Baking Soda around the home

As many of us use Baking Soda in a myriad of different ways I thought I would do a post on it’s many uses. Baking Soda is an economical, versatile and natural ingredient with a mild alkaline level which makes it effective but gentle to use. I generally buy it from the bulk store where it’s cheapest.

How do I use it?

Laundry : I do my laundry with baking soda, 2 tablespoons in a large wash. It cleans very effectively, it’s gentle on clothes, leaves them soft and removes any odours.

Shampoo: I use it as a shampoo sometimes, 1 tsp in a container and I add warm water when I am ready to use it. This froths up so allow for this. This leaves here very soft and removes any residue from products, however my hair is very dry and I find I need something with more nourishment to use this on a regular basis.

Cleaning: I use it with white vinegar for cleaning, or alone for it’s gentle scouring action.

Deodorant: 5 tablespoons coconut oil, 1/4 cup cornflour, 1/4 cup baking soda, few drops essential oil or perfume (opt). Melt the coconut oil and add to combined dry ingredients, add choice of perfuming if using. Pour into a mold and refrigerate till solid. I just keep mine in a container in the bathroom cupboard and it lasts over a month. Use lightly or it will put greasy marks on clothing, and don’t leave somewhere where the sun will shine though the window on it (and yes, I have done this! ). This is very effective and much cheaper than commercial organic deodorants. Some people find the cornflour irritates and arrowroot powder can be used in place of this.

Toothpaste: I have used it as a toothpaste along with coconut oil. This works really well however I found it sets very hard in a jar and a wee bit fiddly to use. This article has instructions and discussion on baking soda/coconut oil toothpaste (someone suggests beating this with an electric beater to make it easier to use)

This makes a great carpet deodoriser. With two dogs in the house who often come in wet etc, I am inclined to use this quite often. Put baking soda in an old shaker container, add a few drops of preferred essential oil and shake well. Sprinkle on carpet an hour or two before vacuuming. It can be rubbed into stubborn areas without causing harm.


Deodorising smelly shoes: Sprinkle liberally in shoes and leave for a while, shake out excess before wearing.

Fridge: In a small dish to get rid of fridgy odours.

For many other ideas, click on this link:

                                            How do you use baking soda?

22 thoughts on “Baking Soda around the home

  1. Great timing with this post! I’m just revamping my cleaning supplies after taking out “Speed Cleaning” from the library. I use baking soda on the carpets and with vinegar to clean the bathtub and the oven. Have just made a batch of your lemon vinegar cleaning solution. You could update this post and include a link to that recipe (they kinda go together & good for “internal linking” if you’re into that blog techie stuff). Glad to have you back posting again. Hope spring/summer is treating you kindly after a bumpy/shakey couple of months


    • Hey there 🙂 🙂 I’m glad you are trying the lemon one, I have jars of it sitting on the windowsill most weeks 🙂
      I have no idea how to link, no, not at all good at “blog techie stuff” lol but will look at it. Good idea!
      Thank you 🙂 We have settled heaps thanks, though woken by one this morning, it was the first decent rattle for quite a few days.


  2. I changed over about three years ago and use baking soda and white vinegar for just about everything – except washing my hair, I still stick with shampoo and conditioner in that department. But everywhere else I use natural ingredients and am toxicity free – and I think – I’m sure I’m not imagining it – that my house is cleaner than it ever has been……


    • That’s great 🙂 Funny you say that… after I changed to lemon, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning I had cleaned my loo, walls, floor etc one day and walked back in later and noticed a real difference – a real freshness and lightness that I had never felt before after cleaning with commercial stuff.


      • Yes, that’s it! I couldn’t find the words to describe it without sounding like a ditz 🙂 And I still notice it even after years of being off the chemical stuff – it’s really interesting isn’t it!


      • Lol, you will never sound like a ditz on this blog, I promise you that!!

        It IS interesting, I think we don’t realise that those chemicals leave a film and smell that are heavy, or something! until it is no longer there.


  3. Try giving your hair a rinse with 1tbsp apple cider vinegar in a cup of water once all the bicarb is washed out. You might find that softens and conditions your hair as it does mine. I’ve been using soap of late but my hair needs a good stripping out of everything and I know bicarb with the ACV rinse will do the trick.


    • Hi there. Yes, I use my homemade cider vinegar for conditioning with it 🙂 But my hair is dry, frizzy, fly away so while this combination makes it really soft it doesn’t help condition or tame lol. I look and feel like a tumbleweed! So, I generally end up buying organic stuff after a period of time. I also use Soapwort sometimes which is quite nice, but again not conditioning.


      • Have you tried soap nuts? I’ve heard they can be great. You boil them up or some such to extract the saponin. The resulting soap liquid is supposed to be good for washing hair and more.
        As for taming the fly aways, I’m of no use there. I have long almost dead straight fine hair. I wonder though, whether a little coconut oil on the hands run through your hair might help tame them. Sounds counterproductive to add oil after washing but I’ve found it helps my dry ends when I need a hair cut. 🙂


  4. I doubt even a box of baking soda in each shoe would do anything to remedy Steve’s shoes! ;). I like the idea for the toothpaste, what about chipping a bit out and just rubbing it on your teeth? Do away with toothbrushes then 😉


  5. Great timing as many people will be spring/autumn cleaning now. I use baking soda first for just about everything except windows and mirrors. I even use it around the garden on weeds and to deter some bugs. As for toothpaste, I simply keep a container of dry baking soda mixed with some sea salt. Using a spoon will scoop a tiny bit out to brush, just rinse the spoon and put away. Easy and cheap.


  6. I use it for toothpaste, too, but with salt added. I just shake a bit in my palm, dip in the brush and that’s it! An added benefit is that it promotes alkalinity in the body. When I feel I might be getting a cold or flu, I start drinking cups of quite hot water with baking soda added. It’s good to begin with less than a quarter of a teaspoon, then as you get used to it, add a bit more. I generally use between a quarter and a half teaspoon of soda to each cup. I cut out acid producing foods for a day or so, too, and do my best to give up anger and other negative emotions (all acid-producing). I used to have a lot of trouble with laryngitis, bronchitis, even pneumonia (double pneumonia once that was quite scary); haven’t had any of those for years now. If anyone is interested in why, there’s a great little book called ‘Alkalize or Die’, plus other good sources.

    I’ve been using the vinegar rinse (white, not ACV) on my hair and then, while it’s still damp, rubbing some hemp oil one of my sisters gave me onto my palms, then working it into my hair. Works like a charm! Once the last shampoo is gone, I’m switching to the soda and water ‘poo for good.

    I love soda for cleaning, and on the rare occasions that I scorch something in a pot, I add boiling water and shake in some salt and soda. I let it soak overnight, then clean out. Usually that’s all it takes; if not, I repeat and let sit overnight a second time. Sure saves a lot of scrubbing!


    • Hi Linne 🙂 I will get some hemp oil after seeing this, someone suggested that ages ago but I had forgotten.

      Roger has used BS for indigestion in the past and it’s worked well.

      I burn alot of pots (terribly absent minded!) I will try this 🙂


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