The very humble Vegetable Soup….and finally, field mushrooms!


Last night we were going to be busy squishing a good deal of grapes so I just put soup on for tea. Hubby is not so keen on soups but will eat them, I love them….there’s something soothing about chopping all those vegetables into a large pot simmering into very nourishing comfort food….and it’s a virtually free meal when you have a garden.

Already in the pot was this amount of pumpkin again and a bag of grated, frozen zucchini. The stock was made the day before from a leg roast bone, cooled overnight, the fat removed and any meat chopped up and returned to pan. In the jars are dried leeks and lentils, I just added salt, pepper and herbs to this, simmered about 4 hours and adjusted seasonings. In most cases I find a bland soup just comes from not enough salt or it hasn’t thickened well enough from cooking down. Pumpkin and potato give the soup a thicker more substantial texture. I use what is available, at other times celery, parsnip, swedes etc will go in.

Years ago when my kids were small I kept a large container in the freezer for vegetable water, gravies and leftovers for soup and just added what was missing at cooking time (or odd veges wrinkling in the fridge!) Couldn’t be called flash food, but good, frugal, nourishing with a good bread.


A pot of soup can last up to a week on the stove being reheated each day and new things added. I remember an elderly woman telling me years ago her mother kept the same pot going all winter. !! I have frozen 2/3 of this for easy meals in the future.

Hubby found this perfect crop of large mushrooms in a paddock at work 🙂 Other years I have sauteed any extra mushrooms in better and oil and frozen with good outcome, today I  dried this lot. A friend of ours who is a chef told us at his restaurant they order in dried mushrooms and just soak in water as needed….Image