Red Pepper, Zucchini and Baby Spinach Omelette

If I am just cooking for me omelettes are my meal of choice, using whatever is in the garden or fridge. This was particularly nice.

Heat omelette pan with a tablespoon each of butter and olive oil. Slice red peppers and saute for a minute, add sliced zucchini and saute both until just tender. Beat together 3 eggs, a couple of tablespoons of water or milk, salt and pepper, and pour over vegetables.


As the eggs are setting cover with baby spinach leaves, fold in pan and remove onto plate. Top with avocado.


A good, tasty meal for one doesn’t get much easier or quicker than omelettes!

Roasted Capsicums (Peppers)

These are delicious, are simple to make and are much cheaper to make your own rather than buying them. These aren’t preserved though, they need to be refrigerated and eaten within a few days.

Preheat grill. Cut capsicums in half and remove the seeds. Pour a little olive onto your hands and rub over the skins of each half. Slice the capsicums into pieces or slices (size desired, realising they will shrink by 1/2). Place in oven dish that has been greased or sprayed with olive oil.


Place under grill (not too close) and cook for 8 – 12 minutes until the skins are bubbled and blackened. The longer and slower these are cooked the sweeter they become so you don’t want to cook these too quickly.Image

Leave to cook and carefully peel off skins…they should come off easily. Place in dish and drizzle with olive oil.