Growing Chamomile from a Teabag


I have been reading a fantastic book on home remedies written by James Wong. He has a wonderful blog and I found this which I thought was great (the picture above is stolen from there!)

” ….all you need to get started is a fresh (i.e. unused) chamomile tea bag, which – if you are a fan of chamomile – may well already be sitting in your kitchen cupboard. You don’t need to use the fancy ones in the picture either, really any brand of chamomile tea still within its use-by date should still work” Read more

13 thoughts on “Growing Chamomile from a Teabag

  1. Awesome share! I had no idea there were so many ways to enjoy cooking with chamomile. And I love his watering can! It’s always so great to come here and catch up. Thank you. Cheers! Gina


  2. The link isn’t working for me just now, I’ll have to come back and try again tomorrow. I did not know you could do that and am very excited as I would love to have chamomile in my garden. Thank you Wendy – I hope you are doing okay with the cyclone, fingers crossed she will miss you.


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