Roasted Asparagus and Pesto Pasta


This is a simple and very delicious meal to make. I used rice pasta, homemade pesto, homemade sundried tomatoes and homegrown asparagus. The pesto I used was my parsley and sunflower seed – the sunflower seeds make it an economical pesto (I sometimes use walnuts instead) The recipe for this is here, I make up batches and freeze in ice cube trays for use in recipes. Despite the rather humble ingredients this is a really tasty pesto.

The quantities for this dish are approximate,  really it’s just a throw together meal depending on quantities available or required.

1 1/2 bunches asparagus (12 – 15 spears?)

Around 3 – 4  cups cooked pasta

1/2 – 3/4 cup pesto

Sundried tomatoes to taste, sliced finely

Preheat the oven to 350 deg. Put the pasta on to cook in boiling, salted water.

Pour a little olive oil into an ovenproof dish. Break asparagus into 3 pieces and roll in oil in dish. Roast in oven 12 minutes turning once.

Drain the pasta and toss the sundried tomatoes and pesto through it. Add the asparagus and fold through gently. Tip into bowl and decorate with a few more slices of sundried tomato.

This recipe originally came from Damn Delicious and she adds mozzarella to it

For dessert we had a vegan avocado/chocolate tart topped with fresh strawberries. I have made this a few times since I found this divine recipe here

21 thoughts on “Roasted Asparagus and Pesto Pasta

  1. Cheers for the good economical pesto recipe I will be making this one today :). The pasta looks scrumptious but I steer clear of all pasta/noodles etc. these days. As a gourmand (for that nice word you can actually read glutton 😉 ) I love to eat LOTS and so fill myself up with steamed veggies and low fat flavour bombs (usually Indian like curries and Mexican like chilli’s) that leave me satiated but not expanding out the wazoo. I would probably inhale that entire pot of pasta in a single “HOOF” and poor Steve would be out in the cold. We can’t be having with a cold Steve now can we! We have asparagus everywhere on Serendipity Farm. It’s even growing (most humorously because he was most particular to “only ever eat Aussie asparagus!”) on the side of my dads grave next to the fence most probably seeded by some of the red berry scoffing birds that predate Serendipity Farm. The first I usually see of it is the tufty waving-in-the-breeze fern so I am too late! I am going to map all of the ferns that I can see this year so that next year I can predate their stalky goodness en mass… I shall be narf77 the great asparagus hunter! I shall cull my prey with great dexterity and I shall slather them liberally in something gorgeous and will take great delight in ingesting them with guttural sighs and incredible joy…but this year I have a sea of fronds waving happily at me from the deck…sigh…


    • I don’t have the problem of a large appetite so I am safe making this. I do have pasta only once a week or two weeks though, the main reason being there’s no nutrition in it and I try to make everything at least be healthy. I made spag bol for the others so this was something easy for me, with rice pasta, that would last a few meals except someone else liked it too!
      Lucky you having all that asparagus! Ours has only been in a few years so still not a huge amount, I love asparagus.


      • Do you think that you could make your own more nutritious pasta using buckwheat flour (soba) and other GF flours? It might be an option and they taste a whole lot better. If you add things like vegetable puree (pumpkin, carrot, spinach) or if you are worried about them making the pasta too wet you could add veggie powder (dehydrated thin veggie slices till they are crisp then put them in your blender/food processor and render them down to a powder…spice/coffee grinders are great for this). You have eggs and wholegrain flour (buckwheat etc.) and veggie puree/powder and that would make “pasta” a MUCH healthier and more nutrient dense alternative for you. Now I want pasta! ;). I still have to attempt making udon noodles (my favourite) and soba.


      • Nope 🙂 I am a quick cook, that is too much hassle for me. There are soba noodles if I want to buy them but only do so occasionally. When it comes down to it what I use is the cheapest I can get and it does me ok for the odd meal.
        Lol, it seems the older I get the less tempted I am to experiment in the kitchen as I did when younger 🙂


      • I am the opposite. I was a “bung it all in” cook when I was younger and now I take a lot more time. Steve is a fussy bugger and hard to please so he keeps me on my toes attempting to get him to really enjoy a meal. I am ready should I ever have to fill in for someone on Master Chef 😉 (so long as they let me cook veganise 😉 )


      • I guess I am lucky then that Roger is definately not fussy 🙂 After raising 6 kids on a budget and needing to be always coming up with cheap but healthy ideas, and endless baking to fill hollow legs of many teenagers, I am pleased now to not to have to do all that. Meals are relatively simple here, though always good. We love our salads with everything possible thrown in. I seem to spend so much time in the kitchen doing other stuff that meals are generally as easy as I can manage without resorting to lazy or sloppy lol


      • LOL! I am easy pleased but Steve is fussier. I bake all kinds of gourmet things for him and get “I am just one man!” or it gets shovelled in and forgotten about when I took a week to make it…sigh…might be time to just start serving boring old U.K. grub for a while. It just shits me that he is more enthusiastic about chips and baked beans than he is about an amazing slow cooked pasta sauce…PLEBIAN! 😉


      • 🙂 My first husband was strictly meat and 3 veg so I know what that’s like, and there’s no changing them. I was vegetarian much of that time and had to sort every morning if the kids would go with what I was eating or my husband. And I worked full time, was just crazy. I am very grateful Roger is so easy to please. He’d go the chips and baked beans or the slow cooked pasta sauce lol, whatever I put on a plate as long as there is no celery and it’s not soup too often.


      • I have to be honest, Steve did go vego for a while as we were on the bones of our ass and didn’t complain once. He loves curries and stir fries so he really isn’t as fussy as I make out but he rarely shows any enjoyment in what he eats…just down the hatch as fast as you can and get it inside you ;). I guess what I am looking for is appreciation? Obviously “my” need, not his 😉


      • Yeah 🙂 I realised years ago the more effort I put into something the more disappointed I was if it wasn’t acknowledged or appreciated for all that effort. I am more of a foodie than Roger, whereas I love good food he is happy with just something to stave off hunger 🙂


      • Maybe we should add “get together with blogging mates from all over the world and eat ourselves under the table” as a bucket list item? I just added it to mine.


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