Cinnamon Honey Roasted Nuts / Peanuts


I love sugar spiced nuts but wanted to find a healthier option and found this recipe on These can be cooked in a slow cooker but I did mine in the oven. I tried it with peanuts and they are good, very easy to make.

3 cups nuts of preference

1 egg white

1/3 cup honey

1 1/2 tsp cinnamon

Preheat oven to 350 deg. Whisk or beat one egg white till soft peaks form, add the honey and cinnamon and mix well.


Fold in nuts and pour into paper lined tin or onto lined tray.


Bake for 20 minutes, tossing 2 or 3 times to prevent scorching.

Tip out onto bench to cool and crisp up.



13 thoughts on “Cinnamon Honey Roasted Nuts / Peanuts

  1. That looks amazing! It does not seem that complicated and I have to try this recipe. Only thing is I am allergic to peanuts, but not other nuts( crazy I know). Do you think walnuts, peacans or almonds cashews would work?


  2. I finally got to Q!!! Back from the RSS Feed Read dessert and raring to read :). I wonder if you could use date sugar for these? I have some coconut sugar that my daughters bought me and might give this a go with it. Lovely recipe and I love the idea of healthier sugars 🙂


    • Hi there, hope you enjoyed your trip!! Haven’t been reading much of my own feeder, just quickly flicking through 🙂 I meant to comment on yours last night but was so tired and closed, love the look of the soda can heater.
      I don’t know if you could, I suspect a lower burning point? I looked at coconut sugar last week at our bulk food place, it was way too expensive for me but looked good and very tempting….$16 for a smallish bag though, I think 500 grams.
      I needed something I would eat, I rarely eat the baking, that’s for the skinny hard working man of the house 🙂


      • Aren’t they always skinny?! Sigh…oh well, at least the coconut sugar is available. Did you try making date sugar? I found a great zucchini muffins recipe for we ladies who lunch that was made with skim milk and looked good. I could sub non-dairy milk and am going to give them a go in the near future. I have yet to have a go at making date sugar. We are ramping up our studies for 2 weeks off for school holidays next week. We plan on planting out as many of our potted plants as we can (mostly trees) on the property so that they get a good growth spurt going before it gets warmer early next year.


      • Yep, I made the date sugar and use it, scrummy on porridge but now I am off porridge for a while. You are very good with your study, I can’t get the oomph to get back to mine.
        It’s nice with the warmer weather ay, gets one motivated to be out there – sooo looking forward to summer.


      • The study is what pays the bills ;). I dare say we would have abandoned it long ago aside from the fact that Centrelink would get shirty at us and would cease to hand over the readies (as paltry as they are 😉 ). So we study first and cram everything else into the spaces in between. Spring sprung and then went back behind a cloud. Nice rainy day today but Steve is cleaning up the bbq ready for us to use soon…ever hopefull 😉


      • Ah ok. We don’t get paid to study, hence my problem. If we study here part time now we don’t get course related costs, my text book needed is over $200 unless I can find one secondhand.
        Yes, it’s been like that here, beautiful weather now its freezing again.


      • I remember paying through the nose for textbooks with Steve when he did an accounting course. Our material is all online now so no cost (thank goodness) aside from having to pay out for the student version of the Adobe suite.


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