Drunken Plums (Liqueur)

This is so simple to make but takes 2 months to develop. Wash plums and cut in half, remove the stones.

Layer in a jar with sugar. Around 1/4″ sugar to each layer of plums. You need to use a jar that has an airtight lid.

Once full pour over cheap vodka or gin until it reaches the top. Seal and date.


Leave in a dark cool place for two months, turning daily or as often as possible eg Turn onto it’s lid the second day, back onto bottom third day.

After two months all the sugar will be dissolved and a most divine (and potent liquid) will have formed.Image

Β Strain through a large strainer, then through a finer one for clarity. Bottle and it’s ready to drink.Β Image

The fruit tastes delicious, very much like boozy prunes. It can be eaten as is with cream or ice-cream or baked in a pudding.

Two preserving jars made 1 1/2 wine bottle sized bottles of liqueur and I wish now I had made alot more as Jess (Rabid Little Hippy) told me to πŸ™‚IMG_3519

32 thoughts on “Drunken Plums (Liqueur)

  1. I bet it’s fun at your place on a Saturday night!! I can imagine that is very morish – and potent? Love your ingenuity and resourcefulness. Maybe when I get this Kombucha thing really underway I may turn my attention to alcohol making πŸ™‚


    • The only problems I have in drinking this Pauline are I am always on-call at work Friday and Saturday nights….unfortunately lol, or maybe a very fortunate thing depending on how you look at it.
      Boozy drinks are alot of fun to make and liqueurs are something that taste delicious but you only need a little of. The next thing is wine, any day now.


    • Narfie, technically this is not distilling; distilling is using a still to make stuff like whiskey. Are you sure you can’t make this? Basically you are just pouring already produced liquor over fruit. Just a thought, anyways. ~ Linne


      • The liquor that Wendy poured over them was distilled by a friend 😦 We can’t afford to buy the booze as we have very expensive import taxes here 😦 on the flip side, it keeps us from drinking too much and wandering the streets πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m keeping this in mind for later this year . . . I’m a very moderate drinker, too (well, what I say is “I rarely drink much or often”, which covers all the bases, right? LOL), but I do like liqueurs; sweet and tasty stuff. I like the idea of serving it over ice cream and I think the plums, chopped a bit, would be a perfect addition to my own Christmas Cake recipe (which I still have not located).
    ~ Linne


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