Back to the garden!….

My posts of late seem to be about everything else but! so I took photos as I went through my day today. I have worked nearly full time the past two weeks so haven’t really done the food stuff.

This morning when I got up this was what Roger had left on the bench from his brekkie. So far we have collected 10 kg of raspberries. We are not really jam eaters so they have been frozen for smoothies and desserts.


So I had some of these for my breakfast with sliced banana and topped with leftover ground dates, almonds and sunflower seeds (from a chocolate avocado tart base) and homemade yogurt.


Harvested our smaller first lot of carrots from the raised garden. This were just washed and put in the crisper (no freezing till the bigger lots come in.


Also out of the raised garden the first of the beetroot (beets)


This were made into Spiced Beetroot which is a delicious way to preserve them. By the end of the season I hope to have 50 or 60 jars. Sorry not a great photo. The recipe for these can be found hereΒ


Then I cooked and froze my bags of beans, lentils and chickpeas. This is so much cheaper than canned beans, a 500 g bag of mixed beans cost $2.59 made 9 packets which would each equal a can, each can would cost nearly that.


I also found out today I had won a “Giveaway” draw from The Contented Crafter, a set of greeting cards. I am very excited about this as she does the most gorgeous pictures. Please do check out her blog, she is such a delight and so talented πŸ™‚

I also have two more more awards I need to do but just have not had the time. To those who nominated me thanks so much and I will be onto it soon!!


23 thoughts on “Back to the garden!….

  1. Ooooh – it might be after 10 pm but my mouth is watering – all those fresh, fresh, fresh fruits and veges – my idea of heaven! I haven’t tried to grow any edibles since I moved here, the garden is so tiny and the soil not particularly good and other things take my attention – but, theres a but! Maybe I just might need to organise myself!

    I am so happy to see you are excited about the cards – they are by the door all ready to go in the post tomorrow πŸ™‚


    • Ohh, that’s a shame you can’t grow anything but yes, organising yourself sounds like it could be a possibility πŸ™‚ I couldn’t imagine not having fresh berries in summer now and I had never bought a punnet of raspberries from the shops, way too dear for my budget.

      Thanks Pauline πŸ™‚


  2. Beautiful food:-) We are shoveling snow here in the Midwest of USA…I did harvest Blue Scotch Kale yesterday for our dinner since it is still standing in our Urban Potager( don’t know how much it is growing though-lol),so I enjoy seeing all your beautiful food-nice pictures of your food—yum!


  3. Urban Overalls says:

    Yes… love the red kitchen items. So cheerful. Seeing your berries make me miss our summertime fruit. I will have to wait until next July/August before we can enjoy fresh raspberries. And I really need to pressure cook beans/lentils/chickpeas and store them. They do taste so much better than the store-bought stuff and are so much cheaper to prepare.


    • Yes, it is wonderful and I too feel blessed Cathy. I feel gratitude I have such a hard working man who brings this all about and for having so much when so many others are struggling. As someone who (many years ago) knew hunger, there was one day last year when I burst into tears at all the food sitting in my kitchen….abundance everywhere but the still very vivid memory of very hard times. We make sure to share because many others are experiencing exactly that.


  4. RT says:

    Jenna’s right – the picture of the red berries and kitchenware is very appealing. I must admit though that I am drooling at the thought of 10 kg of raspberries from your garden … raspberries are my absolute favorite but they don’t do well in this part of North Carolina. {big sigh here}. I’m happy for you that your garden is producing so well.


    • I like the red too, accidental collection but I decided I liked it very much and now need more red in my life!! What a shame you can’t grow raspberries! In some parts of the country avocados grow really well but don’t here….how I wish they did!


  5. My carrots have just broken the surface of the soil…I am hoping I am not too late but if last year was anything to go by, summer went on…and on…and ON till just about May so I might just get away with it ;). I like the look of that breakfast. I didn’t get my breakfast till just on 2pm today so most probably won’t have tea tonight. Too busy getting excited about the veggie garden. I planted out the yacon today and another bag of spuds that had gone over to the waving kind…don’t you love potatoes that wave to you out of the top of their bag as you are transporting them to the soil? ;). I have a plethora of seeds that promise me it’s not too late to plant them and now I have to get organised and “plant them”. I even bought my arch nemisis okra. I hear it is incredibly hardy, has a pretty flower and is very drought tolerant. I BET it’s the only thing left going mental by the end of the summer. I would rather eat my own left foot than okra… πŸ˜‰


  6. This is the time of the year I look forward to the gardening posts, I can add to my list of things I want to grow and make. Your breakfast has my stomach growling, could be it’s past time for me to eat, but oh how I miss eating from the garden right about now.

    My pantry is full of dried beans and legumes right now. Last time I went shopping with my daughter-in-law she remarked that I didn’t need any more beans. Not only do I save money buying the dried beans, there is no worry about what lines the cans.


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