Our Easter Weekend….Redecorating!

Roger has had 5 days off work over the Easter hols and most of it has been spent moving furniture then plastering, sanding, plastering and sanding till he’s happy with the finish….then installing down lights and now we are ready to start cleaning up to start painting. When we bought this place the lounge looked like this……Pink and silver embossed wallpaper, the most horrid stippled ceilings and classic early 80’s brass light fittings. Just awful, but not as bad as the rest of the house lol.Image

We redecorated all the other rooms over the first few years but it was 4 years before we got onto the lounge – actually Roger started it about 2 months before we got married – it never got finished! After he undercoated it I got home from work one night to find this on the wall. It was supposed to be painted over a few days later but we run out of time and had to put everything back for the wedding.


So – lol, we have had that on our wall for 3 years, it’s the joke of everyone we know. We would have done all this sooner but our lounge is large, the finish on the previously stippled ceiling was awful and Roger is no plasterer but we just never have got the money together to pay for a professional. Since then of course we have had upteen thousand earthquakes which left a whole lot of cracking. It desperately needed doing so we just started (I say we, I moved everything I could out, Roger has done the rest) He’s done a great job, it’s all set to paint…he has gone over it and over it till he’s happy. And he installed the down lights which look really good.Image

The down lights he bought at a garage sale 6 months ago – $10 for 8, still in box. The plaster he bought last year also at a garage sale, a large bucket for nix. The wiring for the lights from his collection of materials he acquires/finds and hoards in the basement, ceiling paint left over from rest of house. Basically all we had to buy was the wall and window paint and a few new brushes, masking tape. I think we have spent about $280 to redo the lounge…. but a whole lot of time.

We also had to get a freezer into it’s rightful place. No small feat given it had to go downstairs and he only had me to “help”. I tell you something, I think I must be married to the most stubborn (he calls it tenacity) person I know. He wouldn’t bother anyone he knew to help move it down a flight of steps…or help him when we got it stuck in the doorway πŸ™‚ We measured it, it would fit if the door came off. So, he removes the door, it would JUST fit. The doorway had a bow in it down the bottom, so….!

Roger giving me the thumps up “It’s ok, we’ll get do it!”


After 15 minutes of stuckedness, with him on one side, me on the other insisting we get someone to help because we do have a large freezer stuck in a doorway, he came up with an idea because “It SHOULD fit!”. He climbs over, puts olive oil down each side of the doorway, pulls it back up toward him, shoves a trolley under it, wedges himself between it and the wall and pushes like crazy. I walked away because I just had visions of the freezer crashing to the ground.


No accidents, just a freezer safely through the doorway and a beaming husband telling me I have little faith.


All filled with food from the garden πŸ™‚


Anyways, that has been our Easter weekend, I hope you have all enjoyed yours πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Our Easter Weekend….Redecorating!

  1. I have to go lie down for a while now πŸ˜‰
    Seriously, you must be so proud! What an accomplishment, getting the lounge done in five days . . . the freezer, though . . . sounds like me πŸ™‚ Tenacity is a good thing, eh? just so you don’t have to watch it being put into action . . .
    So, next week . . . pictures of everything back in place?? Two weeks, maybe?
    hugs to you both. ~ Linne


  2. Good Lord you’ve got yourself a good one there! And he is yours 4 eva – it said so on the wall and we have a photo to prove it! I believe I would never have painted that over πŸ™‚ He’s tenacious, he moves a freezer on his own, he grows a fab garden and he loves you………… this has quite made my day! πŸ™‚ That room is going to be so lovely when it is finished – you two are legends! πŸ™‚


    • Aw, Roger is a legend, he truly is πŸ™‚ I am very lucky with him and I know it. I took a photo of the heart so we could put it up somewhere, 3 years of looking at it on such a large wall has me sort of wishing it gone, but not πŸ™‚
      I hope the room looks nice, we certainly won’t want to be doing it again in a hurry – neither of us are much into redecorating so it will have to last a long time!


  3. I love this post because a) the love heart on the wall (I’m a sucker for true romance!) b) it really sums up the whole redecorating experience and c) the views out the windows of your “new” lounge room are stunning! Then I got to the comments and involuntarily snorted when I read Linne’s “I have to go lie down for a while now.” She is so funny! And Pauline’s comments are fabulous, as always. All round entertainment before bed! Thank-you so much for sharing. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  4. Linne is very witty lol and Pauline is a treasure, I adore them both πŸ™‚ And Roger is very romantic, he does lots of things like this lol. He makes hearts all over the place, one time I got up to huge hydrangea hearts everywhere! Sometimes strawberry ones πŸ™‚
    Repainting alone would be fun enough because everything looks nice with a new coat of paint but honestly just trying to do that becomes such a hassle sometimes!!


  5. lol…I have to chuckle because we have the same issues with our home. Everything is stuck in the late 60’s early 70’s. You know the harvest gold, avocado green appliances, blue + pink bathrooms + GOLD fixtures stage!!!lol. We have to work on it gradually since we moved in 14 yrs ago. We had kids, animals + work + just no time to deal with that sort of stuff. Now we have more time and it all needs to be addressed, but no money,too-lol. I think you did a great job!!! It looks fantastic. I can relate to wall paper because EVERYTHING was wallpapperd in this house with LARGE flowers + country stripes…oh, how I can relate because I was the one to remove all the lovely wall paper:-)
    I love the “olive oil” I think that is brilliant! I would of never thought of it…it feels so good when you get it done + it becomes your home:-)


    • Lol. A bad taste in decor decade that’s for sure. At least the lounge was pale…thats why we left it to last. Some of the other rooms I did myself soon after moving in, I couldn’t live with them lol. Great big brown, orange, gold and yep the olive, geometric or floral patterns. Thank goodness the carpet is beige because we could never have afforded to change orange carpet….probably wouldn’t have bought it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ The last place I owned had large green maple leaf wall paper throughout, a pink, peppermint green and chocolate brown kitchen – that was painted virtually before we unpacked but it was only a wee place we bought when all the kids left and I was still young enough to be able to do these things without too much effort πŸ™‚
      The olive oil worked a treat πŸ™‚ We now have 2 freezers full to last the year, the other one was too messy to photograph πŸ™‚ But pretty pleased with that, and still more to come now we have the room.


  6. Now that Freezer was a tight squeeze.. But oh ye of little faith! LOL… Looks good. All of it… Especially filled with all the garden goodies… πŸ˜€ xxxx This was one Easter we didnt have the DIY tool kit out.. πŸ™‚ xxx


  7. Wendy, I don’t have your email on my phone, for some reason. Just want you to know I picked up the D Wetiko book on Friday and so far, it’s great! Not much time to read ’til after Wed, but it will go quicker then. Thanks so much! It ties in to ‘The Horse Boy’ very nicely. Will be talking to you about it once I’m further in. Hugs to you. ~ Linne


  8. Wendy, I would have walked away from the freezer and oiled doorway too. Smart and “tenacious” man you have there. I love the changes in your lounge I hope you share the finished room when you get everything back in there. What a difference it is from the before and those down lights look so much better.


  9. Oh ye of little faith! Olive oil cures EVERYTHING! I am so lubed up on the stuff I could skate naked over a barbed wire road ;). Seriously though, I thought exactly that when I was reading “what about greasing the doorway?” I am VERY proud to share a thought with the great problem solver Roger Aristotle (his new name πŸ™‚ ). I bet you will get so much enjoyment out of that room now. My dad used to have a saying whenever he though someone had paid too much for something (usually something that he wasn’t interested in so he said it a lot πŸ˜‰ ) “done ya dough”. When we inherited Serendipity Farm we were left a little money that we used to renovate everything that we could as we knew that we would never have that money again. We could have gone on a nice holiday but we both agreed that it was best spent doing up and fixing what we could (we didn’t have an oven here when we moved in, dad had been using an old toaster oven!). We ripped out all of the kitchen and built it from scratch. Steve painted “done ya dough!” on the kitchen wall and if you are standing in the right light you can still see it on the wall ;). I love that Roger painted that and I would be proud as punch to keep it on the wall. Who gives a stuff what people said about it. It is a wonderful statement of his love for you every single time you saw it :).


    • Actually….. πŸ™‚ the olive oil was MY idea after he said it should fit. I just wasn’t sure it would work and that getting on the floor and pushing it like that was a good idea lol

      I loved the heart too but it did have to go really, the wall was only undercoated and motley and honestly, I wanted a normal wall much as I loved the heart. He has made me one from rusty barb wire to put up at some stage πŸ™‚ And he took a photo of his heart lol

      Like that saying of your dads and nice Steve put it on the wall.


      • LOL that means that we think alike πŸ™‚ The heart is still there, just underneath πŸ™‚ Yeah “Done ya dough” was always said with a shaking head ;).


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