Food Anarchy

Smart thinking from a funny lady, I just love this.

My Watering Can

The GMO labeling fight is raging, but one has to wonder, if you don’t buy processed foods and grow a lot of your own, you can avoid these kinds of shenanigans. Personally, I try to avoid most things that are GMO foods these days anyway. I do hope it becomes a law, but in the meantime, for your viewing pleasure…. I posted this from Youtube (so no it’s not me in the video)

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10 thoughts on “Food Anarchy

  1. Wendy, that was hilarious. She’s right though, if we educated ourselves on which foods contain GMOs and quit buying them we could put Monsanto out of business, at least this business, as I am sure they would find some way to make up for their loses. It is hard to keep track of which foods are modified. I recently found out eggplant has been added to the list. I keep adding these foods to what I want to grow myself.


    • She’s great ay lol

      Yes, it is hard to keep track of foods. Eggplant?! Hells bells. I have to be honest and say I haven’t paid too much attention to this myself – I check the seed packets and try to buy other stuff from the organic shop but am sure I would fall down with some things as I don’t check everything. I should be more vigilant because it does matter.


  2. I agree with Narf7 that we have a right to know what’s in our food; also that we can put monsanto out of business if we boycott them. I took part in the two global boycotts of nestles (they cause the deaths of many babies yearly). I hate their sociopathic attitudes and was so disgusted to read that they foughg having WATER declared as a human right; eventually it was decided that water is only a “need” . . . so it’s apparently ok for them to bottle a village’s water, thdn force them to buy it back . . . words fail me and if I continue to air my thoughts, you will all be sending me homemade cakes with metal files in the centres 😉

    What I can’t figure out is why men like Gandhi are assassinated, but others (a long list that shall remain nameless) ard not . . .


    • I couldn’t agree more Linne and your comment about not been able to express one’s thoughts fully for fear of consequences is also a very valid one. This is all just so horrible on so many levels, what amounts to sheer corporate greed is becoming the undoing of the fabric of “society”. We’re expected to sit back and watch it all with hands tied and mouths gagged but we (that society) have let this happen. Where will it end?! Will the masses rise up or …..?

      Yep, good people are assassinated while shit keeps coming….I don’t get it either.


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