Now, for something very DIFFERENT :)

For some reason I decided my blog should be the perfect place to share a photo I took πŸ™‚ Quite honestly this bugs the hell out of me because I cannot understand what on earth this is.

Now, I have studied psychology – I understand perception, illusion, delusion etc. I am very interested in the mind and also have an interest in some areas of spirituality (I don’t particularly believe in the afterlife etc but who knows I guess), I would like to think my mind is very based in reality however “reality” has brought me some very interesting experiences that defy all logic, basically what science has proven. I am not saying this photo has a mystical basis, I have no answers for this myself and would really welcome comments on it.

This is a very poor photo, it was taken in poor light at around midnight when I was working. The place of work is a mental health respite home. I was sitting reading and got that weird fleeting feeling someone else was in the room – most of us have felt that at some time or another? So I glanced across the room and strangely right at this rubbish bin, sitting on the floor. I jumped a foot because there looked to be a head in it, just as real as a plaster bust might look if it were sitting in a mesh bin. I sat there staring at it for a while and it didn’t change, no matter how much I blinked, stared, moved. Asking myself “what the hell is that” I went over to it, all that was in there was a supermarket bag lining it, 2 others thrown haphazardly in and a couple of wee bit of paper. I sat back in my chair, the face was still there and it occurred to me I should take a photo to see if I was going crazy and imagining it, or not πŸ™‚ The photo is not great (taken on a cheap cell phone) certainly not nearly as clear as the object was, and it turned out bright green.


I have had all sorts of comments from people I have shown this to ranging from “I can’t see anything” to “OMG!!” to”I don’t know that a ghost would present itself in a rubbish bin, lol” to ……someone must have made it to look like that (no, they didn’t, it’s random rubbish). Two thoughts of mine – the proportions are perfect and this is a face we see all the time in this field of work.

I invite yours πŸ™‚


32 thoughts on “Now, for something very DIFFERENT :)

  1. πŸ™‚ Sometimes, I think, we have experiences like this to jolt us out of the ‘realistic’ mentality that tells us that only the touchable, material things of the world are real. Quantum physics tells us something else quite different. Life has taught me I don’t know anything for sure – there are too many unexplained and unexplainable events in my own life to say anything unusual is ‘just my imagination’. It is good to not know. It is okay.

    I don’t for a moment think you saw a ghost in the bin, or a disembodied head. I do think that maybe the collective energy emitted by the inhabitants of your respite home, as they relax and let go of some of their personal ‘rubbish’ kind of ‘coalesces’ for want of a better word and just momentarily becomes visible in something that is used for collecting rubbish.

    I see just as much sense in my explanation as the materialist sees in their ‘I see nothing’ statement πŸ™‚

    Shakespeare gave Hamlet these words to say ‘There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy – and therein lies the rub.’

    I think the fact that you noticed a different feeling and saw a different something means that for a moment you were using part of you that is more than your five ordinary senses. And the camera tells you it was not your imagination.

    That’s my take on it and it is okay if you don’t agree. I know what I know and know also that I don’t know. πŸ™‚


    • Pauline πŸ™‚ The “collective energy” is exactly the words I have used in my take on this. I have said a few times “It’s almost as if the collective energy of all the sadness that comes through has manifested within this room, even house and in this weird way!”.

      I also know what you mean by I now what I know and that I don’t know lol, you sound so much like myself. I appreciate your comments πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ I really am pleased I took the photo, it was reassuring to have concrete evidence that what I was seeing I was seeing!


      • There you go you see, you do understand! Energy doesn’t go away, it transmutes into something else, somewhere else…. some people call it ‘ghosts’ others call it ‘evil’, some even call it ‘god’. It is energy and all energy has some kind of creative force to it……… I love quantum physics, it helps explain the universe and the human condition to me πŸ™‚

        Now for something completely different – I am about to put my first loaf of that special bread into the oven – it hasn’t formed a skin, which tells me I may not have made it wet enough – any thoughts? [It has the consistency of really thick porridge]


      • Well, lets put it this way – I understand but also don’t. “Logic” has me head banging about stuff like this and I often think if I ended up in Heaven by any fluke of the imagination I would spend eternity walking around shaking my head and saying “I just cannot and will not believe it!!” Therein lies my dilemnas in life!!


      • Ohhh! I wondered off to do dishes and forgot about your bread question, sorry. I think it sounds too damp, the mixture should be reasonably firm and dryish on top. I guess I would add a bit more oats and psyllium and leave it to stand for the day, then bake regardless and see what comes of it. That would be my plan of action. I found the same recipe but using quinoa so shall be trying that today or tomorrow. Good luck πŸ™‚


      • Just as well I didn’t add more water then πŸ™‚ It’s baked and has come out looking okay, smells divine! I had a tad of difficulty turning it over as it wanted to crack, but managed to get it back in with minimal difficulty. It is cooling now – I might write a post as I’ve had quite a productive morning – will wait and see what it tastes like in an hour or so…… thanks for your help πŸ™‚


  2. It looks like a man with a head of white hair, thin long nose, he is looking down and small thin mouth. I see it, you are not crazy-lol…that is pretty darn wierd:-)


  3. I too have seen things which defy rational explanations but having worked with MR individuals I know their minds are not trapped and held in check by the limits we put on ours that being of only the rational world. I have had experiences as well that proved to me I wasn’t alone in a home, in some way it’s comforting. I see your man as well, and no he doesn’t look trustworthy.


    • Itr’s very odd Lois. I have had many experiences that have proved to be very valid ones but my mind refuses to find some rationale within them. I guess I fear to tread where I fear to tread. I am very open, certainly not skeptical, just refuse to go there in my mind even though experience leads me there.


      • I have always been that way too, but have always questioned and been led to fear as a child saying things that “weren’t true” but were . My nickname as a child was Wendy Wonder, I questioned everything and that has never changed I am afraid.


      • Wendy, I was fortunate in that when I began voicing things my grandmother knew I had inherited her “gift” and told me to be careful not to say these things to most people but that I could always talk to her. I’m sorry your family didn’t understand and offer support and answer questions to help you deal with them.


  4. I woud say you’re weird for sure πŸ˜‰ but that is the biggest compliment I can give anyone! πŸ™‚ Weird is GOOD! πŸ˜€
    I too see the man athough I don’t quite know what to think of it. I beieve though that we all have the ability to “see” things – future, distant past, alternative realities – yet many, nay, most of us grow out of it as we grow up a sensible-like. (Ever seen a baby staring intently at nothing and then responding to it with a huge smile?) The fact that you can see this makes me think you are in touch with more of the world than just the day to day what you can see and touch. I hope seeing your mans head in the bin was a positive exerience for all it seems a little spooky. πŸ™‚


    • I do have psychic ability, in fact I used to do readings πŸ™‚ But, because I like to know everything and don’t know everything….because I believe things happen but don’t know how they happen and because I have also had some scary things happen, I have developed a trend towards not wanting to go anywhere with anything lol. I had a really intersting experience with my granddaughter seeing something when she was two, and telling me all about someone we knew but she had never heard of….so, out of the mouths of babes!!


  5. OMG, that is so mysterious, that green man in the trash bin. I saw him immediately, of course, and at first I thought it was creepy. Then I looked again and saw how sad he looked. And I started wondering who is that man, why is he so sad? Could it be someone was trying to reach out to you?


    • I have no idea πŸ™‚ Very mysterious, and yes he does look very sad. I do tend to go with the collective energy thing we talked about in the comments but honestly, I don’t believe I will ever know. It has flummoxed me so it’s great to hear others’ comments.


  6. “Woo-woo!” that’s a word (or a word repeated) that Christi from Olalla taught me that means a bit creepy. I can see the head. It does look a bit like Mr Freud and he most probably does belong in a rubbish bin for some of the rubbish that he peddled. I am not a believer in ghosts but sometimes stuff just “happens” that makes the hairs go up on the back of your neck. I was bent over in the fridge the other day and Steve walked up behind me and poked me in the back. The only thing was he was still in bed! I was speaking as I turned to face him and he wasn’t there…no-one was there. I am not going to say that there aren’t other planes/dimensions whatever. I don’t know. I am just narf7 and a humble little narf7 at that. I tend to not believe things unless I see them or they walk up and poke me. Everyone has a “Woo-woo” moment and your image is most interesting indeed. Could be a play on light…could be the grinches (Freud’s) heart grew 3 sizes that day and he got to stop haunting rubbish bins and graduated to skips…who would know? All I know is that it would be incredibly arrogant of any of us to say “no such thing”…never say never, just reserve the right to ignore it till it presents itself methinks ;). I also think that anywhere that an incredible amount of anguish and pain has been spent may hold some of that strong emotion in a kind of playback mode. Who is to say what a soul is? I tend to believe that it’s a recording device like a hard-drive that records our pathway from birth to death. Not entirely sure why but I have my suspicions ;).


    • Yes, it is “woo-woo” lol. And yes, sometimes things do happen. I am intuitive but have not witnessed a ghost though my sister has. She was woken one night by a really weird looking woman standing over her and the next day she was in the paper, found dead someone and very unusual looking. So?! I am only a very humble me too so I don’t presume to know…I can guess but ?? Yes, I believe it has something to do with the energy of the place, it’s is just a face you see in so many and there was no movement, I sat there for ages looking at it. It could’ve been a trick of the light, optical illusion, it just so perfectly formed, I dunno!!


  7. I personally do believe that there was someone trying to come through to you. Sometimes when people are spiritual they are the ones that things like this come to. It might not have been anything that was going to harm you, just showing you that they are there. Yes I also believe that there is an afterlife and that there are people that come back so to speak. When my dad passed away, my mom moved out of our old home. My brother bought it and my nephew swore that grandpa came looking for grandma. He said that he saw him coming out of the closet and then disappear down the hallway. Myself, I have had experiences like you can’t imagine. I always kept it to myself until one day my mom mentioned that she had “experiences”. Then my daughter came along and she would tell me that there was a man that would stand in her room and watch her. She could describe everything that he was wearing and how he looked in the face. Mind you she was only around 7 at the time. Some things you can’t explain, but if they don’t bother you then let them go. I have come to the realization that our house has something or someone here. Does it bother me? Nah, we just need to start charging rent…..


    • Thanks for you comments πŸ™‚ No, some things we can’t explain no matter how we try to understand or reason them out. I am so glad I did put this on here now, it’s good to get others’ perspectives instead of just continually thing “What on earth ….?” lol


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