Two Awards ….and a change in the rules here :)

The past two weeks have been really busy and I have not had the time to do these so my apologies to those who nominated me. I really do appreciate the nominations which I accept for the compliment however am going to change how I do these, following the lead of two other bloggers, Lois and Robbie. These are very time consuming to do and I run short on time so will no longer do them in their entirety. I also find it hard to just nominate certain blogs as I love all the blogs I follow and many nominees do not “do” awards so….I would like to pass a compliment on to ALL those I follow for their great blogs and point you in the direction of the right hand, lower part of my page to those blogs and tell you there is some great reading and some wonderfully special people there!

VIBA #1Thank you to Robbie from for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award 🙂 Robbie has the most beautiful blog, her front page describes it far better than I ever could!

“I designed our “Urban Potager” as a place for people to gather, share and create art…..a place to heal us + nature in our cities, so an Urban Potager is much more than a kitchen garden…it is a place to grow food + flowers + community together while nurturing our creative souls. I am constantly learning about growing in small areas, vertically, containers, recycled raised beds, apartments, suburban lots or any place that a person does not have enough space to grow food”

Robbie is a delight and I enjoy my chats with her! She has the most beautiful photography and a gorgeous garden.

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg

Brigid from nominated me for The Blog of The Year 2013 Award, thank you 🙂

Brigid has a wonderful and truly inspiring blog which covers everything I love, I devour every post…art, food, natural health, birds, organics etc etc. A lover of nature Brigid has the most beautiful photography which she sells from her store. I love this I found on her About page:

Once I spoke the language of the flowers
Once I understood each word the caterpillar said
Once I smiled in secret at the gossip of the Starlings
…and shared a conversation with a housefly in my bed
Once I heard and answered all the questions of the crickets and joined the crying of each falling dying flake of snow,
I once spoke the language of flowers.
How did it go?
How did it go?
Shel Siverstein

Thanks to these two lovely ladies for thinking of me 🙂

15 thoughts on “Two Awards ….and a change in the rules here :)

  1. I think you have it right there Wendy – after my experience with accepting just one I would now just smile sweetly and say thanks and let them lie. I know some bloggers love them – and good on them – but me, not so much. I am not sure how it all started or why, but I just don’t think it is necessary. In the end I decided not to pin the award to my page.

    If I like a blog and follow it and read it and comment on it – regularly or from time to time – and form a relationship of sorts with the blogger than that is my vote on a great blog.

    I hopped over to both the blogs and decided to follow along with palmraeurbanpotager – mainly because I am determined to make my pocket handkerchief urban courtyard garden into a working kitchen garden too – all down to being inspired by people like your good self!! And Fran and Alys …..
    But it will have to wait until after the summer holidays now ….. nothing like a bit of procrastination 🙂


  2. I just responded to your message on my site to tell you that it was okay you did not have to mention me…( blush), are too kind…really, I agree with you and all the rules about these awards. One gal I nominated said her blog was award free, and I thought..not a bad idea..I HATE trying to choose between blogs I like etc..I made it to number 7/8 and could not get any further because I just did not want to narrow down my list! I have always had an Ad Free blog, well, now it is an Award Free blog..I am not doing that because I feel people will nominate me all the time (lol) , just I hate having to make a decision as to “who” I put on my list etc…remember when one of my “things about me” was I hate making decisions:-) ..well, lol..that problem is cured now…..I no longer have to decide who to put on my list…I agree there are just too many amazing ones and how do you narrow them down!


  3. Congradulations!. If you don’t wish to go through the award ordeal, you can get one of those award free buttons and put it on your blog and your about page. Hopefully that will help deter future nominations. I kind of enjoy the whole ordeal, though. But, being half nuts, I contact my nominees before I nominate them. I sure hope others don’t follow that example. While I do not mind the award process so much, I do understand why many choose not to participate. BUT, choosing who to nominate isn’t so bad when such a great percentage do not participate anyway. PLUS, no matter how many awards you get, you can just start at the top of the list and work your way down. Sooner or later, everyone will be covered (lol). I am making a non participators list, too. OK, I’ll quit now! Congradulations again. You do have an awesome blog and I wish you the best. Keep up the good work!


    • 🙂 Hey there. I like the thought of being recognised as a blog someone enjoys, I like the thought of letting others know I enjoy their blogs but I dislike the having to choose, the time involved – I think what you do (emailing first to see if people will accept) is a great idea but that takes alot of time and organising and I don’t have the time or mental energy to do all that…sometimes it’s hard to just get my posts written! lol.

      Some feel the joy of sharing and I do understand why, but for me it just means alot of time required. You keep up the good work too, yours is a blog to be proud of!!


  4. I fear I have passed on my bad habits to you. 🙂 I have gone through stages with awards. I followed the rules in the beginning, after deciding this wasn’t some trick being played, such as a chain letter, as I didn’t want to offend anyone passing it on. Then I quit nominating blogs when I accepted. After that i would thank the person for the nomination but not follow through by writing a post. I figured if I didn’t write the post then I wouldn’t get nominated any more But I am still getting awards. ;-( I know it’s meant as a complement but I really struggle to write the posts. I may have to put an award free button on my blog as well.

    Having said that, you deserve the attention, Wendy, you have a wonderful blog and I enjoy reading everything you write.


  5. Wendy, I followed the rules when I received my first award, but you’re right; it takes a lot of time. I’m another one who could starve at a buffet ’cause I can’t decide . . . the next two awards, I meant to follow through, but didn’t get the time, so I think that’s it for me.

    I feel that when I ‘like’ someone’s blog / posts, and even more when I ‘follow’ them, it is the same sort of thing. I’m expressing my appreciation for their writing and for what they contribute to the world in general. I re-blog at times, to share something interesting or useful (or to get people fired up about some outrageous thing going on somewhere), but even that takes time.

    Congratulations, though; you certainly deserve awards! I like how you point your readers toward your blogroll . . . I’ve found a few great blogs from there myself. ~ Linne


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