Back :) The second month of spring

Firstly, I want to thank you all who left messages on my last post, they were much appreciated and meant alot, thank you xxx

I have spent alot of time this last 10 days listening to music, painting canvases for my granddaughters new room and making mosaics with our broken china – still waiting for finishing touches or to be grouted but I will show photos of these when finished. Some good, quiet down time.

I have also been watching events in America unfolding and must acknowledge the hard times many (possibly some of my readers) are facing. These are difficult and uncertain days, I wish the best for those affected.

It’s the second month of spring here and the weather has been lovely. The garden is being filled up rather quickly – alot of potatoes went in around 6 weeks ago and have just been covered with pea straw. The windows and posts in this photo are for another glasshouse. They weigh a ton and we managed to get them off the truck to lay where they will be used.






Carrots, onions, red onion and beetroot have been sewn, covered with chicken wire because we have a persistant chook run escapee.
ImageThe raspberries are setting fruit which is always really exciting to us, they are the first fruit we get here in summer. The boysenberry plant we put in last year is growing over an old seed drill and has put out suckers everywhere.


Broccoli, lettuces, broad beans (edame), spinach, radishes, silverbeet (chard) etc are all being eaten now and in the glasshouse tomatoes are flowering!! There are still heaps of veg to go in within the next few weeks. We have access to corn and peas so grow neither at present.Β Image

The chooks get to go through the pea straw before it goes on the garden.


And we are getting eggs for Africa. We had decided to sell these but have been giving them away and enjoying being able to do that so will carry on while we can. Later in summer I am going to freeze them for use over winter when we get none.


I got my first award today, the Sunshine Award. I have to think about how to do it all but thanks to Shaun, who nominated me πŸ™‚

I have decided to go on the Eat Right for Your Blood Type Diet. I am an A so it’s back to a vegetarian diet for me (after swearing off it!) and dairy and wheat free. We grow enough food over summer for me to give it 6 months to see if it makes a difference to both my weight and my fibro. Hubby is a dedicated meat eater and does “just likes normal food” so future recipes will be from both diets.


15 thoughts on “Back :) The second month of spring

  1. So glad you are back:-)I understand being married to a man who eats a bit differently. I am not a big meat eater, but my husband is…you have fibro? That must be hard…My youngest is home for the weekend, so I do understand cooking for “both diets’….I look forward to seeing your mosaics..that is a project I am wanting to do next spring…please post pictures of your mosaics and projects any advice would be much appreciated:-)…you are in spring and we are heading into fall here in zone 5 midwest usa…so glad you are back, missed seeing you post…:-) robbie


    • Aw, thank you Robbie, you are very sweet πŸ™‚

      This is my first attempt at mosaics so not much advice, only it’s hard to mosaics curves so expect to get frustrated lol and invest in some proper tools…unlike myself. I so wish I had a decent cutting tool!! I will show when finished πŸ™‚ I have lots of china to use and am looking forward to trying more.
      I am lucky my husband enjoys salads or lots of vegetables and will try anything so I am hoping it doesn’t become too difficult. We usually have a couple of vegetarian meals a week anyway, there will be a bit more planning needed more though.
      Thanks Robbie πŸ™‚ Wendy


  2. Sounds like vego meals where you can add the meat as an extra might work best. Ie, bangers on the side or slices of pre cooked meat maybe? I’m an O type but I believe that”s a no grain no dairy diet, both foods I live for. 😦

    I hope the time off has left you feeling less stressed and more able to do what needs doing. I also hope that wretched shaking of your little piece of land has stopped too. Hugs and looking forward very much to seeing your handicraft work. Nothing like creating something to ease the soul. πŸ™‚


    • Hi there πŸ™‚ Yes Roger is an O too and needs his meat but when I suggested he could try no wheat and dairy too he just stared at me as though I was suggesting we get rid of his arms lol.

      No, our land has not stopped shaking yet. We seem to be still getting one decent sized one every day or two, lots of wee ones you barely feel. But my level of anxiety of them has gone way down so that’s a very good thing.
      Yes, creating is so good for the soul, this has really helped me settle down. Thanks for that, hugs to you.


  3. We type A’s have to do what we do eh? ;). I recently read a post where someone had dehydrated their eggs. Might be an option? One thing I have found about being vegan/vego is that I tend to bounce back from things quicker. I haven’t had a cold this year although dehydration does tend to leave me with cold symptoms (note to self “DRINK WATER!”…hard lesson to learn) but aside from that, vegetarianism (in my case veganism) has delivered good health and significant weight loss. Can’t wait to see your mosaic and your garden is making me twitch. I was just about to (prematurely) celebrate 2 days of no rain when it started drizzling again…oh well, one day I will be most glad to be living someplace with regular water from the sky! ;). Have a great day and week ahead πŸ™‚


    • Yes, indeed!! I was hoping it would bring me better immunity, 3 weeks with an awful flu showed me I was pretty low there. I find over summer and autumn I do really well with all the fresh food but eating mostly stored food over winter has not left me good, two glasshouses will help next year.
      we have had lovely weather, and oh, soooo welcome. I have even been sunbathing πŸ™‚
      You have a good day too πŸ™‚


  4. I too am an A but the blood type diet did not feel right for me, I am currently mixing a vegan diet with a gluten free (from wheat belly) to see how that works.

    I’m sorry you are still having quakes. I hope they stop soon. Looking forward to seeing the creations you are working on.


  5. Hi Wendy. It is so good to see you back. We missed you. And your garden looks amazing, ready to burst forth into a season that promises a bountiful harvest. Your broad beans look way better than mine. They got hit by the first storm and pummeled by the next couple and then fungal disease has taken over and they look a mess. Just as well we don’t actually like them. Your egg situation however is very similar to ours. How many chickens do you have? I love giving eggs away to visitors. No one leaves here empty handed.
    Have an awesome week. Cheers Sarah : o )


    • Hi Sarah πŸ™‚ Thank you πŸ™‚

      Broad beans would not be my favourite vegetable but something we can grow fr early eating. We eat them very small in stir fries etc.
      We have 12 chooks, our 13th died yesterday. Old Red was 2 when she came from a battery farm 7 years ago so she was 9 years old….she way outlived the others we got with her. Yes, no one leaves here empty handed either, great ay? πŸ™‚
      You have a good week too, hopefully the weather picks up for the weekend!


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