Oh! One finicky cat!

A couple of days ago Roger came home with some stuff in a banana box. Mittens has been sleeping in this for two days and last night I decided I would buy him a wee house to sleep in.IMG_3698

This morning I decided though he seemed happy with a box, maybe I wouldn’t rush out and buy something. I did however have a sturdier box he could have and enlisted Roger’s help in cutting out a doorway.


Did Mittens like it? Yes!! He climbed in straight away and fell asleep.


So, Wendy….home alone and feeling a bit bored decided to make his little man cave a little more comfy and pretty because he liked it so much. I remembered a large piece of fabric I had, it’s white and fluffy and I thought this would be perfect! Did he like it? Yes, he loved it so we were all GO!IMG_3713

Pillow in the bottom and all the inside all lined with fluff. Then, his Mum decides to go the whole hog and make it …well not so much a man cave, but a boudoir maybe.IMG_3715

Β Did Mittens like it?


NOPE. He found the scraps I made it from to lie on and will not go near his new house.IMG_3718

Doesn’t appreciate homemade? Has more style sense than his mother? Maybe just a back-to-basics kinda guy?


31 thoughts on “Oh! One finicky cat!

  1. I just wrote you a long comment and the internet decided to hiccup! I shall try and remember what I wrote!

    I was laughing and laughing and laughing all the way through this post! Because I too have been a good mum and made the box super comfy and pretty and been absolutely rejected and scorned for my feeble efforts! The back says it all – there is a line and you have clearly crossed it!!

    The story is great, the photos are perfect and while I empathise with you I am also so glad I am not the only person with a cat who will not sleep in a box I have tampered with!

    You have made my night!!


    • Oh, I am glad I made your night lol. Am I am glad I am not the only one this has happened to lol I was feeling quite rejected!! It must be a cat thing not just MY cat thing…they’d rather find their own nooks to sleep in and on maybe.
      That keeps happening when I am commenting too, it’s very annoying.


  2. awww….that is so CUTE!!!! I LOVE it. We find our cat Simon in boxes all the time. I may have to take your idea and make him a little house one day. Too adorable for words!!!!


  3. My husband and I built a wonderful structure for our cats, complete with scratching pole and a hand sewn cushion. I repeat, HAND SEWN! Our boys both took one look, walked in, did a few rounds then peed and pooped in there happily, returning to sleep on the couches instead. At least Mittens has a little more class than my boys. 😦
    Must be a cat thing indeed. Now they happily sleep in the dirty clothes baskets in our laundry.


  4. That’s Cats for you.. No pleasing them.. Great how you made the Cat den.. Cardboard boxes they just love.. and paper bags.. Mine used to dive in them.. πŸ™‚
    Loved what you did… Very stylish! πŸ™‚


  5. Lisa says:

    Haha Wendy. Typical cat. We brought lulu a cute little egg shaped one because she sleeps on the carpet. No she won’t go near it ; ) but how cute did yours turn out!!!


  6. This sounds like something that our cat would do. No matter to what lengths we go through to keep our animals happy, they know what they like and that is it! They rule the home πŸ™‚


  7. Such a lovely story and so typical of a cat! I have had cats for many years and although they are different personalities, they do get their noses out of joint over seemingly thoughtful things :).
    I bought a cat tree for my current cat thinking it the best thing ever…she just looked at it, twitched her tail and saunted off! Not to be beaten and with a few years of “cat savvy” under my belt, I thought it over. Milly(the magnificent) likes to sit on my computer chair, mainly because I DON’T want her too, so I have put a towel over it for her to sit on. I can then remove it when I decide to sit on HER chair. I decided to put this on the top level of the cat tree and deposited her there with her favourite treat. After several goes she is now happy to snug up there and thinks it is the best thing that SHE discovered πŸ˜€


    • I had only had dogs for many years so am finding this cat stuff very different. Dogs aim to please so if you want them in a basket they’ll sit in a basket. Cats on the other hand will not be told what to do and what they should like….Mittens won’t sleep in a fluffy bed made specially but if I leave my laptop open and wander off you can guarantee I come back to a snoring cat and a screen of gobbledy-gook. πŸ™‚


  8. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words says:

    I love this…and I knew the outcome LOLs…
    I have two wonderful cat houses for all the ones people leave for me
    yet they find boxes, or planters I have made out of stumps or my baskets LOLS..
    the picture of him sitting there looking at his house is priceless
    Thank you for such a out loud chuckle as well as a smile
    Take Care…You Matter…


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