Now, for something very DIFFERENT :)

For some reason I decided my blog should be the perfect place to share a photo I took 🙂 Quite honestly this bugs the hell out of me because I cannot understand what on earth this is.

Now, I have studied psychology – I understand perception, illusion, delusion etc. I am very interested in the mind and also have an interest in some areas of spirituality (I don’t particularly believe in the afterlife etc but who knows I guess), I would like to think my mind is very based in reality however “reality” has brought me some very interesting experiences that defy all logic, basically what science has proven. I am not saying this photo has a mystical basis, I have no answers for this myself and would really welcome comments on it.

This is a very poor photo, it was taken in poor light at around midnight when I was working. The place of work is a mental health respite home. I was sitting reading and got that weird fleeting feeling someone else was in the room – most of us have felt that at some time or another? So I glanced across the room and strangely right at this rubbish bin, sitting on the floor. I jumped a foot because there looked to be a head in it, just as real as a plaster bust might look if it were sitting in a mesh bin. I sat there staring at it for a while and it didn’t change, no matter how much I blinked, stared, moved. Asking myself “what the hell is that” I went over to it, all that was in there was a supermarket bag lining it, 2 others thrown haphazardly in and a couple of wee bit of paper. I sat back in my chair, the face was still there and it occurred to me I should take a photo to see if I was going crazy and imagining it, or not 🙂 The photo is not great (taken on a cheap cell phone) certainly not nearly as clear as the object was, and it turned out bright green.


I have had all sorts of comments from people I have shown this to ranging from “I can’t see anything” to “OMG!!” to”I don’t know that a ghost would present itself in a rubbish bin, lol” to ……someone must have made it to look like that (no, they didn’t, it’s random rubbish). Two thoughts of mine – the proportions are perfect and this is a face we see all the time in this field of work.

I invite yours 🙂