Oil pulling for Everyone – How to – Help – FAQ’s – Info – Coconut oil

As a “sort of” beginner of oil pulling I was interested to find out more and this is an excellent article on it for anyone who is interested. I have done this many times in the past for gum conditions but have never kept it up long term so will be interested to see how it goes. When I started it was many years ago and coconut oil was not used, I have always used light olive oil…it’s cheaper and in fact ANY oil can be used which you can tolerate the taste of. I have also read recently that 5 minutes is long enough even though 20 is mentioned as the required time in most articles I have read.

Natural Frugal: Raising 6 kids

Join me, & get Oil Pulling for oh so many oral health & overall health benefits.

Oil pulling is such a easy daily routine with so many benefits, oil pulling is great from kids up to the elderly.

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Get oil pulling, you will love it!

Are you ready to begin an oil pulling routine?  Maybe you are still researching oil pulling, are just beginning your oil pulling routine or even if you have been oil pulling for a while these tips & ideas might just help you get the most out of oil pulling. There is a lot of info in this article to research & links to help get you started, I do recommend, researching it, researching both sides, researching deep & researching it again. Research it, Live it, Love it!

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Attention: Step by step directions & my oil pulling routine & testimonials have been moved to a new blog post here

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21 thoughts on “Oil pulling for Everyone – How to – Help – FAQ’s – Info – Coconut oil

  1. Not sure about this…sounds like a bit of “woo-woo” to me to be honest but let me know how it goes. I like to embrace things that work rather than the latest trends.


    • This isn’t for everyone, I don’t expect anything I put on here is to everyone’s taste 🙂 I tried to think how long I have been doing it for on and off….maybe 9 years or so. It’s great for clearing up ulcers and gum related problems. I have never done it long enough to feel any other benefits if there are any. I am hoping it will help my TMJ but who knows….living with that makes one constantly feel like they have just been punched in the face so if it works I will be rapt. I have read heaps about it over the years, it’s an ancient Ayurvedic therapy which alot of people now do…meditation used to be a “trend” of the weird too lol.

      I used to buy our Healthy Options magazine, I bought it for over 20 years until the recession knocked it off the market, many things we once considered fringe have now become mainstream.


      • Now THAT makes it better all round. I was instantly suspicious of the “coconut oil” routine because it smacked of trend setting and I am SO over bloggers jumping on and off bandwagons with diets, trends etc. it gets in the way of what really matters and you have to sift through so much bampf to find the real and good info under it all but if this has been done for centuries and any oil can be used, I will give it a go. I don’t have the best dental health record and haven’t been to the dentist in more years than I would care to mention (cost rather than need being the main issue) and my teeth aren’t in the best health at any given time and if this staves off the inevitable a few more years I am all for it! 🙂 Cheers for the share Wendy 🙂


      • I will amend in my comments to say that. I don’t go to the dentist either, it’s way out of my budget but I do worry about my teeth….plastic ones in old age don’t sound appealing at all. You do need to use LIGHT or virgin because it can stain your teeth but honestly, this works for gum conditions and apparently very well for plaque etc.


      • I only ever buy virgin as SOMETHING has to be young and innocent around here! 😉 plastic teeth are at least supported on the “free” register…funny how they will pay for plastic teeth but not to stop you getting them eh? 😉


      • I think they are under the health care system if you are on unemployment benefits (so I had best stay on them by the sounds of it!!!!) not a real incentive to go out and get a job is it? 😦 (that is IF there were any jobs to go out and get here in Tasmania…)


  2. I never heard of this before, but it sounds interesting. 20 minutes sounded like a long time ’til I remembered that I spend more than that checking emails and (usually) skimming the FeedReader. I’m interested in how it works for you two,, as well. But I may not wait; just try it myself. I recently found a large jar of solid coconut oil, so once I have the deodorant made, I think I’ll give this a try. It took me a while to read down to where she explains what the ‘pulling’ actually is; had me puzzled for a bit , , , thanks for another good info post, Wendy. I love learning new things. ~ Linne


    • I do it while while I am doing other things Linne, the dishes…emails etc then you just don’t notice how long the time has been. But I may not do it the full 20, just as long as I feel I want to. This is great for clearing up ulcers and other oral health problems but I generally have only ever done it until a condition has cleared up.

      I don’t know about all the other stuff it is said it helps, there is no way to know I guess without trying it. I have TMJ due to the fibro which is why I want to try it long term. Not for everyone but something I do, and this is a great article on it.. so I put it here 🙂


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