18 thoughts on “Adventures of a Thrifty Mama blogger murdered…..RIP Chris

  1. It is always sobering, shocking and very sad when these events occur and touch our lives. I did not know this blogger, but of course send thoughts of caring sympathy to all affected by this tragedy.

    I am so sorry too that your life is so touched and affected by the hard stuff of life at the moment. I’m sending you love and caring too! xoxo


  2. I am sorry to hear of this tragedy. I did not know her, but being a survivor of domestic violence, this loss still touches my heart. Please accept my condolences and know that you as well as her friends and family are in my prayers. Such a horrible end to her and her child’s lives.


    • Thanks Marie but I am fine, just very sorry this should happen to a woman doing her utmost as a Mum…to any woman. You follow blogs and read posts but are never aware of what is really happening in people’s personal lives, I just feel terribly sad for her.
      I am happy you that you survived such a life, I hope you have found happiness since.


  3. One of the saddest things that happen, I think. I feel for her remaining children, especially. I will be thinking of them, and of all who are touched by this tragedy, especially during the holidays. Hugs to you, too. ~ Linne


  4. I had never visited her blog but had seen pins on Pinterest. I think it really brings domestic violence home when someone that you are aware of is affected. There but for the grace of God go I :(.


    • Yes, it does bring it home doesn’t it, the reality of life for many and I am just so saddened by that thought.

      The only man that ever came close to hitting me was threatened with being set fire to when he went to sleep if he laid one finger on me…of course I never would but the threat worked well!! I just cannot imagine what that is like to live with, I saw it as a child and determined that would never be my life but do know it is something that every woman would hope for but always the possibility that could indeed be their reality.


      • It would only happen once with me then I would be gone. Never experienced it personally but know people who have. NO idea what keeps them with people (women do it too) like this, but I would imagine it has a lot to do with a very poor self image.


      • Yes, agreed. We are complex beings and sometimes unaware of where our own needs and motivations evolve from but I daresay poor self esteem is the basis of many. There is no pride or dignity in being an abuser or a victim. It’s the ones like this who walk away, then get killed for it, that are truly the saddest stories.


      • It happens all too often…”if I can’t have you…no-one will!” The worst thing is when estranged dads kill their kids to get back at their ex’s…that is so far past wrong that I can’t even comprehend a mind that could be full of so much hate 😦


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