I’ve created a Petition to prevent Mining the Moon

NASA is taking applications from mining companies who are interested in mining THE MOON. These applications close mid March…a petition has been started against this, here is the link to sign it for anyone interested. https://www.change.org/en-CA/petitions/the-president-of-the-united-states-don-t-allow-mining-on-the-moon

A Random Harvest


After reading Lois’ post on Living Simply Free, I was moved to go to Change.org and start a petition. If it gets over 100,000 signatures, Congress must take it into consideration. Not much, I know, but if enough people sign, there’s a chance of stopping this madness.

(Lois, if you read this, I ‘borrowed’ the photo of the moon from your post. Hope you don’t mind. I have one taken with my iPhone, but it’s not very impressive; the moon came out way too small.)

If you think that Mining the Moon is Madness, please consider signing. The link below will take you to the petition. Thanks in advance.  ~ Linne

(Note: You will see that my given name is on the petition, not my preferred Villager nickname of Linne. Just in case that confuses anyone)

The President of the United States: Don’t allow mining on the Moon!

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