is important to us – what I enjoy doing has been absent and that’s not ok.

Anyway, after all that whining 🙂 I have to share this. This morning I received Happy Mail all the one from Canada and the funny, very talented, very delightful Kelly at Boomdeeadda. After commenting on her paper Halloween House a couple of months ago it arrived in a very cute package on my footpath. IMG_4330

Not only a most gorgeous haunted house but the cutest little poetry book I have ever seen, a postcard complete with flag, a Canadian gardening magazine and a bar of chocolate from a company in the Canadian Rockies. What utter JOY to unwrap 🙂 🙂 Look at this treasure!

IMG_4331The house and book are all made from scrapbooking paper, they are just the cutest things. And Mittens got the wrapping because he loved it so much.

Thanks so much Boomdee, truly, it made my week!! I am just amazed to see how intricate it all is and how much time it must of taken…and your very obvious patience!