Can You Really Homestead in the City?

Can you really homestead in the city? Why YES, you can! I love this post by one of my favourite bloggers Urban Overalls. They just do everything, and so well! Thanks for letting me repost 🙂

Urban Overalls

I have farming in my blood.  My  dad was a farmer.  His father was a farmer.  His grandpa was a farmer.  You get the point.  Yet as an adult, I moved to the city and left the country life behind me… or so I thought.  I had an urge to get my hands in the soil and eat farm-fresh eggs.  That had me wondering, can you really homestead in the city?

While the Homestead Act of 1862 granted land to applicants after five years of living on the land and demonstrating improvements, modern homesteading has no such requirements. Believe it or not, it is taking place right now in backyards across America. Friends and neighbors in urban areas are returning to a lifestyle of self-sufficiency lived by many of our grandparents and great-grandparents.

urban chicken urban chicken

A good starting point for any want-to-be urban homesteader, is your local municipal code.  The…

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11 thoughts on “Can You Really Homestead in the City?

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