Garden pickings

Can I introduce a friend, Tara, who has just started a blog about her self sufficiency efforts on 2 acres in the north island of NZ. She does great and I am sure she would like to meet other likeminded people in the WordPress community.

Low Carb Angel and the NZ Self Sufficiency Site

Garden pickings

Just a quick ramble through the garden, and I discovered a bounty of fresh vegetable matter for my dinner and dessert!

Nothing beats food straight out of your garden!

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10 thoughts on “Garden pickings

  1. Love eating from the garden. We had the last of the broccoli stems, a cauli, some eggs, the last beetroot and a leek turned into an omelette and cheesy broccoli and cauli on the side. Your dinner looks delicious!


    • Mmm mmm, except it’s not mine πŸ™‚ I reblogged this from a friend with a link to her page but it’s gone differently than it used to?!

      Your dinner sounds just like what we often have, doesn’t get much cheaper ay?


      • Well, it would have been quiche save that one of my kids took my fowlers vacola opener to the dozen eggs I had in the bowl on the bench and stabbed them. There were 5 undamaged but they were left there to sort through as some had been sitting under a hen who had sat for 3 days then desserted so we had to make sure we used the remaining eggs carefully too. 2 usable eggs from a dozen! 😦
        Yes, after I commented I realised it wasn’t yours. I’m now following her blog so thanks for the link. πŸ˜€


  2. Ditto, I will be following as well :). The only thing I could eat from our garden at the moment is a bit of garlic and a whole lot of thistles…not even artichokey thistles…just common or garden varieties ;). Oh well, at least now we CAN plant out veggies…we finally got the veggie garden enclosed!!! :). Cheers for the share πŸ™‚


    • That’s great Fran:)

      We’re doing alright from the garden thank goodness but full on harvests will be nice again, still not quite enough for us.
      That looks as though it would’ve been a mammoth task, don’t envy you that one!!


      • I am still sore but everything I ate for the week was completely negated by all of the hard work…(note to self “You should have eaten cake!” πŸ˜‰ ).


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