Mason Jar Beehive…love this idea!!

I found this on Facebook and love the idea – and thought I would share it here. Beehives are so expensive to buy!


It seems everyone is interested in how to make your own beehive in a jar. Have the rows of organic honey jars at the farmers market got you thinking about starting your own backyard beehive? If you live in a suburban area, you may think that starting a beehive cannot be done. However a common suburban backyard can be a perfect place for beehives if done correctly and you do a bit of research and planning before ordering your bees and supplies. It is actually a very simple and easy process with the right tools. Everything you need is below including a supplies list and pictures of our diy Beehive.

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14 thoughts on “Mason Jar Beehive…love this idea!!

  1. That is so cool, We have a nature center nearby that has a plexiglass wall that allows you to watch the bees in their hive my boys when little were mesmerized by this every time we visited and now so too are the grandchildren. Wish I could have a bee hive here. ;-(


  2. I just had a quick peruse of the site and it’s pretty obvious how the bees enter and exit, plus the issue of heat/shade is addressed up front. i haven’t watched the wee video yet – will come back for more later.

    I’ll be interested to hear hubby’s thoughts Wendy – the frame is probably easy enough to build, shade would be necessary especially through the hottest part of the day and a wee breeze would be nice too I imagine.

    It’s the removal of the honey from the bees that might be a bit tricky [but hey, what do I know?]

    What a great idea to consider for your wee patch – and I hope Fran gives it some thought as well 🙂


    • Hi Pauline. Yes, had looked at the site (hurredly) when I saw it on Facebook and it all made sense to me when I looked at the photos and read a little bit. I imagined it would have to live under trees in the garden. I told hubby about it and he seemed interested but we will check out the video together. I loved it as a cheap alternative, beehives are so expensive.


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