Golden Yogini Milk

I love Chai Lattes, there is a place I go once a week for the best ever Spicy Chai Latte and I had decided to try making them for myself. I have been experimenting with recipes online but none of them come close to it for flavour.

When I saw this recipe I thought I would try because of the turmeric, it’s very good for the pain of fibromyalgia. Apparently this drink is great for a peaceful sleep but I have been having it mid-morning. I added ginger and a small amount of honey and THIS is well and truly as good as satisfying as my special chai lattes.

Turmeric is a great anti-inflammatory, it also is good for lifting spirits and calming anxiety. Don’t let the turmeric put you off trying this, it doesn’t taste at all like curry in this drink πŸ™‚ I altered the recipe a little the second time around to make a bit spicier….to suit my tastes. I also raised the amount of coconut oil in this as I have been trying to incorporate more in my diet in small ways.

The original recipe comes from Katie Silcox and she calls this her Guardian Angel Medicine. She also discusses the merits of drinking this, Ayurvedic medicine and plant allies. Check out her lovely blog, her post and comments on this soothing, very moreish hot drink. I would probably suggest making her version first and seeing if this is spicy enough for you.

Any option to dairy milk will work with this.

Golden Yogini Milk:

1 tsp coconut oil

1 1/2 tsp turmeric

1/3 tsp ground cardamom

1/3 tsp cinnamon

1/3 tsp ground ginger

pinch nutmeg

1 cup milk

1/2 tsp honey (optional, to taste)

Melt the oil gently in a pan. Once melted add the spices and stir through. Once you can smell the spices add the milk and stir well. Bring to the boil. Remove from heat and pour into a blender. Blend for 20 seconds. NOTE: You will not want to leave the vent covered because of the steam (I had a nasty burn years ago from doing this) Cover loosely with a cloth instead. The resulting drink is rich, frothy and deliciously fragrant and spicy.


27 thoughts on “Golden Yogini Milk

  1. I had to rush off and try this recipe as soon as I saw it – it is definitely something I could trade my morning coffee for every day. I used just 1 tsp of tumeric, being a little nervous of it, and i think that is just right for me. I used a handheld milk frother instead of dirtying the blender (I’m a bit lazy for extra cleaning), and I think next time I’ll boil a couple of stevia leaves with it as I like it a bit sweet. Thanks!


  2. That’s one of those things that I look at and can see the virtue of – but would I like the taste??? I shall copy it down and try one morning when I’m feeling brave πŸ™‚ I’ll let you know ….And I shall check out the blog also when I have a bit more time.


      • I made myself a cup of Golden Yogini Milk last night – I thought to myself that rather than just wonder if I would like it I should actually just find out …… I read the original recipe and yours and made a version that suited me [not that different to yours, just no cardamom as I discovered I didn’t have any] and I put in some chia seeds as I am trying to increase my intake of those………. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!

        I am a convert πŸ™‚

        That is also a lovely site, I had a look around and really liked what I saw, so I signed up for her emails. I couldn’t see how to follow the blog though.


      • I told ya πŸ™‚ I am pleased you tried it and enjoyed it! This totally hits the spot for me in comfort food, it just seems to do something nice for the body / mind and tastes delicious. I have just looked to see if I could find where to follow the blog but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere….very enjoyable reading.


      • I agree – it was such an enjoyable drink and I felt wonderful after it – I swear I was walking taller and straighter this morning when I rose at the godawful time of 3.45 am, feeling incredibly cheerful and ‘present’! πŸ™‚ Have a great day Wendy xoxo

        PS – do you keep up with her blog via her newsletter?


      • Yes, I think that’s the only to keep up with it….but did you see the link to her blog in her categories bar? Like, you have actually found the blog?

        I have been feeling the benefits of this too in both body and mind. I had been looking at ways to introduce different spics, this is a perfect tonic πŸ™‚ And I don’t have to drink my turmeric in water from a sipper bottle now which is not nice lol


      • I added some turmeric into my smoothie this morning. I figured if it tasted that good in hot milk, it can’t be too bad in a smoothie…. I put a teaspoon in and didn’t notice anything different taste wise – but now am feeling all warm and pink and glowy πŸ™‚

        I found the link to her blog in the top bar of the link you sent through – I had a bit of a browse through most of her links – it is packed full of good stuff I thought. [Must stop calling her ‘her’ – what is her name again?]


      • I have noticed with turmeric it loses alot of it’s pungency when in something with fat, I can’t taste it at all in the toothpaste. It’s such a good spice to use for general wellbeing and pain. It’s supposed to be more effective than prozac on mood (not that I rate prozac in any good way)

        Her name is Katie πŸ™‚ She writes such gentle positive stuff and on subjects that I am interested in.


  3. I used to merrily quaff the chai that I purchased in large vats from coffee shops (soy milk extra THANKYOU) right up until I noticed that they were ladling scoops of powder out of a tin…I asked to check the tin and saw “Milk powder, sugar and spices” as the entire contents!!!!! No more cafΓ© chai for this little black (drummed out of the vegan confraternity AGAIN…sigh…) duck… excellent recipe and adding turmeric is a wonderful addition that really will boost your health πŸ™‚


    • Yes, I do have doubts about the concoctions they “brew” but I used to drink coffee lattes when out with friends….they make me almost brain fried lol. I figure this is a better option as a treat.

      Love turmeric, it’s a magic spice πŸ™‚


  4. RT says:

    You try such different things! I say that with admiration, and sometimes a bit of a wince – lol. You definitely have a braver palate than I.


  5. I love chai, too, hot or blended with ice. So now I have to get me some turmeric and jump on the yellow-gold wagon with the rest of you . . . I’m following Katie now, too, thanks very much. Her ‘follow’ button is at the top in the black bar, just like yours (in case anyone hasn’t spotted it yet).

    This is not only more healthy than the bought chai lattes, it’s bound to be cheaper. Good all around!

    As for dermatitis; depends on the cause, I guess, but a friend of mine in Victoria, BC had bad eczema on her hands (she works in a hotel laundry, which doesn’t help). She was already taking a lot of nutritional yeast for the B vitamins, but it kept coming back. She has a friend whose 80 yr old sister is a retired naturopath and the sister recommended beets. My friend hasn’t had eczema since! So you may want to try that. I don’t know about other places, but in Victoria we had grated beet raw often. It comes in restaurants as a garnish on lots of different foods, which got me hooked. At home we would grate beets and carrots for a lovely winter salad. Anyway, my long-winded way of saying ‘I hope this helps’. πŸ™‚ ~ Linne


    • Hi Linne πŸ™‚ Let ,me know what you think, you must fiddle with the amounts to taste though. I have ended up using way more ginger to make it really spicy. Such a soothing drink, you could never guess how much spices are in it…good way to get them!

      I eat beets every day, we love them here. Either grated, juiced, roasted, pickled. That’s interesting though!! I can have 1 dairy a day, I am making the other one with sunflower seed milk and a couple of dates….I don’t think quite as nice but pretty close. Am not keen on drinking soy.


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