A week of all sorts :)

Last week we inherited a cat (from one of the kids) meet 1 year old Mittens -seen here in a photo on his second day looking rather worried about one of our dogs. He has settled in nicely and has become a garden cat, he would rather play out there all day than be inside.


This week I have had my 7 year old granddaughter visiting. On her first day we went to watch sheep being shorn at the farm Roger works at. This was really interesting and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. A friend of mine is about to start classes in spinning so hopefully we can go and see her doing this at some stage as another step in the process. The second day we went to this beach to throw a message in a bottle into the water. This beach is down the back roads of our town about 10 minutes away and this is how manyΒ people generally use it – none. I take the dogs here often and am alone virtually every time.


We did this last summer also, and yes, I do feel guilty because as she said “Basically we are littering aren’t we Nana?”

She wanted to do it again as last year it was found a week later 20 minutes drive from where it was thrown in and I received a text to say so. We found the tiniest glass jar we could, about 2″ high and she wrote her message, threw it in the water and it disappeared. We have a rule here, if she wants to do this we have to go along and pick up all the rubbish on the beach first as a price to pay.


This is her this morning, retrieving her message from the lady whose husband found it – in the next beach down the shore, amongst seaweed while he was looking for starfish or something. They were as excited as we were and also took photos. It was alot of fun but I don’t know my conscience can stand to do it again, I am so pleased it was found! This couple was lovely and wanted to meet her, the lady wrote a message on the back for her and popped it back in the jar. A really nice experience for all really.


This week I have been drying vegetables for homemade soup mix to add to fresh in winter. We purchased 1.5 metres of aluminium fly screen netting to cover our oven racks. I had a misadventure with my dehydrator a few week back so it will be a wee while before it’s back in service.


These are Worcester berries we found out last year while watching River Cottage. It was supposed to be a gooseberry bush when we bought it! This is our first harvest off them and they are not so nice but apparently beautiful cooked with apples so they have been frozen for doing just that.


Huge field mushrooms picked mid-summer!!Image

Last weekend Roger went garage-saleing and found these for me which I love. They are very heavy metal but I have no idea what metal they are. They were $5 for the set.Image

And because I don’t think I have ever shown a photo of me, this is one taken recently πŸ™‚


23 thoughts on “A week of all sorts :)

  1. And I smiled and said – Oh, yes! There you are!! Looking every bit as lovely as you sound. It is so nice to have a face to attach the name to…… I don’t know if it’s just me, I find it easy to remember names when I have a face to attach them to, without one the names can get all muddled up. You have fabulous curly hair too – I can just hear Narf7 yelling at you “You Lucky Bugger!” πŸ™‚

    I think the note in a bottle thing is so lovely – it is not littering! Bottles were made to put notes into and the sea is for carrying those messages hither and yon. You are making memories for your beautiful grand-daughter and also teaching her about tides and currents. Fabulous!! Well, that’s what I think anyway……..[and cleaning up the beach is a good thing to do too – I used to do that with my class when I was teaching……. sigh!]

    And just imagine when the internet goes down – we might all need this expertise about tides and currents to keep our blogging community in touch………. Hola, Wendy!! You should keep doing it and keep notes about where the bottles are found and how long it takes to get there etc – scientific research πŸ™‚

    Your new kitty does look rather alarmed – what were those dogs doing? But sure has a mighty fine silver coat!

    I was on my way to do something else when your post arrived in my email and I thought I’ll just pop in and see what Wendy is up to – so glad I did!


    • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I like to put a face to people too Pauline and kept thinking I should put a photo on my front page, I can’t figure out how to do it – and quite honestly I don’t really like myself in photos, so…thought I would sneak it in here for regular readers to see πŸ™‚ That hair is where I get my nickname from Roger, “Tumbleweed”. How nice I sound and look equally as lovely to you, thank you πŸ™‚

      I did enjoy the message in the bottle adventures, it was very exciting for her. She has had a hard year so it was nice to be able to do this again and make some nice memories for her πŸ™‚ And yep, we discussed tides, weather etc. I will see how we go for next year, I am thinking a pill bottle with a cork lol. I generally pick up rubbish on the beach not add to it! I didn’t know you were a teacher Pauline, that would suit you I think πŸ™‚

      This was Mitten’s (and I DID NOT name him that!) first trip upstairs and there was just the foxy home. He wasn’t sure he liked being that close to a dog but I had both sitting each side of my feet glaring at each other. Syd is huge and Mittens does not like him at all. He’s a beautiful colour ay.


      • I love your nickname! That is wonderful! I’m beginning to think your Roger is rather special!

        And I’m sure you can change Mitten’s name, he won’t care – cats don’t come when we call them anyway, they just take the message and get back to us later. My boy comes to a whistle and has at least four names – proper name Orlando, kitten name ‘Tiggie’ a bit older ‘Tig’ and all the time ‘Little Fella’ he knows them all but just comes to the whistle.

        I taught in Steiner schools for 20 years – does it show?


      • Roger is very special…just occasionally he is not lol.

        We would like to change his name but don’t want to offend my stepson’s girlfriend…maybe we could sneakily do it. I feel an idiot outside yelling “Mittens” lol.

        A Steiner school, how lovely!!!! It does not show you were a teacher πŸ™‚ It does show in your face you are kind and would enjoy children πŸ™‚


  2. RT says:

    What a great week you had. I love your tradition (I, too, vote for you to keep doing it) of sending out a message in the bottle with your granddaughter – the part about picking up more litter than you left is a great idea. I think that’s a fair exchange for the enjoyment it gives you, your granddaughter, and those that find it. I hadn’t heard of a Worcester berry so looked it up – apparently it’s a cross between a red gooseberry and a blueberry. It is good for making jam. I’m intrigued enough that if I ever find them at a Farmers’ Market, I want to get some to try. I also found a crumble recipe for them here: http://thetwicebitten.blogspot.com/2011/08/suck-it-up-worcester-berry-and-marzipan.html. Love your picture – thanks for sharing!


    • Thank you, we had such alot of fun πŸ™‚
      Worcester berries are quite sour (not surprising given they are part gooseberry) but I am looking forward to trying them cooked. Oooh crumble sounds good, will check that out. Thanks.


  3. They look like Josterberries. I bought 2 bushes thinking that they would be lovely but my daughters (who inherited them when we moved) call them “meat berries” and are secretly happy when the blackbirds eat them all ;). Are those lovely metal fruits made of pewter? I LOVE your hair! I always wanted wooly hair but alas, am the bearer of straight hair that just won’t hold a curl…probably grass is always greener syndrome but back when perms were the norm (remember? πŸ˜‰ ) it would have been nice for one to last more than a day…sigh… Love that you are getting results from your messages in bottles so technically it isn’t littering, just repurposing and moving on to a new home πŸ™‚


    • Maybe a different name? I was really disappointed when it wasn’t a gooseberry but apparently delicious with apple. I had some this morning with strawberries in a smoothie and was very nice.
      Yeah, the grass is always greener, I always wanted straight here but if I straighten in it goes so thin!
      I am pleased no one yet has remarked “Yep, that’s littering no matter how you justify it” lol


  4. You are gorgeous πŸ˜€ Now we need a photo of Roger. Love Mittens but maybe he would appreciate a new name. Look deep into his eyes and ask him what he would like to be called and he just might tell you. To me he looks like a “Buster” or some suave cat-about-farm name such as Charlie :D. Let us know. I called my original two Bubbles and Squeak, mainly as it is easy to remember, then along came Molly. Try yelling Bubbles and Squeak out your front door to try and get em to come in! Very funny looks from the neighbours πŸ˜€


    • lol, ya reckon?! No, I am not allowed to put a photo of Roger on unfortunately. He worries about “face recognition techniques” and the future of privacy etc. I keep telling him no-one is going to give a hoot about a small time gardener in the wops of NZ but apparently “you never know!” πŸ™‚ I am allowed to show unrecogniseable bits only.
      lol, I though Mittens was bad. Charlie is a good name…then we’d have a Bob, Syd and Charlie. I have had both a Molly cat and a Molly dog, love that name. And I have had a Buster cat πŸ™‚


      • I used to have a Buster cat. I named any Ginger cats Buster πŸ˜€ I understand Rogers “no pictures!” policy. Maybe you should take a photo of an eye one blog, then an ear, then the other eye and we can piece him altogether thus fooling the evil ID stealers, or government spies πŸ˜€


  5. Wendy, it is nice to finally have a picture to go with your name. Love your hair! It sounds like you are having a wonderful visit with your granddaughter, she is lovely btw. I like how you “pay a price” for floating out messages in a bottle.


  6. Berries, Yum! even if they have to be cooked with something else . . . it’s all food!
    Kitty, yum likewise! He is SO cute! I never had people names for my animals unless they came with one, but if I didn’t like a cat’s name, I just yelled, ‘here kitty, here kitty!’ If they are hungry they come . . . or if it’s raining lol
    Your granddaughter, oh, more than yum! she is so lovely; I like that intent look. And I join the crowd in saying no, that’s not littering! Littering has no purpose; it’s the act of the lazy and base-minded; a message in a bottle IS romantic and I love it; especially that the messages were found and garnered a response. I would have loved that at any age. I wish bottles could be guaranteed to arrive at specific beaches; I could throw in messages for all of you and wait for you to find them. Of course, even the stuff from Japan has taken most of two years to arrive on our western beaches . . . and I’m so far from the sea these days . . . but it’s nice to dream, isn’t it? When you think about it, those messages gave someone a thrill and a chance to connect; isn’t that worth it? Please keep tossing messages into the ocean. If the bottle breaks, it will turn into seaglass, which is also lovely (not that I’d accept that excuse from a bunch of drunken rowdies!) ;-( Only from sweet romantics and dreamy hippies . . . πŸ™‚

    The metal veggies look like pewter to me, too. Lovely find!

    And before I forget, that is a wonderful beach and I can’t believe no-one goes there. On the other hand, how nice for you, having your own private beach!

    One of my sons is like Roger when it comes to posting photos; I gave it some thought and decided that if anyone wants my identity, they are welcome to it! They may have the attached debt, too πŸ˜‰ I can always re-invent myself; I don’t need to steal an identity; I have an imagination . . . I like the idea of making his photo into a jigsaw that we could re-assemble . . . or you might explain sweetly that if you are woken at 5am again, you might be tempted to post a picture. Not really; he sounds like a sweet man to me.

    I covet your hair, too. Even when many of my friends were ironing their gorgeous hair flat, I wished for the body of naturally curly hair. I get hair like that with a spiral perm, but unless I win a lotto, that’s not on the cards. Last time I had one, and that’s years ago now, it was well over $100. So it’s long, lanky thinning grey hair for me . . .

    Did I mention that not only your hair is lovely? Who you are just shines out of your face . . . thanks for sharing the photo. You must have been one cute, sweet kid . . .


    • I have decided puss will just be Puss….he answers to that. They may decide they want him back one day if they settle somewhere. He sure is developing a stroppy attitude now he has been here a wee while and not feeling quite so vulnerable. He chases the dogs and goes my bare feet lol, which hurts like hang, I’m not quite feeling like he deserves a special name now!

      Yes, I think the veges are pewter too, they are very nice.

      I always liked the romance of a message in a bottle when younger so thought it would be a special thing for her and I to do. The great thing about kids is you can do all these things – make sandcastles again, stone designs and writing all over the beach, make chocolate coated pretzels and spend hours painting etc….great fun πŸ™‚ And yes, aren’t we lucky to have a beach virtually to ourselves!!!

      I often get woken at 4.30 or 5’ish, when the man of the house is up the dogs are up and they decide I should be awake as well. When a dog Syd’s size jumps on top of you for a cuddle you generally spend 5 minutes nursing a sore face, shoulder or a scratch somewhere…

      Well, thank you for your lovely comments about my appearance πŸ™‚ I don’t know if I was a sweet kid or not πŸ™‚


  7. Our cats are Maxxie and Minnie. Maxxie isn’t so bad for a boy but our girl cat Minnie turned out to be a boy too (we thought both were girls). Maxxie is the smaller of the 2 (nicknamed kitten as he still looks like a lil fella around the face) and Minnie is the larger. We are always explaining that he is a girl, not helped by Allegra who insists “he is a girl” or “she is a boy”. Can’t argue with her either. 😦

    I think Mittens is more of a Stanley or Marshall. He’s a stately looking puss.

    It IS lovely to see a picture of you and you’re different to how I imagined (straight or wavy brown hair) but much nicer. πŸ™‚ Tumbleweed is a cute nickname. πŸ™‚

    I’ve been meaning to reply to your email last week too. The heat fried my brain I guess.

    I too believe that its not littering and I think that collecting all other rubbish on the beach cancels out any negatives of your messages in bottles. AND you know that it was picked up and so isn’t littering the beach. πŸ™‚ I think the lovely memories being made are well worth it too. πŸ˜€ Linne has it straight. Littering is a careless arrogant and selfish thing to do. Your bottles are thoughtful, careful and not at all selfish. πŸ™‚

    Off to email you now. πŸ˜€


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