He Ain’t Heavy, he’s My Brother

By the Hollies.

We went to see The Hollies in concert last weekend and caught up with family in Wellington. The concert was wonderful but the stand out was this song, one of my favourites for many years…. oh God, many years is like 40!!

He sung this beautifully and received a standing ovation.

The Hollies – He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother


14 thoughts on “He Ain’t Heavy, he’s My Brother

  1. The song is playing while I write this………. gosh it brings back such memories. I was a young mother and played this song – the whole album really – to death! I had an old record player that could be put on repeat and I just left it there. My kids still know all the words! I saw they were here and wondered what the concert would be like. So glad you gave yourself a treat and enjoyed it!


    • I am the same Pauline, played their albums over and over πŸ™‚ Always loved this one. They have been so many times we couldn’t afford to go but decided to just do it this time. Funny thing is, I was surprised they (and the crowd) were so old! Time does not stand still for any of us, including me lol.


      • Oh I KNOW!! Lol!! I’m constantly surprised that my kids are in their 40’s – how can that be when I feel I am at most 45?? Our souls are eternally young that’s our problem Wendy – we will be capering about to all the golden oldies for many years yet! πŸ™‚


  2. I’ve spent a lot of the morning listening to the Hollies after clicking on your link… LOve them – I always dance in the aisles whenever I go to one of their concerts – age is irrelevant when you want to dance !!!


    • Oh, I am glad for that, and so true, age is irrelevant when you want to dance. I to got up and danced at their concert …and even Roger!!! And I have been listening to them too this morning while busy in the kitchen πŸ™‚


  3. RT says:

    I love this song! I first heard the rendition by the Osmond Brothers though (The Hollies were a bit “before my time”). Thanks for the link. It was lovely!


    • Oh dear! lol, I am afraid half of the people I told we were going to the concert said they had never heard of them. I was dumbfounded! Who hasn’t heard of The Hollies I thought….a good part of the population it seems! lol, I show my age here.

      It is a great song!! Glad you enjoyed it.


  4. Wendy, I thought I hadn’t heard of them, but I do know their music; I just never knew much about various bands and musicians. I have always loved this song; just didn’t associate it with a particular name. As to aging, I can make you and Pauline feel better: this group was really a bit ‘after my time’ LOL You can likely tell by most of the music I post. The real oldies are yet to come, though . . .

    When I saw Dylan in concert in Vancouver, BC, it was the winter of ’65 – ’66 and he was just making the transition to electric, so half the concert was acoustic and half was electric. An historic moment, really. There were hundreds, maybe thousands, of people there and we were quite far back and up on one side. Still, it was worth it. Someone in our group brought binoculars and we shared them, so part of it was close enough to watch his hands. Good memories.

    I’ve favourited ‘He’s Not Heavy’ and will be listening to it often. I’d forgotten it for a while, living as I do in my imaginary Scottish croft . . . πŸ™‚

    I’m glad you went to that; sometimes, budget or no, we just have to follow our hearts. I can just imagine you there . . . Have a great week, Wendy!


    • Would love to have seen Dylan in concert πŸ™‚ That is real memory making!

      You have had an interesting life Linne, I wish I had been a teenager in the 60’s, if there is any better decade than the 70’s it would surely be that πŸ™‚ My older brother used to hitchhike around the country, guitar on back, poetry book in knapsack. He used to tell us (when he popped in for a bed) of everything he’d done and seen. I was very impressed by his experiences and when somebody asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I replied “a hippy” as my dad always called him that πŸ™‚ Unfortunately serious drugs got the better of him for many years, though still a beautiful person in his 60’s but a recluse. He used to write beautiful poetry about peace and love and was probably quite an inspiring person to me as a youngster.

      Yes, sometimes we just have to treat ourselves to something special, denying one’s self all the time is just being stingy.


  5. LOVE the Hollies! πŸ™‚ So glad you guys had a great time and enjoyed your first concert ever. My brother isn’t heavy. He is just over 70kg. A bit much for me to manage but if I got one of those red rages going…STRAIGHT over the deck with him! πŸ˜‰


    • Lol…if we ever come to visit I shall be sure not to push you into a “red rage”!

      I love the Hollies too, I hate to think how long I have been listening to them…not even going to go there! I loved the concert, such joy!


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