Restless Leg Syndrome and Homemade Vapor Rub Recipe

I experience Restless Legs Syndrome as a symptom of Fibromyalgia. It starts mid evening and can last until after bedtime, often keeping me awake. Twitching, fidgeting, restlessness, pacing are all part of this wonderful malady πŸ™‚ I have tried lots of remedies for it, the only one I found to work was throwing a tantrum in my room and stamping my feet (quite by accident when I went into my room, slammed the door and threw a tantrum a myself lol). A quieter and more soothing fix to the condition would be nice though!

Last week at work a colleague happened to mention she also had it and had finally found something that worked, Vick’s Vapor Rub rubbed onto the soles of the feet when it starts. I wanted to try this but didn’t want to buy Vicks as its petroleum based. I checked out the list of ingredients in the shop though and looked online to find a recipe. This is a mixture really of what others use. Yes, it has worked for my restless legs which I am really pleased about…the tension and tingling sensations just eased and faded away.


Natural Vapor Rub:

1 cup olive oil

25 grams (1 oz) beeswax

30 drops Eucalyptus oil

10 drops camphor oil

20 drops peppermint oil

20 drops lavender oil


Using a double boiler (or two pots inside each other with water in bottom one) melt the oilve oil and beeswax together.


Leave to cool till the outside is just starting to set then add the essential oils. Mix through thoroughly and pour into a tin to set firm. If it sets too quickly (as mine almost did) or if you decide you want to add more essential oils return to pot to remelt.


An optional oil you can add to this is Turpentine Oil, which is in the original Vicks.


Because this is a blog on frugality I will mention how I buy my oils. I never buy new but buy secondhand when I see them. Part used bottles can be bought for nix at op-shops, garage sales and through online auctions. I have built up a large supply for not alot of money and added these this week (including the box) when I bought them online from a local woman for $25. Over half hadn’t been opened and the remainder had had little use. Good oils can cost upward of $10 a bottle here so this is a huge saving.






27 thoughts on “Restless Leg Syndrome and Homemade Vapor Rub Recipe

  1. My restless legs disappeared and my sleep improved when I began rubbing magnesium oil into my inner arms every night.
    If you google magnesium you see that it has over three hundred functions in the body, and magnesium deficiency is at the root of many problems…taking magnesium pills is not the same – mostly they go straight through you, and can cause diarrhoea…
    Rubbing the oil into the skin means that wherever in the body it’s short of magnesium. the magnesium will go there…


    • That’s really interesting Valerie and thanks for that. I have been taking Magnesium capsules and where it is helping for stiffness and pain not so for restless legs as others have found. I have seen the oil though and wondered about it so thanks πŸ™‚ Pleased you have found something that works for you!


  2. Woo hoo! I have frustratingly dealt with RLS for years, more often once I retire/recline for sleep. Thanks for the remedial recommendation! Curious here, what is your aversion to using petroleum based Vick’s?


    • Hi Eric πŸ™‚ It’s such a irritation isn’t it? And problem is the more irritating it becomes the worse it gets! Try the Vicks πŸ™‚ Also Valerie in the comments section has mentioned Magnesium Oil for hers.

      As far as I know petroleum jelly has no harmful effects when used but for me personally, I’d rather find an option that is not a heavily refined fossil fuel by-product. In attempting to improve some heath problems I am trying not to put anything on my skin I wouldn’t eat as it is absorbed so well through skin. That’s all, just me.


  3. I am sorry you suffer from that it sounds horrible:-( You are always finding new ways to save money, and fix health problems with something natural. I still remember your tumeric toothpaste for whiter teeth! It amazes me + it is useful. I like that box + how amazing to find oils for that cheap, they sure are expensive.
    How is your winter going? It goes by too fast, I know in a blink of an eye I will be writing about leaves falling and you will be writing about your garden…hope your winter is not as long as ours was this year or as cold! Stay warm:-)


    • Ah, it’s become a hobby…a good interest πŸ™‚ Making your own products is a nurturing thing and I enjoy the scents and textures. I want to make soap sometime soon, I think that would be gorgeously perfumey.

      I am not minding winter at all this year actually, I am being frightfully lazy though sitting by the fire alot. We were just talking last night that soon the garlic will go in, then the so-and-so’s and before we know it we will planting for Spring. I am thankful we don’t get your freezing temperatures though Robbie, I would not like that at all.


  4. Sorry you suffer from RLS, but glad you found relief in your homemade vapor rub. With our gardening season well under way, I am gathering dandelion blossoms and infusing them in olive oil. That infusion will be turned into some salves. I just made a batch of goat milk soap on Thursday and I will make another batch this weekend. Besides using the soap ourselves, I use it to trade for fresh produce. Wishing you a mild winter. πŸ™‚


      • If you are looking for an easy soap recipe for your first batch, try making Castile Soap (water, lye, and olive oil). That would be a great base for some of your essential oils (add just before trace is reached).


  5. I echo the magnesium oil remedy too, it does help balance the system – and good on you for finding an alternative to putting synthetic by-products into your body!

    I’ll share what I found out for myself anbout RSL as I used to have it and found it was another of those things that disappeared when I took sugar from my diet. I think it is caused by having unused energy in your system, which comes from carbs and sugars that haven’t been used in physical energy – hence you found having a tantrum gets rid of the symptoms. [You could try dancing to some fast music as an alternative. πŸ™‚ ]

    I came to my conclusions over a period of time, noticing I would have a bout if I had eaten late and not moved much afterwards. I’ve had a once off recurrence since deleting sugar from my life. One night after I had gone out to dinner and indulged in a super rich desert and not gone for a walk after, I climbed into bed and there it was – for me that was enough proof. Now if I eat extras, I make sure I move πŸ™‚


    • Hi Pauline πŸ™‚

      I will find some magnesium oil and try that. I have very little sugar in my diet, not alot of carbs. We eat nothing after dinner at all generally. I do have a couple of pieces of fruit in my morning smoothie but that’s about it. If I do snack it’s generally on nuts of some sort. I do find though that sitting too much makes it worse and I think maybe my fibro fatigue has me sitting alot more than I used to and that I do need to move more. I have so weary feeling this past month or so. Dance is something I do some mornings to get me going and put me in a good space if need be. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Interesting though that you discovered your link for it….I haven’t baked or made a dessert for months so not sure it is the same for me. I eat bread maybe twice a week, pasta only a little maybe once a week.


  6. That’s a good idea buying oils partly used. I enjoy following your blog because of the things you create. Restless legs can also be a symptom of anaemia, so if you are tired that can be worth checking (ex nurse here). I make my own soap from olive oil and coconut oil that is good for hair washing and have the how-to on my blog – artygreeninparadise


    • Hi Anne πŸ™‚ You have a great blog, why did I not know this before!? I tried to subscribe with the button though and it wouldn’t accept it, I have bookmarked instead. Thanks for that, I shall go back and check your soap posts.
      I am prone to anaemia but was hopeful I was getting enough iron, that could well be a possibility now I think about it. I have been really tired and blah. Thanks πŸ™‚


      • I came back, and loved reading again this post on how to make this vapour rub.. I suffer cramps especially after being the garden and bending and stretching as we do…I tell myself I am recovered from Fibro, and I am 100% better! thank goodness, to years ago crawling around and so exhausted..But have regular Acupuncture which has helped loads as well as doing daily Qi Gong.. .But often get that twitch lol too… So this rub is a delightful find… So thank you! for this post.. Brilliant! πŸ™‚


  7. I LOOOOOVE this blog! πŸ™‚ I just saved the entire post AND the comments as pure gold in a word doc and pinned it as well. You are a font of all things marvelous ma’am and I had never heard of magnesium oil. Where would I look for it? I am going to have a go at making my own vicks style vapour rub. Love everything about this post and commiserate with you about restless leg syndrome as I occasionally get a bout as well so know how frustrating it is. Cheers for the excellent and most frugal share πŸ™‚


  8. Years ago I was diagnosed with Fibro but I never had restless leg syndrome. I did find out by accident when I started losing weight that sugar seemed to be the culprit of my pain. I cut out bad fats and sugar to lose weight and I felt great! Now if I have sugar, I notice that my joints and muscles hurt. Headaches are gone as well. Coincidence? I don’t know, but I do know that I don’t hurt anymore.


    • Pauline, who also commented here found the same thing. I eat very little sugar though I do have fruit, I have cut that back alot. It’s an interesting one and I am pleased you found what works for you. Over the 8 years since diagnosed I have gone gluten free, dairy free, vegan, raw food – run the gamut of different elimination diets to no avail. Thanks πŸ™‚


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