Second hand – new to us!!

Regular readers know of my / our love of second hand and thrift shopping, we never buy new. After a long period of making do or going without we decided to go in to a car boot sale which is a regular Saturday morning event in town… treat ourselves our version of retail therapy 🙂 And we needed vegetable plants, this is the cheapest way to buy them. While Roger is far more likely to buy things that we are needing I tend to be rather more emotive in my buying – I like old or interesting things we don’t need. He comes home with useful bits and pieces, I often just come home with cheap but exciting “treasures” I can’t wait to put up somewhere.

This is what we got for $53, along with vegetable plants, coffees and a couple of hours entertainment poking around,  wandering in the sunshine listening to lots of good music and chatting to lots of people we knew. I also saw a very elderly couple drive right through someones stall then attempt to back back through it, turn around in a confined space right next to me and park to go and help clean up….they reminded me somewhat of Mr Magoo lol.

A 1970’s velvet patchwork look-a-like double bedspread. I stared at this for ages wondering whether I could justify the $15 and decided I couldn’t leave it for someone else when I just loved it.Image

A cow milk jug to replace one we lost in the quakes for $1


Two painted wooden spoons – $1 and two old enamel folk art painted spoons $2


 3 oven dishes to replace some broken ones, $11 for all


A framed dry flower picture, not perfect but done by someone with care $6


We were rapt with these, 4 very large jars for $10. This photo is quite deceiving, they are 12″ – 14″ high.


A $5 beanbag for Bob which has never been used, I think he likes it 🙂


 A pluggy thing? for the workshop and another sprinkler for the garden, $1 each


These sprinklers are $30 new at least, we have 4 which we only paid $1 or $2 and all were barely used. I know many people who wouldn’t dream of buying secondhand stuff but this sort of buying suits us just fine. We can get old and charming, original stuff no one else will have and we can buy what we need on a low budget without stressing over how much it cost.


15 thoughts on “Second hand – new to us!!

  1. Wendy, I drool with envy! Spoons, jars, pluggy thing . . . and the lovely picture! I have always loved Walter de la Mare . . .
    Such a gorgeous day for you and one you both so richly deserve . . .


    • Aren’t these things neat!! I was very excited coming home lol. And yes, such a beautiful wee verse 🙂

      When we lost stuff in the quakes I was far more upset than I had thought I would be….”just stuff bought cheaply, I can replace them”. But, I could remember where I bought every piece and how excited I was to find it, just like today. They hold memories too I didn’t want to lose.


  2. Nothing wrong with second hand stuff…..I shop ALMOST every thing ( From clothes, cartains, so on, to preserving jers etc ), at Salvation Army shop in my town, and I LOVE IT


  3. I rarely buy new anything except when I truly need it immediately, or just can’t find it 2nd hand. I love jumble sales, car boot sales and 2nd hand shops immensely and my husband and kids do too. We loved going to Lavvy Market (Laverton Market in Laverton, Melbourne) which is a huge 2nd hand market although there are plenty of stalls selling Chinese knock-offs or other new items too. Still and all, cheap fruits and veggies, bulk dried fruits, pulses and nuts and piles and piles of brick-a-brack. Love it! 😀


    • We love all those too! Isn’t this just the way to buy stuff and it’s fun, beats the supermarket or chain store environment that’s for real. I wish we had decent big markets here, I really do miss that about living in a city. And what a great way to buy for kids! I get alot of my granddaughter’s clothes this way, beautiful stuff for nix.


  4. What bargains! Kudos :). I adore that bedspread. I once saw a gorgeous chaise lounge at a boot sale for $20 but Steve talked me out of it. I have never stopped thinking about it ;). Sometimes you just have to have something and that’s the way it is :). I love thrifting, I love the thrill of the chase, the value, the fact that these things are often unique and unobtainable any more and that you got a bargain and didn’t cause any further destruction of the world that we live in just to get something to put on a shelf. Excellent post full of wonderful bargains and again KUDOS! 🙂


    • Aw, that’s a shame!! I love the bedspread too 🙂 We now go our separate ways and meet up later…Roger always tells me we don’t need whatever but I am a woman, I do nest and just like some things because they are pretty – it was just too frustrating walking around with him!! I am pretty restrained really but if I really want something I want it.


  5. Oh… I am a fan of shopping at flea markets, garage sales, and thrift stores. I prefer to not pay retail prices. Love the goodies you found. I have a thing for pitchers, creamers, and glass jars. My bathroom wall is covered in vintage prints and framed photos from flea markets.


    • Oooh, that sounds nice (am thinking of new ways of decorating my bathroom now!) I love jars and have absolutely no room for these 4 I bought but couldn’t leave them there. No, I can’t pay retail prices for anything anymore. We always have a list going of what we need and everything comes up eventually if we are prepared to wait a little.


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