Other residents of the garden :)


Hedgehogs used to be nocturnal creatures but we see them alot now during the day, it is though now there are few wild predators to stay away from that they are now adapting to daylight hours. This little man survived a terrible incident a few weeks back – hubby went down to the garden one morning and found him swimming in the bath of seaweed water we have there….he had climbed up onto the compost heap next to it (now removed!) and Roger found him worn out and very cold. He rinsed him off and bought him inside where he sat in front of a fan heater sneezing for a couple of hours πŸ™‚ Once he had eaten and had recovered he was put down under the trees by the chook run.

Twice a day when we feed the chooks he comes out to eat with them. He lets Roger pick him up, doesn’t roll himself into a ball or show any fear, and appears to be very content living with the chooks…there are places he could get in and out but he stays.

We had relations from Australia staying last week who had two wee kids, one a four year old girl. They don’t get them there so she very much enjoyed seeing a different one sitting in the front garden one night eating his way through a large dog biscuit.


We have a resident blackbird family. We think it is the same parents who every year nest in the macrocarpa hedge opposite our lounge windows. For four years we have been watching them go in and out of the hedge, we hear the male bird singing at the top of his voice for weeks when they are hatched and then watch as the babies eventually come down into the garden. They are now coming into the chook run when we feed the chickens as well, their parents get the food then feed it to the babies who are almost as big as them.IMG_3065



I had a lovely experience last weekend when a homing pigeon came and sat in the garden with me for a couple of hours. It was a really hot day and he flew down beside me to drink from a puddle left by the hose. Β I tried to tempt him to stay by feeding him chicken pellets and wild bird seed and he was content to follow me around the garden but Syd, our big black dog, frightened him away barking at him. I soooo wanted to be able to keep him – I dearly would like some doves but hubby does not, a stray homing pigeon would have done nicely!


35 thoughts on “Other residents of the garden :)

  1. Oh Yes! What a great story! I would love to have a resident hedgehog – there is something about the way they snuffle that is heart melting! [Maybe I really want a baby grand-child – but a hedgie would do ….] I’m a bit with Roger on the bird thing – but 100% with you on hedgies πŸ™‚

    A friend of mine once raised an orphan baby, drop feeding every 20 minutes for a couple of weeks then hourly, 2 hourly etc. No-one expected the nearly bald baby to survive, but she did. One day she disappeared. My friend pretended to be okay about it, but wasn’t. Then a few weeks later she was in the garden, pulling weeds and a plump little hedgie sidled up to her and snuffled about her feet for a good half hour before trucking off into the undergrowth again. We are all convinced it was her orphan come to say goodbye. πŸ™‚

    So lovely that your little Australian visitors could get to know one too. Sharing the love!


  2. You have HEDGEHOGS?!!!! That’s it…I am moving to New Zealand! “STEEEVE!” I envied you your climate, your rainfall, your free water, your gorgeous GORGEOUS countryside, Murray Ball and Footrot flats, I envied you the Finn brothers (even though we Aussies pinched one of them and pretended that he was ours in Crowded House), your claim to pavlovas and your wonderful outlook on life (who wouldn’t have a lovely outlook on life living in a place as beautiful as N.Z. eh?) but you have HEDGEHOGS?!!!


      • We live on the South Island πŸ™‚ In Blenheim they don’t pay for it but us, living in a more rural area, do. It costs around $300 – $350 per year and in winter often the water isn’t safe to drink and we need to get filtered water from a tap at the local school. Crazy ay!?


      • I know where you live – I have your address remember … Oooh did that sound like a stalker???
        Ah, chuckle! I am old and crotchety and think it ridiculous that anyone pay for water in this country [except maybe the Aucklanders,….none of whom read my blog :-)] And doubly ridiculous when it is undrinkable!

        I remember living in the UK in the early 90’s thinking that we never had to conserve water as they did … how 20 years can change things!


      • Ooooh, that’s right! And that might sound like a stalker to those who don’t know you lol. No, no-one should have to pay for water in this country…except maybe Aucklanders lol. They need to pay for better sewerage systems, did you see the item on the news a few nights ago about the beaches up there that are closed for swimming over summer due to the pollution by sewerage, uck! So much for clean and green!!!!


      • I don’t watch TV – mine is used as a giant computer screen πŸ™‚ I have chosen not to have my head filled with all the negative stuff so I can keep my focus on the good……. I am blissfully unaware of all the horror stories πŸ™‚


      • ..and why feel negative is my thought – the planet needs positivity and so do we πŸ™‚ I’ll watch when a news channel decides to report on the good things that are happening rather than the negative things!


      • Our politicians make yours look like Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. Our local numpties are all fighting over who gets to throw Tasmania to the dogs (big business) in the next state election…if either of them win I might just pack up and MOVE to NZ…fancy a narf7 in the neighbourhood? πŸ˜‰


    • Well….Kiwis and Aussies have a long history of competitiveness, but honestly I would love…love to live in a country with cockatoos and koalas – you can leave your gigantic spiders, snakes and cockroaches there though!! We are lucky not to have a problem with possums in this area but I have in other places. I think your place looks like Heaven, it must be so nice to go down that long drive shutting the world out!!
      Many of the lifestyle blocks out here get pukeko and wekas etc, I would love those birds on my property!!!


  3. By the way, you can have some of our birds…we have grey shrike thrushes that demand cheese at all hours of the day right through the year. They come up to the kitchen window and tap and yell at us if we forget or it runs out…we have blackbirds that peer in at us and expect fruit (they don’t get it from us, they help themselves to it from what is left after the possums eat the fruit off the trees 😦 ) and we have enormous black cockatoos that eat hard gumnuts and rain them down on the roof so that we think we are under attack (which in effect…we are!) We also have an exponential amount of chooks in various stages of uprising that constantly try my patience. I had to throw heavy bark under my poor protea shrub to prevent them from dust bathing it into oblivion…I will swap you ALL OF THEM for a single hedgehog…(or maybe that Finn brother…)


  4. Lovely lovely post…
    I run a one woman Society for the Protection of Hedgehogs !I! I had always understood that if you saw them during the day-time they were in trouble… and that’s when we see them in the North Island, desperately looking for water in a drought..


  5. Wendy, you are making me miss the warmer weather where I get to watch the birds and other wildlife share the field. I have only seen pet hedgehogs and would love to have one on the property here. Enjoy your little guy.


  6. Nawww Nedge’ogs! I wants one too! My husband who is a Londoner just told me he had one come up when he was changing a tyre on his car and it tipped out the wheelnuts he had stored in his hubcap. He also rekons they get fleas but fleas or not I would LOVE to meet one!
    As for idiot politicians, I’m not sure there are many int he world who could compete with the moron currently in charge of Australia who is reversing every eco-conscious decision, canning every environmental project and doing his darndest to get his mitts into every possible fossil fuel and money making pie he can. Truly the man is so blinded by money and shortsighted to the state of the environment that it is beyond mind boggling. 😦
    Hedgehogs, free water (although dodgy undrinkable and paid for water sucks), a less roasty climate and local neighours like Narfs and Quarteracres sounds pretty damned good to this lil hippy too. πŸ™‚


    • Cute πŸ™‚ I would never hold a hedgehog to catch it’s fleas – when little our dog was shaking one and it’s sprayed it’s spines everywhere, many of which stuck in my sister’s leg so I have a fear of them now but will admire from a wee distance, the babies are the cutest wee things!
      That’s a shame about your new PM, I never did like the look of him…he looks a real sleazebag. Wouldn’t you think the population of Oz could manage two better candidates for the position than those two idiots?
      Aw, that sounds like great neighbours….we could build a commune in Seddon!!!


      • He DOES look like a sleaze doesn’t he! lol I think I’d prefer a scuzzball to a moron though as his stupidity is directly linked to the environment. The more the planet needs his help the stupider he gets.
        A commune sounds great. πŸ˜€ Friends of mine in Ballan are building an eco village at the moment and I cannot wait to see how it all grows and I’m itching to be involved even if we will be off site. πŸ™‚
        Ouch for your sisters legs. That sounds like an awful experience for all involved – spiked dog and sister, bitten ‘hog and scary sounding fight to witness too. As much as hedgehogs just seem the cutest thing out I much prefer their larger unrelated cousins – echidna’s. I guess size does matter. πŸ˜‰


      • An eco village sounds a great idea, there is one up north that has been very successful.

        Our PM is a moron too, can’t stand the guy but he keeps getting voted back in…I am starting to believe no one decent ever goes into politics!!


      • There are a handful of decent polis but they don’t seem to take on the top job which is a shame. There used to be a bloke local to where I grew up – Craig Langdon – whose kids I usd to babysit. He was a really decent bloke and cared deeply for his constituents but he retired a few years ago. I have no idea if he was federal or state but it was a shame to see him go. Still, he’d been in politics for about 20 years I think.


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