Micro-Artist Willard Wigan

I thought some of you might appreciate seeing this if you haven’t already heard of this incredible artist. His is presently touring NZ and his work absolutely blows me away.

Willard Wigan had a difficult childhood. He had learning disabilities and was teased and bullied by other kids, made an example of by teachers. He stopped going to school and stayed home…making tiny houses and castles for ants. Now he sculpts the most minute creations either in the eye of a needle, on a pin head or in a hole in eyelashes. See 60 photos of his work including a crown for the Queen and a Harley created from a fleck of gold in a whisker! and read listen to his story here:ย Micro Artist Willard Wigan




19 thoughts on “Micro-Artist Willard Wigan

  1. That is amazing!!! I just went to the site and I am speechless-lol. How in the world can he get that in the needle head-crazy. Half the time I can’t even thread a needle. The detail in the objects he creates + they fit into a needle head. I can’t even see the nead to thread it! Thank you for sharing:-)


    • That’s exactly what I said to Roger “I can’t even thread a needle these days!!”

      This guys works under microscopes, slows his heart beat and works between beats, each piece takes around 2 months. I was blown away by this, how exceptionally brilliant!


      • Oh my goodness:-) He works under a microscope.Wow. I am blown away as you are because it is totally brilliant-you are right!
        Not only seeing-he must work with small tweezers. How could one do that with their fingers. I would break them for sure between my fingers. I am thinking of when I create pressed flower art that I dry from the garden ( small petals) + I crumple them often and they are not even as tiny as his art!


      • ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t remember what he made his tweezers from but they are equally as tiny, made from a tiny sliver of something inserted at the end of a small syringe. I a hopeless at fine detail work…I shake too much but the focus required would do me good!!


  2. I am all for self threading needles these days and this guy deserves some kind of medal for his perserverance…he should be running for Prime Minister! Amazing stuff and a good reminder that out of a hellish childhood, an amazing person can grow if they set their mind to the right track and completely ignore all of the negativity around them…


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