Simplicity in the Making; Guest post and giveaway

I wanted to share this guest post at Simply Free. Both this blog and the blog of her guest Handcrafted Travellers are just wonderful. This bright young couple share a lovely life of simple living that is just so right. I am excited to say I just won their giveaway, an e-course in Everyday Simplicity. Am very excited and heartfelt thanks to Roland, Cheryl and Lois for making it possible. Please do check out their site, it’s simply hours of very gentle reading that will reasonate with many of my readers.

9 thoughts on “Simplicity in the Making; Guest post and giveaway

  1. What interesting people! Thank you for sharing that Wendy, it is so good to know the world is full of young folks like this, following their dreams and living in harmony with nature. And you won something – again! See, you have joined the ranks of most fortunate people!! 🙂


  2. I added them to my FeedReader, too, then forgot to come back and let you know. Think I was on my phone that day. They have a lovely site, so thanks to you and Lois for the introduction. And congratulations on your win. You are turning into one very lucky lady! Hope you post about your learnings . . .


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