Reblogging this because it’s a freebie offer of a bread starter but also because this a wonderful blog by another Kiwi – their latest post Carrot Top Pesto!!

Back Yard Farmer

2013-09-21 - Foto - Bread 017


If you follow our Blog and Email us that you want a FREE BIGA, you can either collect it or we shall mail it to you for the cost of postage only, which is $4.80 for New Zealand.

Here is the recipe for the Biga if you want to make it yourself.

La Biga  or Natural Wild Yeast Starter or Bread Mother Plant

Bidga is a natural yeast starter that adds so much character to the bread. When used, the crust will be crunchier, the crumb moister and the bread will be more flavourful with a longer shelf live. Above all, you save on the cost of buying yeast all the time. The idea is to introduce natural wild yeast spores and natural bacteria to ferment the simple, introduced sugars and encourage bubbling. The lactic acid from the bacteria strengthens the gluten…

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  1. Cheers for this Wendy :). Not taking advantage of the free starter as I don’t follow blogs in the conventional way (I follow 238 blogs so you can only begin to imagine what my email inbox looked like prior to me discovering RSS Feed Readers 😉 ) and am going to have a go at making my own as per their instructions. LOVE that blog and it is safely tucked away into my growing NZ section. You guys are the bomb when it comes to sharing quality info and posting great posts 🙂


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